Channeled: Move Forward

Received 8-24-21


Hello dear one the time is neigh high and put into motion. There is an altering of the stones on the road. For you this means push and pull and stop. A wall has erected. This is not from us. This is from the senses that you refuse to partake in. The waterfall of sound and motion is terrifying. Motion is the sense.

I don’t know what you mean that motion is the sense.

Movement is different than stagnation. Stagnation allows for accumulation and revisiting and reassessment. Swirls of clouds of feelings and thoughts and emotions can stack up on one another if there is no movement. Think of toxic air if there is no airflow animals and people an die from the fumes. Mixture of past and present together but there is always movement.

How am I being stagnant?

You are being stagnant by revisiting thoughts, moments, and worries. Living in a past world blind to the current and future potentials. You must entirely release and let go of what was to embrace and put into motion an entirely new potential and future.

But my body remembers.

Ah yes and no. The body-mind remembers. You think and therefore your body is. But yes there is also a part of unconscious triggering here as well as the conscious one. The role is to uncover the unconscious trigger, make it conscious and then move from it. the thinking mind is easy as you can see and feel thought thoughts as they are one plus two, one after the other, pattern can be established it is the ones that are unconscious that are hard to track because you are not able to see the trigger right away. So then we must work backwards.

But isn’t that is contrast to moving forward?

Sometimes it may feel that way but the goal is to move forward with grace out of the cloud of doubt worry and past living.

What am I moving forward into?

Clarity, grace, knowing, doubtless, strength, power. You. Releasing all the things that were told were you and are but really aren’t and fully moving into you and what you value and speak for. It is this simple.

Hmmm interesting. What is my first step?

Visualize the moving forward. Remember the mind-body is strong and if you an imagine and visualize it fist that is a wonderful first step. Stepping forward out of the fog. Out of the mist. Out of the dark cloud of swirling thoughts and worries. Live in the truth of the feeling good in your body and ideas and values. That is where true peace and serenity lay. Be blessed and be you.

Thank you.

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