Channeled: Infinity Heart Engine for Consistency, PART 2

Received 1-4-2022

This is Part 2 where my guides come in and give direct information of a deeper imagery. Part 1 is a great example of how variable channeling can be with my own musings and self-questions mixed in with higher images and deeper insights then leading to part 2 which is direct channel communication with guides.

Who is this speaking to me?

We are the Quorum. You have met, seen, and experienced us before. There were 8 of us that showed up, but there are more of us. We convene in the Temple. That is a Temple for you. We are there when you are, and we are there when you are not. We have many that we are assisting, but we are a Quorum for you. We assist you in making choices for yourself. We assist you in new information, new realizations, acquisitions and understandings. We provide, organize, and send knowledge to you from the many different light realms. As you have seen us in different colors prior, those are a representation of the different light realms of information that we are specialists in. They in themselves are not separate colors, but they are different frequencies which represent and vibrate well with the specific realm and knowledge that those places are aligned with and therefore they each show up as different colors. This we think you can understand.

Your realms that are here for you in this incarnation are different than others and different than last time, but at the same time, they are similar trends and themes that reside in each collection at each incarnation. Trends are gifted of purpose. Abilities and talents can also be termed trends over time. For example, your friend Lee (not a direct friend, Lee Harris is a channeler whom I enjoy listening to) was in a different life a monk/writer/scribe who spoke at sermons and was a lead speaker at his monastery. This is a trend for him since now he speaks, not at a monastery, but for a different kind of spiritual ear and spiritual setting. It is because of this trend of his energy that has been tuned and honed and developed over time that each one/incarnation gets an even better perfect pitch. The first times, hah, we laugh, because the guitar strings are so out of tune. But yet you still make music. It is awkward and not so harmonious. But then the next time, the strings are just a little more tuned, and a little more tuned until your tasks, trends, abilities are well established, and second nature and glorious for the many. The song of your service was played many a times before, you just forget this every time until you get an unconscious or subconscious hit. Oh I like art?! I didn’t know that. Oh I love music I can just see the notes in the air! Or I hold the hearts of all living things in my eyes wow!

So we ask you to think about some of the trends that are going on in your life? The trend successes, the trend difficulties, and the trend interests.

This does not have to be answered now but start to realize that there are messages hidden in the wall. Hidden in the writing, message in a bottle washing up on the shore. There are pieces of golden information right at your footsteps if you know how to look.

My dogs are at my feet right now.

Oh isn’t that interesting?

Yes, I guess it is.

The love of one is the love for all. Never forget that. It is a written rule that gets washed out. If you have love for one you automatically have love for another and yourself. We have spoken of this last session. It is the rule of reciprocity, spiral, yin and yang, and infinity. Everything goes out and everything comes back. Even the universe and its conception goes out and back over and over and over again. That is the way of everything.

If you send out and forget to send back, it will still happen, but because your awareness is not on it, only 25% power is there to be received back. Because you create a wall to prevent things from coming back in an effort to control outcomes, even less comes back. And where does that leave you? Burnt out. Sad. Slow. Low energy. Unfulfilled. Interesting this word means NOT filled up. Hmmmm not allowing yourself to be filled. To have a return on investment. Therefore, then needing massive and frequent hits of pure energy to re-boost you. These are the trips to the woods, being alone, being with your animals, and working on your fitness. Imagine that. If only you put as much attention and intention on purposefully filling the tank externally as you could put into it the intention to purposefully fill the tank internally by allowing the receptive way, then you will be energized.

Ok but I have a question about that, I just saw a black and tarry cord coming from my chest going back into my chest during a cord meditation the other day. I removed the black and tarry cord and put it back into the earth. Am I to pick that cord back up?

Heavens no, that is the false idea of how to nourish yourself which you gave to the Earth. That false idea is gone. We are now building a new infinity self-cord from your heart center out and then back in. A bright, shining, golden, plump, resilient, healthy, radiant, golden infinity cord. This is the engine that drives. As it comes out of your chest it goes back in like the infinity symbol and when this is healthy vibrant and functioning the energy will always be there and consistency will be easy as the flow is forever moving like the water wheel.

Oh I think I am starting to understand.

Yes, it is a small task, but a very important one. And as of now the thread is small and weak but it will get stronger overtime. As you remember to know that when you love another you are automatically loving the self. It is a law. Let it in. Let your own love in. Let your love in that you are loving another. Forgive the self that you have hated and drained and depleted your heart and soul for so long it is ok. We build anew. We and others are here to help you.

Thank you. I am the most fortunate to hear you. I ask to hear you more. I ask to hear and live your wisdom to the best of my ability. I ask to be a clear and understanding channel and I understand that I am defining, refining, and discovering my service which aligns with my golden infinity energy system of the soul.


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