Channeled: As Within So Without

Received 1-1-2022

Foreword: I have heard this saying “As Within So Without” many times in Pagan/Wiccan, metaphysical, and Witchcraft books I have read and to be honest I really never understood what it meant. I actually had had a reversion to the saying. But this unexpected channel today gave me a much better sensation of what this concept means and it completely eliminated my aversion to it. I hope it helps you as well.

I am listening.

Welcome dear one to the world of wonder and the world that you know and don’t know. The world that is outside is the same one that resides in your heart. This world of wholeness wonder, grandiosity, expansion, connection, golden liquid of love is outside as you feel it AND inside. We are learning together with you to assist you and support you in finding this liquid golden love inside. It has been sheltered and kept hidden for a long time as the energy around our insides has been culturally and in the ethers learned to shut off. Learned to guard and to create walls for this unknown and unbeginingable image that it will get taken or destroyed. This purveys through all that is done on your planet from actions to thoughts to desires and emotions. This is not directly a part of yours, but overwhelming magnitude of the pull to feel and act in this guarded way is extraordinary. Think of the strongest magnet and that is what you are all pulled towards. It takes a very much so aware individual to choose another pole.

Just because it has been this way the molecules and attraction can go to the other pole of unity, connection, wholeness and the bigger picture of what is “out there” is actually inside as well. There is a blindness, not only in you, but a blindness in others, to the concept that the inside is exactly as the whole. You have called this a hologram. You have called this the inner divine or the divine self. The christ consciousness inside and these are all ways to talk about it, but the entirety of these words do not encapsulate the reality of it. And why is it that we talk to you about this today? It is because it is the origin of longing, the origin of hate, the origin of judgement and criticism, and the origin of loneliness and confusion.

When the realization that you are able to connect the love and feeling of wholeness that you feel at moments with the outside or another, especially when you are in nature and with animals, when you can connect that pure energy of immersion you feel in those moments as the same with your inside, then you are truly connected. This is the bliss, this is what the yogis say in your book the Ananda samadhi the love of all within and without. But you block yourself here because you allow yourself to feel moments of that immersive holographic love for another (nature, animal, lover) but block that same thread which is possible for yourself. And this is only a thought belief. In truth, With. In. With. Out. With both. With the in and With the out. With the out so as with the in.

Mind shift, and trust, that this is so. In truth, you cannot feel for one without feeling the same for the other. But through ancestral and cultural magnatism this truth has been altered and erased. When you are able to come back to the simplicity of this concept then more love for the self will be tolerated, believed and trusted. Happiness and bliss will abound as you feel for another in the way that you feel for yourself. Total connection, total bliss. But one side of the bridge to this connection has been tattered and spoiled. It can be rebuilt and fulling trusting that this way, this holographic wholeness is truth. So within untoward others is so within yourself.

As one large golden thread of interaction, relationship, witnessing, being with, experiencing, mixing, experimenting, testing, feeling, learning, gaining knowledge of others in a way to gain knowledge of the self. Gaining knowledge with the self as a way to gain knowledge of others but this is a practice of experimenting, trying test, figuring out. Think of a toddler who has three colors of paint. Yellow, blue, and red. And with his hands he makes new colors but it is sort of messy, sort of curious and it is also testing and trying and wondering and admiring and witnessing what he has created! It is beautiful and only one of his creation in the moment of what he is looking to create. Maybe there is all the shades of green that are made. Maybe different shades of purple or orange. See what you can see on the outside are three colors only. Little did you know that those three colors can create 3 more colors by mixing their frequencies together to create something new that you didn’t see in the original three frequencies. This is the life on earth. It is interacting and playing and trying and testing. You are all toddlers learning in each other’s energy. Learning how to mix with the mother energy, learning how to mix with the father energy, with the lover energy and with the friend, and teacher. How does your frequency interact with others. You are all starting to understand this process slowly now and being more sensitive to it. This is why there are hotter and higher peaks as WHOA you are FEELING something in the other and FROM the other! That anger hit mixing from another is NOW felt.

What do you do with this new information? Keep playing, keep mixing, and learning the relationships of the Self with the other and slowly the learning will appear that the Self and Other are both. The hologram within both. With.In. So With.Out. With the inner, so with the outer. As you love the outside or anything you are also loving yourself. As you love yourself you are also loving the other outside. They cannot be separated but you have told yourself for generation that they are separate. Once you accept that when you love another you are loving yourself, your wall around your heart will begin to melt and you will truly be able to love the self because that is what you have been doing the entire time but you block the reality of it.

So the lesson we leave you today is Within So Without. And also the toddler curiosity of living on Earth and with all of your relations in anything that you are doing is a mixing pot of colors and you are experimenting with how things feel this way and that way. What does it look like this way? Do I like that this way or that way? There is no perfection in this sense other than that the perfection is in experimenting and trying feeling and learning.  Keeping the inquisition of a toddler as they explore their external rules of Earth so are you continuing to explore the inner and outer rules. Keep the curiosity and the pure desire to understand the interactions of the frequencies as this will enable you to see, accept, and create new with no judgement. Learn and bring the learning within which in essence brings the learning without. They are not separate. Know that whatever is within is also with the out and with the out is for within. As you feel belongingness know you belong. As you feel calm, know you are calm. As you feel love for the forest, know that you are also feeling loved and are loving to the self. There is no division. As the higher the perspective is there is only that feeling for one as for another. It is when you get tunnel visioned or too focused that the thoughts of separation begin and remain. Meaning that one who feels they only love their spouse and focus everything on loving that spouse are although loving and feeling love for another, and therefore feeling love for themselves they are not feeling love for the greater perspective, but again as we shared this focused love is actually a greater love at the same time. Fluctuations of In and Out. Like the waves of meditation. Like the waves of an ocean. In and Out. In perspective, out perspective. So within so without.

And this is where we leave today. Blessed is your new year and your new timeframe. We feel the jump in excitement and expectation for goodness during this time. The hope and greater faith, but it is also important to recall today and the now because this day, moment, minute is just as important as the out Year. We smile and thank you for your attendance, attention and learning. Be On.

Thank you.

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