Channeled: Energy Drain, Belief Patterns, and The Flow

Received 11-28-21

Blessings of the everlasting love and light.

We are here to love and congratulate you on your journey or sojourn as you heard earlier. There are many sojourns on this planet each one of you has their own train tracks and their own path. It is incredible to see the web of interplay and love that blossoms from each one of you. The animals too and the plants and most importantly the Earth all have their own sojourns here as well. But what is the magic of it all? What makes it all go round and round and round is soul eternity and love. Do not mistake that all creatures are apart of this. That when the sun arises in the morning and the monkey, or chicken, or snake go sun bathing that they too give thanks for this day and this opportunity. Do not think that the fox who catches its dinner does not give thanks for the opportunity to go on another day for their purpose of feeding their kits. They are giving thanks and gratitude just as humans are giving thanks and gratitude for their simple gifts of everyday.

The thing is, the simplicity appears to have evolved. No longer do you feel the responsibility of arising with the sun and getting water from the river to sustain your family and self, no instead now it appears there are hundreds of smaller things that you are tasked with now every day to sustain your family. This is by design as you are ready to be challenged with more challenges of appearance. You are ready to learn to be in the center and be balanced with all that is around you despite these more and more smaller challenges every day. But then we ask are they really challenges in the first place? Where is the elevated thinking of that?

More and more are things that are drawing your energy and attention. No longer is it needing to feed and water the family and animals and protect them. There are a hundred other little things in today that are being asked of many of you and being drawn from you. HOW is it then that you can sustain your energy? Many do not. And they become energetically drained by everything. Depression and sadness are symptoms of this exhaustion. This seemeingly unending level of requirements and energy siphon from you. But here we say two things! One you are ALLOWING the drain and two you are not replenishing.

Your ancestors lived in the forest and closer to the Earth’s cycles then you all do now. So there is more of a need to feel these cycles today than then. You do not have to live on the land or under the stars, but you do need to consciously clue into these shifts and changes mentally and with intention. This is all. With intention your energy will align and this is all that is needed. Simple. Observation. Awareness. Intention to flow. Many refuse the cycles and move to avoid them. This may be the best for them but there are also changes that must be contended with in this pattern. Animals do this as well for survival in the environment. So the effort to replenish the self is required. But the replenishment would be less and less if there wasn’t an allowing of the drain in the first place.

To stop the drain, this is holding your power. This is standing in your truth and allowing all the rest of the lies to fall away. This is believing in you and your ability to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. If this is not a belief you hold in truth, you will be drained. If you do not believe you can own your power, you will be drained. If you believe that you are not Divine and deserving of Divine light, which is your truth, then you will be drained. If you do not believe that you are love and loved at your core essence of soul, the you will be drained.

You will be able to sustain yourself for a time period doing replenishment activities but that cannot last forever and you will get tired, and ill, and sad and bitter and angry.

But we say here is that why do we even need replenishment? Because as humans in humanity you are not perfect and in these forms mistakes and learnings takes place and during this process there is a loss of energy. It is normal and natural but effort must be made to replenish and then best of all is to develop beliefs and thoughts that stop the drain in the first place.

What we wish to relay to you today is that these belief patterns of NOT are required to be shifted into ARE. They dictate your energy magnets. NOT makes a KNOT in your energy pattern. Stopping the flow of love that is always there. Whether it is flow in or flow out there is then a kink.

When you want to describe yourself as NOT happy, shift to I AM happy. But you may not see this on the personality/Ego surface because of too much “proof” in your life. There must be a training to see less of the material as proof. The proof should be in how full your heart is. How fulfilled your heart and soul are. There are no prescriptions for this and this feeling is led by many different ways from one person to the next. One is drawing and painting, one is motherhood or fatherhood, one is flying through the hoops of creating and running their own business. Each one of these that show your heart how to be filled will be apart of the lessons.

Enbarking on the soul mission is what each of you on Earth are doing whether consciously or not that is what motivates everything. Where the challenge arises is that the personality/Ego veils the soul. This is by design for the lessons to be learned. Personality/ego are attached to your material and your expression in this Earth. It is attached to your body and manifestations. There is tension on how to get rid of Ego. And this we say is not possible as it is included in human form. And this tension is what many of your spiritual books have talked about. This OR that. Impossible. Enlightened OR not. Impossible. Because under the personality/Ego is always your enlightened soul teaching, showing, talking to you through insights and intuition. It is ALWAYS there. So therefore it is not one or the other but it is BOTH, AND. Living as this earth personality/Ego with the materials and expressions AND living as your soul.

It is like meditation how it is a flow from one state into the other and how so many people get frustrated that it is not just bliss and psychological journeys the whole time. Meditation is accepting that there is a flow into serenity and something will eventually trigger you out of that state. Flow in and out without resistance or regret and that is how it is. Accepting this AND that.

Flowing into soul expression and flowing out of soul expression (personality/Ego) with no resentment and with total faith and trust that you will flow in again. See how wonderful that feels. All pressure is released! All resistance is released because you know that you can and will always flow back into soul.

You are a miraculous creation of flowing into one and the other just as the particle wave duality. The wave is enlightenment and seeing/living/being as the soul. And the particle is seeing/living/being as the personality/Ego. They are together here. This is just the Way. And the grace, and wisdom, and joy is the Flowing in and out of each state with no resistance and no judgement or criticism.

Thank you for your guidance today! That was really helpful and helped me answers some questions I had! Fabulous.

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