Channeled: Releasing Control of Outcomes

Received 12-7-21

When I ask for assistance to guide me, show me, teach me . . .

You are asking for higher guidance to guide and inform your new wisdom. And this new wisdom is what is used to make new decisions and perceptions.

Ok I am asking for a lift of the perspective that my job is draining and I can’t do more of it or else I will be too drained?

Loving and living is not draining if you are full in your center and full and radiating from your soul centers. There is no way that another or any other kind of situation can drain you from this direct infusion of love and light. When you are feeling the drain that is because there is not an appropriate flow of the energy somewhere. There hasn’t been in these situations in a long time, but you are learning and becoming wiser every day.

Where you are blocking is the outcome. You truly do not hold an open outcome. There is no acceptance of whatever happens. You feel judgement and criticism for all involved if it is not perfect and friendly and no struggle. Until you truly and honestly and fully accept all outcomes then you will continue to be drained. This is because you are manipulating with your energy to manufacture an outcome that is desirable to you, and mostly to all that are there as well. Radical acceptance.

But don’t I have some responsibility to be a beacon for everyone in the situation because I am figuratively and energetically in charge?

Yes but are you straining? Are you blaming and are you eliminating some outcomes?


Then therefore the energy cannot and will not flow easily here, and there will always be drain because you are forcing an outcome. When you stop forcing, you will see that the outcomes will occur on their own for whatever is right for that situation.

Yes I just can’t image a bad situation and me being ok with myself afterwards? I would blame myself MORE!

And there in lies even more of your self challenges. You do not accept your work unless it is perfect. You do not accept any outcome that is not perfect. You are not accepting outcomes at all. There is still a massive holding onto the energy of the moments for perfection and ideal.

How do I start to release this?

This is what you can say:

“I am here I am here I am here. I am here for whatever needs to be here in this moment. And since I am here in this moment I am capable of being with whatever arises.”

If you are living in the world of perfect outcomes and forcing the perfect outcome you are expending enormous amounts of energy bending outcomes. This is doable, but not sustainable as which you are feeling now. There is an even greater outcome that could arise if you opened yourself to it, but there is terror and fear of persecution in you. Of judgement of the other against you for not being good enough. This is still in your system. You have energetically calmed down to a degree and created better barriers with more control, this is true, but you have not released the outcomes and until you can release and surrender to the outcomes of the future and truly just encounter the here here here and now now now at any moment you will be amazed at what is released.

What am I supposed to create for the animals?

Love they respond to love and assurance. This you naturally emanate so again you are pushing and projecting too much to them sometimes. It isn’t necessary, they know you are kind and won’t hurt them as they feel and see your soul. Again there is a lot of pushing out to control.

Ok so just reminding myself I am here I am here I am here. I know who I am, I know what I am, and I know how I serve. I serve in the moment. I serve here. I serve here. I serve here. Hmmm very interesting.

Yes and the moment you catch yourself thinking about that perfect outcome, this will be extremely difficult for you because this is how you think and operate about almost everything in your being. This is different than having an open intention which is something we would recommend. Developing an open intention and surrendering it to what is right in the now for all parties involved. Hah see there is another caveat to all parties involved! You want it to be good for YOU involved even if someone else gets steamrolled. You have much to work on little one. And this is high pressure because you care and are told about gold standards and how things are supposed to be and these are high pressure moments because the owner cares and the animals care. But honestly opening up to the outcomes and accepting all outcomes, TRULY and dearly accepting all outcomes as ways to learn and ways to see and hear and know more. If you don’t open up to all outcomes then you will not be able to see and hear and know the other outcomes.

Yes I can see that. But it does feel really hard for me to let go of this perfection in every moment.

Well this perfection in every moment is your narrow view of perfection, which is not the view of perfection for your coworkers, the pet, or the owner. Can you see this? It is just fostering to your narrow view of perfection. There is no room for perfection for others. There is no room for outcomes of others and unknown destinies of the other parties. You are controlling it for your own destiny.

Yes I see that too. I also want to invest my time more in things that are going to energize me and not drain me.

Yes this is wonderful because things that energize you are where your heart and soul are involved and with that there is a spiral up instead of a spiral down. And the spiral lifting upwards is what is assisting consciousness and the energy matrix of the planet. So, wonderful! But again, there is a creation of categories here. Good and bad. Drain or not drain. It is when you understand that no situation ever has the power to drain you you will understand that all activities where you are right in center will energize you. When you remember that you soul is unending, has no reputation, cannot loose, cannot be harmed, and is always perfect will you remember that it can never be drained. So this is your ego and personality that are being drained and your physical energy being drained. Yes, and what this means is again you are allowing the here and now to have an outcome and judgement of that outcome. Flexibility is what we say to you, adaptability is another. This rigid matrix planning you have does not allow for all the potentials. You are missing on quite a few magical interactions because of this strong desire for perfect outcomes. There can be more magic and wonder in other outcomes than what you alone can imagine in your head as “perfect”. Keep that wonder, I wonder what would happen? I wonder if this? I wonder if that? I am curious to know? I am curious to see? I am curious to hear? I am open to another way. I am open to another experience.

This is terrifying?! What if something terrible happens?!

Ah yes these are what come up when you release control. These fear stories. And what if? What if? If the what if happens, be assured you will still have your soul, your love, your determination, good will, family, nature, and all else that is there to support you. So what if? The mind plays tricks does it not? The personality grasps and controls so these outcomes can never be, or at least it thinks they can never be, and then you miss on the magic. You miss on the love. And you become excessively drained keeping that perspective and persona to the front.

I don’t really know how to act without that energetic persona controlling a situation. It really feels like I would be a completely different person operating in a completely different way.

Wonderful question and this we see is truth. And the wonderful thing is look at the word act? Act as in actor? Acting as in playing a role? As in playing another’s role? Your role? As in playing something in life?

Having a role and being according to that role is acting. What is wonderful is that when you don’t indulge in your energetic persona cloak acting out controlling a situation you are no longer acting, and therefore you then become genuine. You being a fuller expression. You allow more of the soul self to shine through. You allow more of the light to be seen and to be as your soul. This is another great way to catch yourself. When you find yourself acting and putting on a coat or cloak to BE someone, act a role, be perceived as that role, and manipulate AS that someone, then you are not you. Remember that and then stop acting. When you stop acting you are then BEING YOU. Be here. I am here I am here I am here.

I still can’t seem to really shake the desire for everything to work out perfectly.

Think of it and say to yourself, “I am open to the magic of the moment. I am here I am here I am here. I am open to that magic of this encounter. I am here. I am here I am here. May this moment be blessed. I am here I am here I am here. And may this moment provide and serve for the highest. I am here I am here I am here.”

Wow that is beautiful.

We are now going to start giving you sayings and we wish for them to be repeated as an initiation into intention and a demonstration into your seriousness. You are getting down to many of the cruxes of what make you tick and have governed your actions and existences since beginning. And much will be lost of your perceived control and you begin to release manipulating energetically. This you have done since a child. And we are here to support you in knowing that it is not needed to be safe. It is not needed and in fact you have limited your potential and magic as you have limited the energetic outcomes. There could be so much more for you but you are not available to it energetically. And even as we say this fear grips you as the other energetic availability could be loss and death and persecution. Please sit with these terrors. Because they govern more of you than you have consciously been aware of at this time. I you speak up as you, persecution, if you make money as you, persecution, if you speak to authority, persecution. If you make a mistake, persecution. Understand the thread here as it speaks to you on a deep level. And when you understand that you as your soul can NEVER be persecuted, killed, destroyed, made to feel wrong, less than, lost, hurt, pained, rejected, discriminated, imprisoned, then you will be able to be here. But until you truly feel that strength and support and stability that the soul truly has in you, persecution will instead be at the top of your list.

These persecution outcomes feel like a death of the soul.

Interesting. Which in itself is not true. So where did that story come from?

I am not sure. But it feels like death of the good will I put out, and the care I put out, gets turned in on me and I die.

I wonder if that has happened to you before?

I think so. And I ask myself if this is something that I should purge or revisit to heal?  

You could, so you could feel the feelings of those moments. And assist in elevating those moments. But you do not need to go back there and feel them because at the same time you know now that in truth that is not true. It is not true that if you are persecuted your soul dies. It is a story cycle. It is a thought pattern and belief. And you know what you need to do to start to chip away at it. New pattern, new belief thought. And this is where we leave you. The building blocks are the same. No matter how large or small the belief is. Death of the soul is impossible and a lie that is not aligned with truth. When there is no fear of this persecution then you will be able to stand in the here and have no need to control. Energetic control won’t even be a thought that you feel you need for survival. And we leave you with this.

Thank you as always dear ones.

Be blessed and bless others.

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