Channeled: Attuning to the Music of the Soul

I am listening.

Truth resounds inside. But if you are not listening to the sounds then you cannot hear it. If you are deaf to those tones you cannot hear it. The role of life is to attune you to the sounds of your insides. Some are born with the ear of a savant and can hear the voice of the inner god from day one. Others, and for the vast majority, have to work to tune themselves to the tuning fork of life to be able to hear the orchestra of richness of life that lies within your potential. This potential is in all of us. Some decide they hate music for one reason or another, maybe they had a bad experience or maybe they choose to be deaf to joy so they don’t hear it. Others are hyper tuned and hear it too much so that it interferes with their everyday. Neither is appropriate. What is appropriate is being able to hear the inner you, enjoy it, sing along, hum along, and allow it to continue to play while you drive, or read, or kiss your child. It is not an interference in your life.

Now, the tuning in to hear the inner music/symphony is:

  • quiet time
  • loving time, and
  • grounding time.

This varies for each one of you as you are all unique. But those are the three major things that will allow you to hear your soul. And once you do, nothing will light you up and fulfill your every being such as that. When you are not lost in confusion and can clearly hear it, that is truly a beautiful and wonderful day.

You may again ask, “how to hear it?” And we say that your impression of this is too much of an achievement and a doing that gets you stuck. It is more simple and easeful than that. And this is hard to swallow as it is contrary to your very culture and your very earnings as to gain more and earn it. But no, for this, it is a reversion, a quieting, a solitude that varies from moment to moment.

Nothing is blocking you from hearing it. It is believing that you are already hearing it. And believing that what you are already hearing is exactly what you are to be hearing at this time. Hearing your soul takes humility and honesty and surrender. You don’t have to do anything that you hear. This is a fallacy and prevents you from ingesting what is given. You can hear and let that seed be planted but no action need be taken today. Let it bloom when it feels natural for it to bloom. As you have heard, Lee Harris, say that many of his manifestations take years to come to fruition. What holds these manifestations in place is having the faith that when you move from the motivation of your inner solar power that things will happen when they are ready to happen. You do no have to force them. In fact, the more you force and confront the more aggressive you will become and that is not where humility and surrender comes in. This is manifesting from control not joy.

So the whispers you hear are perfect.

Thank you.

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