Channeled: The Roughness

Received 8-26-21

I am listening.

Hello flower from the rough from the Earth of stone and roughness. What is roughness? Is it a feeling? A knowing? A potential? A defect? Rough makes one stop and assess. One assesses smoothness as well but roughness makes one think. Pause. Try to find a pattern or reason for the roughness. Sometime all it is meant to do is act like a speed bump, wait, hold on, slow down, be here and look and feel why this is bumpy. Is bumpy bad? We argue not. It means that there are ups and down and crevasses that need to be explored and understood. Integrated. Overtime they will smooth out especially with the more attention that is paid to them. The more they are felt and examined the more they will wear down. Like rain on rock and on mountains. The attention to detail and exploration is what is needed. Not the goal of making it smooth and easy. Hahaha we laugh because the idea that this process could be speeded up with more furious and faster examination so that the more times you assess with fury the faster that it will smooth. There is truth in this, but wearing something down to smoothness too quickly creates heat and neglect. This heat can be devastating, too painful, and disruptive to your circle of influence. You could neglect another area that may need to be tended to before the area of focus.

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