Channeled: Being is in Expansion, Not Filling

Received 8-30-21

I am listening.

Running from spark to spark on a linear path is what you are experiencing. This is how most are existing. Now animals do not live this way but humans currently do. It has not always been this strong, this thread of the web that functions from spark to spark on a line, but that is the current mindset. And mindset is what “sets. your. mind.” and disallows other opportunities and lives off of limitations. It is a funny thing because humans never want to live with limitations. They actually derive most of their struggles in existence to today fighting off this cape of limitations. You have songs and movies and books and wars about this. And yet there is no running to and from it. There is no stopping and going. Cars are a wonderful example and manifestation of this mindset for you all. You go and you arrive. And you leave on a road with a designated pattern and path that tells you exactly how to get there. You feel this is safe and yet many humans die in this way. Even with instructions the whole way now! No use of intuition on how to even get there! No use of the sun and stars and wind or memory at least for the first few times! This is running spark to spark on a linear path. The mindset danger of destination.

So my dear one what does this mean for you? How do you break this pattern? How do you shatter this mould casting that you have survived in and “thrived in” just like your parents and their parents before them. How do you jump from spark to spark to all spark? Do you even need the spark?

This is what is considered Being. When Being, there are no concerns of judgement, there are no concerns of time, destination, success, impatience, etc. There is none of that. There is open awareness and radical acceptance. There is no here to there in Being. There is just Being.

This is entirely too foreign for you right now. We know this, but you are bumping up against the tension between not being and Being. You are seeing something on the other side desiring something on the other side, and feeling stuck no?

Yes. This is exactly what I am feeling.

Not by force. By systematic intention, dedication, exploration, and curiosity. It must be systematic though and this is where the religions got carried away. They got caught up in the ritual. They got caught up in the rote systematic nature of what it does require to Be. That was most of their downfalls. The greed and everything else came after, but what they sought originally was Oneness and Being as all religions do, but somehow get caught up in one angle of it. Which defeats the whole point of Being One and Unity.

It happens because there is a group that originally were deficient in that one topic area and they grouped together and in that group they found unity because that was all that they were really missing. But then they spread the word that it worked for them and they found God, which is true they did, but they neglected the fact that what works for one may not be the formula for another and there in lost the unity and wholesome flexibility that really is needed for the next group and the next because no group further than the X of 1 needs exactly the same thing as the whole human era evolves. (pauses and resets)

Ok, but this still brings us back to your current mind questions. They are swirling are they not? Have they not always swirled for you until something sort of sticks and then you busy yourself with that and then move to the next thing. You have a habit of having so much of your mind filled that it is addicted to that filling. When you don’t have that filled, oh lo and behold something comes along to fill it. Now this is what your energetic template is generating. This you much recognize. This is what you are putting out to the universe “hey over here, this part of me is free and needs filling! I preferably would like it filled with something that costs money, requires learning, busy work, numbing mind, and something that takes up some of my time and output.” And so the universe brings it.

Do you see?


Good. Now how does one either fill it with something different or not fill it at all? Here in comes the law of attraction, the law of emptiness which is the law that a unit cannot stay empty unless unity consciousness is achieved which is emptiness in the fullness. We understand that you understand this in theory, and have read about the unity consciousness and the fullness in the emptiness but the law of emptiness is new.

So we have a space. What now?

Expand. Expand from your own. From you, from soul, from personality. Eliminate this habit of FILLING it with something. Some fill with drugs, some with sex, some with books, or TV shows or food. You fill with swirling confusion and repeat thoughts. Thousands a second to the degree that your face and body language reads “excuse me while I mull this over forever over here” never being present with another. But this is all because the teachings of filling, but not so much teachings of expanding as the solution to filling, have not really reached the masses. Yes there are ideas about filling your emptiness with God but these are rote and not from within, in most cases, again for some that is exactly the formula they need, but for you my dear one this is not your formula at this time.

So expanding. Expanding expanding expanding. This means a lot and nothing at the same time. What we mean by this is that expanding is truly not doing anything and just Being. And here in lies the horror. The falsities, the confusion, because as I mentioned earlier about systematic improvement/dedication how can there be systems in not doing anything!? We hear, see, and experience this confusion and stuckness on a daily basis with you, but not only with you with many others on your world right now. Especially now. Especially after there was a world rest for healing. The rebound is confusion as to what do we make of that time off? Did I perform better? Was I a fuller person? For some yes and for others they continued to get swept up in the mental mayhem. But I digress, for what we are talking here is about expansion.

How to expand? Letting go.

Letting go of control of holding. And exploring trust. Trust in that what you say is ok. Trust in that how it is received is ok. Trust in that what you do, have done, will do, and won’t do is ok. Surrender to the idea/manifest/swirl mountain that maybe you didn’t get you to where you are. That you didn’t create all that was created with you. Instead what you did was trust, expand, and pick up. Pick up a scent or direction. Pick up a path.

What would happen if you let go?

Ok the list of fears includes I would be too much, I would say something wrong, I would be someone wrong, I won’t fit in, I may be a different person, they may not like the real me.

It is time to admit to yourself who you are.

It is time to show up to yourself who you really are. Allow that self to be you. Allow that self to Be and expand out. Penetrate the fog. Intend to be seen on the other side in whatever way that looks like. Demand that you no longer want to play in this icky soup of grey confusion of repeat sentences that swirl and swirl. (I got an image of the Black Jewel Trilogy books of the Twisted Kingdom when Daemon is on the island and the words are swirling around him like sharks, biting at him and slowly eating away at the island that he called safety). That is terror and torture. By the mind and by having incoherent and indirect intentions. By having an indirect existence. Have a direct existence. And again don’t get caught up in that this is a linear directness, no on the contrary it is a direct expansion, which goes in all ways. And within that expansion you pick up. Like sticky paper. Your expansion will pick up what is near it and attracted to it.

So this feeling of needing to slip under the superficial buzzing surface what does that mean?

It means that the awareness level of the surface is no longer a match for you. You are now being asked to move under the layer of the superficial to the more 4D/5D Being underneath. What you think this will feel like is not at all what you are expecting it to feel like and this is holding you up.

Let go. Stop forcing. More this more that. Let go with surrender and systematic expansion.

Can you give me a sample of what that might feel like in my body? (shut eyes)

Be momentous. Preach when spoken to. Victim no more. Own the event. Claim your action. Surrender to the unknown causations and resultants. This is truly living not from spark to linear spark. This is seeing ALL the sparks. Loving all the sparks. Accepting all the sparks. Because the rhyme versus don’t write themselves, but they appear when inspired. Know all is taken care of. All is as it should be.

Living is not in your head. Living is feeling each step by step as you walk into the kitchen. Knowing and awareness of each step. Living is experiencing time at once. Not at the same time as yesterday today and now. When you are truly expanded in whatever you are doing at whatever moment time there are no worries, there are no extraneous thoughts, there are no doubts, there are no circling words or plans for tomorrow to go over.

How can I start to embody this?

One way I would recommend is to designate a time of day for the worries and the thoughts and the planning and the ideas and the tomorrow and doubts. Have that time of day a sort of dumping ground. Be careful when and where you do this as you will be releasing a lot and you want this to be in a sacred place that can ground this data. This is the time when you can type, write, speak out loud, tell someone, record it, or just think it in your head. Once you are exhausted, at least for that moment, STOP that channel, STOP that connection to the buzz/humming, then move into the Being. There are no exceptions to this STOP intention. You cannot half stop and half not. It must be a full STOP.

This will be extremely challenging at first. There will be an emptiness on the other side. Resist the urge to fill it (with caffeine, tea, reading, watching TV, etc). Instead offer expansion into it.

Habits are hard to break and unconscious habits of the mind are strenuous. You may at first have to do this multiple times a day to get them out. But once they are out, accept that, surrender control and move into expansion of the moment and Being. Be diligent and even set a timer. Be in that space and then move out. Systematic dedication. Momentous presence. No forcing. No filling. Expansion into Being. And this I leave you. I hope this helps in your quest for clarity and upleveling/advancement and peace. Dedicate your life to dedication and your world will unfold. Blessings.

Thank you. It is so.

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