Channeled: The Longing as Creative Force

Received 9-27-21

I am listening.

Hello my dear I am feeling through you already as you noticed, but I shall speak now freely. There are hundreds of answers to the questions you and others seek. There are hundreds of days, years, months, minutes, and seconds, that these answers may come to you in that time. The amount of time it will take is how available you are to receive the truth. If you are not available, then the time will be longer until you are available.

How does one become available is what I am hearing from you now? Yes, that is the question. For some this is time alone. Time alone to write their book. For others it is immersive in a culture to find their answers, and yet even others will just stay busy so that they never “have” to receive the answer because they believe that the answer will be too difficult to bear. This is resultant of life conditioning and belief systems. You are living in a wonderful time when this is shifting. You can feel it shift and others can feel it shifting as well. And those who are shifting in it and with it feel the ease, but those who are not in it just go on living their current state. And this is fine.

The problem erupts when the longing cannot be ignored any longer. This longing is what troubles the most. This in sinuous, always present, desperate want and need to feel closer, to know more, that somehow, something, is missing is always haunting you and others.

Can we explain where that comes from? Of course we can. It comes from the beliefs of separation. You have heard this a million times, we know, and to the degree that it may become background noise to you and others who are on a path of discovery, but the truth of it does not change. When you bring it into the center and stop ignoring it in the white noise, then you will understand. This ignoring the longing is what takes you all on the rapid rides of the angry rivers. Why angry? Because you know in your center being that it is not true that you are separate, yet, you live in a world designed this way with everything in it reflecting that to you and even your cultural and ancestral beliefs tell you this. But inside you know it isn’t the reality. This is the ultimate source of disconnect and the tearing of your intuition. When you can encompass both sides of yes AND yes, that is when you will be whole. That is when you CAN be whole. It is not one or the other here on Earth. And this is even yet another belief challenge. It is yes AND yes, both separate AND whole.

Haha can you feel the confusion! Yes we know of this confusion, but in the end it doesn’t matter, because the longing is stronger than the confusion. This longing is what leads many to do great things and others to do terrible things. It is all in how you choose to perceive the multidimensional potential of this longing. This longing is what drives the entire universe because the entire universe wants to be ONE. It is one, but again is separate. This is the source of creation and the source of your creativity and love lies in owning and acknowledging this longing, not being afraid of it, not rejecting it, not ignoring it, but looking it in the eyes and accepting it, loving it, and learning from it, to create source information and love for others. Following this longing, understanding the messages in the desire of union, and co-creating yes AND yes.

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