Channeled: Life Purpose Is Try and Learn

Received 9-3-21

I am listening.

Dawn is the summers day. Greetings. How art thou?

That is quite the introduction. Why so proper today?

Just a little silly but as you know we are not typically silly we are chalk full of information and knowledge and assignments that sometimes there aren’t moments to be silly, but yet here I found one.

Is there no play in spirit?

It is not that there is no play. There is absorption and comprehension which includes play but when translating, this often gets lost because of the nature of the information which can be serious, dry, or very important that we don’t want to diminish it with laughter because that is a whole other sensation than absorption. But some of us are terribly silly. It depends on us and you.

I can understand that. What do I need to hear today?

Ah yes what is it you need to hear to day well need is the first energetic shift we shall address since that is what you rpesented us with right off the bat. Need need for what?

Need to get better or more understanding. Need to change? You know what is it that I need to put into my cocktail to be a better spirit medium, person, wife, sister, daughter, friend, co worker?

Get still and inside for a moment please. You are one with the universe. There is no more needing that the stars need to be brighter for you to see them. They don’t abide by your wishes and needs and desires and nor should your development be bothered by your needs or wants.

So how am I to improve?

You improve with sincerity, interest, intention, focus, and sensitivity.

What if I will never be good enough?

Good enough for what? Fame? Success? These are all Ego sensations that are not true or real to your core essence. These are apart of the many strong stories that you have told yourself over and over and over again that you need to be. See hah! There is that word again! There is no timeline of needing or else it has disappeared. There is no grasping at straws for life to be fulfilled. What you are to embrace is peace, serenity, joy, ecstatic, growth.

And how does one obtain this?

You don’t obtain it. You learn it through the lessons of life and spiritual awakening to the total nature of your soul spirit essence. You learn it through experiences. You learn it through trial and error. That is exactly what your purpose is. To try and learn. To try and learn. Your Einstein did this fabulously many times he had a vision and a belief and the knowledge and the inspiration to create something and try as he did he finally succeeded. Same with the Edison. Try and learn. That is the only requirement of life and that isn’t even a requirement because you can go entirely through existence not trying one iota and not learning AT ALL and still you are safe and cared for. Still, you are love and loved. Does this make sense to you? Are you starting to understand?

But the mistakes and learning process can hurt . . .

Yes. Yes, it can but it can only hurt to the degree that your stories and your self-applied limitations place on them. Your Steven Hawkins hurt I am sure a thousand times over but brilliance doesn’t end with pain. Brilliance begins with it. Brilliance and illumination start with the pain and your lesson is learned. Learning can also be painful because it may take a long time to really really memorize what you are trying to absorb. Like learning information for a test, your body, mind, spirit and soul also have to absorb these learnings. And repetition is key is it not!? Over and over and over again. Embrace the repetition! Why? Because each time it is presented to you, you will recall it faster and faster and eventually won’t even need it before your template has changed for good with eternal and ingested/absorbed/embodied memory. This is the goal. BUT we say to not get discouraged. Your only and singular purpose on this planet is to try and learn. That is it. Test and learn. So that being said, are you not confused about your purpose?

Well sort of still, is what I am doing apart of my purpose?!

Of course it is because you are trying different things and learning about yourself and your patterns and current template are you not?


Then I say congratulations you are on target for living your purpose! Bravo! Brave and courageous you are for trying and exploring. Now what we say to you is about the trust. Trusting the process. Trusting that you are safe and cared for. Trusting in your soul. We now instruct that there are to be more structure in your efforts and your day. For this is how habits and repetition are ended. You have amassed an impressive array of habits that have kept you safe during your child years and your learning years. But yay you are no longer in both actively at this time. These habits are not serving you anymore. We ask for more meditation. We ask for more communication. We ask for more stringent monitoring of your thoughts and your words behind the words. What are you really giving off inside? What are you wanting to give off and what are you really giving off? Does this make sense?


These tabs must be monitored or else no one is monitoring it and you will continue in the fray as always was and will be.

What about visioning and manifesting the new me?

Yes these are wonderful and powerful visions but last I checked, I don’t think you even know what the new you will look like never mind what the you NOW looks like. Start where you are, identifying the you here, now. What you can do is ask for help and vision character words that you would like to obtain. Fierce, courageous, capable, stunning, words of that nature are strong and can help you to turn the other words around that you tell yourself more often. We shall not speak of them here as they will put those words in your mind and we want the other new words to be the words of the new you.

You have said twice now about the new me. What do you mean by this?

I mean it is time that the lotus flower comes out of the bud. It needs to start rising up. You are out of the muck. And you are still reaching for the sun but you are discouraged because when you look around you there is still muddy water and still can’t see clearly. Confusion has occurred and disorientation of direction of growth. There are still emotions and pain and patterns that need to be washed away before you can fully see the direction of the sun and rise above the surface. As of now it is intuition that is taking you in the right direction. Now we need intention and self motivation and vision. And that will be magnificent. When you get to the surface. The choice to open and bloom will be a terrifying one. Let us just prepare you for that terror now as the terror will come. All who bloom have a moment like such. This is the last shroud of story and limitation being shrugged off.  And the choice is always yours. But right now you are still inching towards that sun inch by inch it is time to clear the water that you are tumbling in lost in sight. You clear the water by clearing your thought patterns, mind, and stories that are not true reflections of you. Many stories that you have obtained are not yours. You know this but they are imbedded and it is time to pull them out. This is going to be arduous. But what is the only thing that you need to do here?

Try and learn.

Yes! Bingo! Lets refresh, so more meditation, more channeling/writing, and more attention to the thoughts. I would say write them but we both know that won’t happen. Maybe say a word out loud get your voice involved. Yes that is perfect. Be diligent. Be honest and accurate. Be truthful for the more truthful you are with yourself the more learning that can occur. Take breaks too.  

Ok how long do I have to do this?

For as long as it takes for you to say I love you to yourself and really feel it when you are being triggered. For as long as it takes for you to say I trust my soul and myself when you are being triggered. For as long as it takes for you to truly open to every potential. For as long as it takes for you to not want to escape the moment. If there is a single moment when you are trying to leave, then we are not done here.

Wow that is a tall order!

Aim high! This lotus stalk has a lot of growing to do! The river was deep . . . or maybe it is shallow?! It is whatever you require it to be to learn. We love you, we love you forever and always. Your family loves you and all of your animal supports in spirit and not love you more than you can appreciate. The world/Earth loves you.

Ok thank you thank you thank you. And so it is.

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