Channeled: The Longing Part 1

Received 10-1-21

I am listening.

The Longing Part 1

Sitting in silence is golden and valuable. Sitting in total silence is priceless. Emptying the mind removes what you think you are and of your perceptions of separation. Because the mind rattle and the mind perception is what keeps you in the pattern of separation. Again this is a mode of the model. This is the universal design of the model. There is no fault, blame, shame, guilt, hate or jealousy here, this is the way it is. Now the next thing that always comes up after this is Why? And Am I just supposed to accept that blindly?

And we say there is no blindness to this fact at all. You are living this fact. How is it blind then when you see and feel around you and inside you that there is difference and yet a longing to not be different. A longing to be exactly like the other and Be within the other. To know the other. To know the self, if you are inclined to go that far. Many are not inclined to go that far and get to the part when they want to know the other for safety. Because they are perceived to be outside of them and therefore dangerous. The step beyond the other is to know the self. BUT the irony is that this whole cycle and the whole process of accepting and uniting is to know the SELF FIRST.

This is where religious texts sometimes get it reversed. “Treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself.” Treat yourself, then treat your neighbor is how the order should go. As one may have no idea how to treat the neighbor if they cannot even treat themselves. We understand the meaning behind this and the meaning is true, but when there is fear and hate and uncertainty without clarity of message, the one who is fearful will misconstrue the message to fit their fear. To prove their fear.

So the message must be clear first. And the messages have not always been clear. But there are messages everywhere and in the end they all boil down to love thyself.

This is the paramount achievement. If this cannot be achieved then chaos and hatred will proceed through fear and uncertainty.

This is not particularly a teaching that was focused on. Much was focused on perception of the self to others, do they see you as good? Do they see you as pious? Do they see you as a threat? Many people have lost their lives when they were not seen as good, pious, and a threat. Eliminated by those who did not love themselves.

They did not love themselves because they didn’t know that that was their answer.

The pain battles and denials that are involved in loving the self, the whole self, the “me AND” bring many down. This is the battle of love. And it has lead to wars. It has led to fear. The fear is transgressed from the fear of accepting to the self towards the fear of others and therefore the other must be eliminated. But all that was asked was to love the self.

You can see the pattern of this.

But to love the self is a measure of acceptance. You are taught to not accept some things. This is cultural and ancestral conditioning based of eons of fear. This is understandable and we are now asking many in your world to stand up and face these thoughts and processes for the ultimate truth behind them. Love is love.

From this love is an all consuming, transcendental, multi dimensional, access to the self and to the truth of others. To the truth of the mechanics of energy function and learning. This is not the gateway, as many have put it, it is the outcome, the out gate per say, into understanding. A life of no resistance. A life of awe and wonder. A life of open acceptance to the flow of what is needed for the service of love.

Love thyself.

Now where does this love come from? This is where we will teach you and others who are reading this entry about. How does one vibrate at love? How does one emulate and emote love? It is far different than what you are taught about it. This may run the gambit of many falsegivings. There will be difficulties that will arise in you and resistances as you receive this information of resistance to the information. Take you time. Rest into it. Allow the information to show its truth to you on its own without questioning and bringing in the No current.

Ok for another time. I have left you with much to wonder.

Thank you so much. Until next time. Thank you.

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