Channeled: Learning The Point Presence

Received 10-25-2021 and continued 10-26-2021

I get so exhausted learning all these life lessons. They hurt so much and feel like such a struggle all the time. Why can’t I just magically get it? Why can’t I just understand the lessons and not have to go through the difficulty of experiencing and learning them?

I am listening.

Because the energy of the lesson needs to change you. The energy of the lesson is what catapults the shift in your vibration and energies to become a new container of thought and belief. It needs to be that powerful to shift your beliefs and thoughts. It needs to be more powerful than what you already believe and what you already vibrate at. It needs to be more potent than what you already have integrated and ingrained in your energy. So, depending on how deeply a thought or belief is in you, that is the direct proportion of momentum and power that needs to hit for you to feel the message and the lesson and integrate the new vibration. This can be fast or gradual.

Am I not allowing the lesson to integrate?

That can happen, but you just plain don’t believe that what is, is enough and perfect.

How do I start to believe that?

That is a great question, one we ask ourselves everyday and one that you should also ask yourself as well. When will I believe that what is is enough and perfect? That what happens is perfect and is EXACTLY how it needs to be. There is no way that it needs to change because that is exactly what needed to happen.

Can you elaborate more on this topic?

Certainly, gain and growth and linear progression is apart of your lives on Earth. And it may seem impossible that is it not governed by these aspects when in all appearances this is how it is and the mass consciousness vehemently believes and follows this. Where this got stuck is that growth is real but it is not growth in material getting bigger, it is growth in energy and heart getting bigger. Bigger to encompass ALL possibilities, bigger to hold ALL potentials. That is the bigger that really your souls are looking and yearning for. But since there is this barrier of belief you are born into, you hit a wall and believe that all these life circumstances that happen to you are a reflection of what is. When in reality all of those life circumstances are there to shift and bump you into the belief that everything is as it should be because it is all for your learning and your benefit.

It is a switch, a strong switch, like a train track conductor moving the tracks to the left and to the right to change direction or destination. You all get to the point where you want to yell at the conductor as to what the hell is going on here?! Which way to go!?

What you don’t know is that the track isn’t linear.

This causes confusion, frustration, doubt, and distress. But once you let go of this concept of linear here to there, yes and no, black and white, you start to see that there are so many points in between the two polarities, in between the two “opposites”. Points don’t have a direction as they are singular points, on the way, in the in-between. These points are where the learning lies. These points are where the joy and bliss lie. Living in these points is living in the here and now and present. Living in the points is living where there is no destination. No right or wrong, everything is perfect, everything is as it should be.

Your construct puts these points together to form a line. Living from point to point to point. When you see that each of these points is whole and perfect, when you see that really these points are not linear, can never be linear only in the mind, and this is where the distress is. Each of these points are infinite. Living as a point presence is truly living. Here, now, breathe, yes. This as point is all that matters. And this point is all that matters, and this point is all that matters. It is when you start to make a mental line from point to point is when the distress sets in because this is not embodying infinite and unlimited potential. Putting a line to points limits outcomes, creates false control, and hinders fulfillment and enjoyment.

How does one embody the vibration of a point?

Understanding that on the continuum, you will always be there as a point. Your soul and light exist as a point. You can never stop being a point but your perspectives of lines and destinations from the point is what distorts joy and presence. When you full rest in the moment of the point, which is you, you truly embody infinite potential. We aren’t going anywhere. We are just embodying more of the point presence, more of US!

Which brings me back to your lessons. Each one of these challenges and lessons that you are encountering and understanding, each one of them are challenging your idea of the points and lines. Points don’t know the destination, points don’t know the outcomes, points don’t know where they are “supposed” to go. These are the thoughts of a linear paradigm. These occurrences are constantly addressing your linear paradigm and inviting you to step into the point presence paradigm. Each challenge each struggle each lesson, what is it teaching you?

That the point is perfect, that everything is what is needed and required, that you are ok and you are here in this moment.

We understand this is difficult because the mind is trained to apply lines, outcomes, consequences, and destinations to every moment. But really the mind’s greatest gift, buried deep under the conditioning, is that it holds the understanding of infinite potential and limitless possibility that lies in each point moment of our souls. And the gift is that your freedom allows you to own, stand, and choose to align with this point presence.

Thank you, that was very helpful to see and understand a bit more about my challenges of learning.

They are all small gifts of learning and teaching lessons for you to see the truth of true presence and point potential.

Blessings. Till another Time.

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