Channeled: Being A Catalyst

Received 10-25-2021

I am listening.

Whether you want it or not, you are a catalyst. This is a purpose and an inner essence. That is how you walk through life. Like the first ice crystal that freezes the rest of the water, that is what you are. Your energy vibration resonates this and there is not much you could do about this unless you worked specifically on changing the ripple your walk is. You can do that if you so wish, but we don’t think you will because deep down you want to change things. You want to disrupt the old for the new and better more improved larger perspective limitless potential. But you walk as an ice crystal. You can change things through ice, or you can change things through sunlight. That also is your choice. The ice is in your veins and in your ancestry. The ice is the victim mentality of lower vibration and rigidity, rules, regulations, musts and shoulds. Coldness. You have been told this many times even from your family. They call you the Ice Princess. This hurts you but you know it is true. This is an accurate reflection. Is this how you see yourself?

I do often feel lonely, standoffish, and I feel low a lot of the time.

Yes, but is this really how you see yourself?

I am not sure I haven’t really felt much else in my life. I have never seen myself as the ray of sunshine to brighten everybody’s day. Someone else usually did that for me or was that persona near me. I often wonder why these bright loveable and truly wonderful men fall for me. I mean I have had dark men fall for me too but these bright ones. I just seem to damage them all with my ice.

You are just a learning for them as they are a learning for you. Through you they are learning how to continue to be bright without being taken into the ice or the manipulation.

Yes I can see that.

But they are not the topic here, you are the topic. We are not able to change your vibration. We can support you in your choices and guide you, but we are not able to change your vibration much to the chagrin of many spiritual teachers that is not what we are able to do. We can cultivate an inviting environment and order, but we are not able to directly change you. So that leaves you to change you.

But like I said I have never felt like that ray of sunshine. I feel to my core like the ice crystal catalyst. I might be too uncomfortable as the sun!

What are some other things that you could see yourself as comfortably without being too much of a stretch?

Ripples of water. River of water slowly cutting through stone, but even that is a little too long for me. I think I would be impatient with that.

Excellent let us work with the ripples of water! Water can be cruel or lifegiving. It can destroy and nourish. It also flows freely but is always governed by gravity. It moves outwards and always towards something, towards the universal whole (the ocean) from the original energy source. The energy source is at the center just being the energy source whether that center is a rock or a raindrop or a hurricane that power is always in the center and it ALLOWS the ripples of power and influence outwards. Some kind of force starts the ripple. You don’t need to force anything because that is who you are to begin with. Just being you creates ripples. It doesn’t really matter what it interacts with because it is an equal for all opportunist. Some of those ripples come back or interact with another but it is released from the self with no judgement and no predictions. Be the power center allowing the water ripples to affect something. Change comes from being the ripple in the same way that change comes from the ice crystal. But the ripple is more fluid, forgiving, elastic, and doesn’t depend on the other to change. Being a ice catalyst depends on the other to change to ice. Start with that analogy. That fits you better at this time.

When you are called to do something do it. When you are called to say something say it. The choices you make are choices you make and there are lessons and experiences and responsibilities to each of those that are apart of your life path. A choice is a ripple. Running from these ripples won’t help you because they emanate from your center. Sometimes a ripple will come back and reflect to you what you put out. Feel this return, does it feel good? Does it feel right? Does it feel like my truth or is it someone else’s ripple trying to affect me? Alter me? I can bounce it back to them, ride the ripple, or get destroyed by it. The choice is mine. Currently you are often absorbing the ripple with self doubt and self hate and self criticism when in fact there needs to be ownership, standing, and choice again. This is how to be like water ripples. Owning them, standing in them, integrating and asking yourself what is this teaching me? What am I learning here? Did I really learn something? Do I feel different?

Everything is perfect. Ripples of effect emanate from the center. And these ripples create change. You don’t have to do anything but own, stand, and choose.

We understand that this is diifcult as it is against many if not all the ways that humans of Earth function in their minds and bodies. We understand that this is not the main consciousness and it is different and it is hard to function in a different way that is not the main way. But we place faith and trust in you all to learn your lessons to embark on the journey of a higher vibration. Remember the more ingrained the issue is, the more energy it is going to take to create and shift into a new pattern.

What this feels like is “I can’t know beyond my choices. I can own my choices and learn from my choices. But I can’t know beyond my choices. I make the best choices I can with the information and knowledge I have at the time.”

Yes well said. Feel this. Own this. Repeat this until you feel it in your body and can stand up with this.

Thank you for you assistance and guidance.

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