“Hello Dear Ones,

Travel this site for resources on inner development of the heart and today. We share our words and downloads to assist you in sharing your expressions. Peace. Be Still.”

– From The Quorum

Hello and Welcome!

My journey of awakening to Universal Energy has brought me to connecting with spirits of loved ones (mediumship), connecting to the spirit of place (genius loci), and connecting to Higher Beings and my Higher Self (channeling). I currently channel a group of 8 high vibration Light Beings who refer to themselves as “The Quorum”. When I channel, I am in a light state of meditation. In this state, there is a dialogue of information from The Quorum in my mind, which I type into Microsoft Word as it is being dictated to me.

It has been an incredible process of awakening, but it is not always so easy to understand what is going on. I have repeatedly turned to my loving and supportive Guides and Higher Self for guidance. I am continually amazed at the depth of information I receive back from them for my highest growth.

This blog is a collection of the actual dialogue of some of these channeled download sessions. I hope they help to guide you as they have greatly assisted me!

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