Channeled: The River of Form to Freedom and Freedom to Form

Received 6-28-21

Greetings Kim. This is Marlon. I am apart of your quorum. There are 8 of us and you have seen us before as light in a dream and light in the Temple. There is also Gimlon, and Ripon. Gimlon is a new energy you have been sensing, he is green light. There is also Amon of Actum. Amon is yellow light. We don’t have to be different colors and can be all in one color but this way we can help you identify our energy signatures differently when we want to be identified differently. Often we are just one with you.

Hello Marlon it is wonderful, pleasure to meet you.

Same to you. Now you want to discuss depression, and your weaknesses and moving from knowing to feeling.


Well your knowing is quite advanced. There are things that you know that you don’t even know you know. You have not tapped into them consciously, but they are there unconsciously functioning and will come to the surface when a concept is triggered. This we say is fine. This we say is available to all humans, but for you it is more on the surface. We could say that other intellectuals have a more surface mind like this and this is how new ideas and concepts and puzzles are solved and created anew. There needs to be those that are in the current of intellect and forward thinking to bring the sheet and paddle of the new possibilities forward. And this is for you. You have a foreseeing of knowledge. Love and embrace this. Accept this. It is a power and source of empowerment if you let it. But it is also a weakness in that you have developed a reliance on it and your other human methods of connection and wholeness are muted or diluted. They are still there, but they are not as strong. The link is not as strong. We say this is ok. And this and where and now is the time to strengthen this muscle.

Moving from freedom to form. Moving from form to freedom. This is the dance. This is the most beautiful dance that was created in all of the universe. Can you feel how special this is? How one can get lost in either end? How one can forget about the other? This is the challenge of humanity and of existence. Fluid is the word that comes to mind here. True peace and serenity come from the river of freedom to form and form to freedom. In this river there are rapids, there are boulders and turns, but the assurance that gravity is going to take one to the ocean is always present. That uniformity of law is expressed in the river from form to freedom and from freedom to form.

Now human consciousness tries to change this process by making a boat! Aha they say I can ride this river in a boat and it will be more comfortable and it will go at my speed and now I have control over the river of freedom to form and form to freedom.

This of course is false control. And all of your energy will be expended in the making of this complex boat to do what you want. This boat can be a symbol for your expressions in life. Your body, your upbringing, your appearance, your occupation. Wasting the energy in the creation of this boat when all you need to do is just be one with the river and ease and joy and serenity are with you. But most fear the river. Remember the River Styx? This is ancient philosophy of death at the end of the river. Here we say that Kimberly you know what is on the other end of the river of freedom to form and form to freedom. This river also has small little offshoots and whirl pools and small little rivers from it that are the day to day freedom to form and form to freedoms within the much larger river.

How does one find ease in this river?

Lay on your back and look up at the sky with a smile.

Ok how does that translate into life though?

All possibilities are none and none is a possibility. When you have assurance remember that nothing is assured. Nothing is known. Those phrases you were saying of “Maybe” and “Is that So?” Embodying the open nature of the river. This is how it is translated into life.

But doesn’t one at some point need to know?

Why would that be?

Well if everyone lived in unknown with nothing definitive or concrete, how would anything get done or how would people know that their house would get built if they didn’t sign a contract binding the contractor to a deadline!?

And how often do those contracts go to plan?

Well they are often not followed or have issues . . .

So then how did that contract really solve the unknown? It was a false belief. It was a false sense of security for the human to think that aha they made a contract and I will have them sign it and all will go to plan. That is not how energy functions. Energy functions in will and belief thoughts and emotions. Yes it is possible to make that contract and believe in it and it will arise as signed. But it is just as possible that it won’t. Being open to outcomes. Flexibility. Stability in your moment as anything is possible.

I’m not sure this is making me feel better.

I am not sure I am here to make you feel better. I am here to help you understand and to move the understanding to feeling. When you sense that you are pushing against a boulder saying no no no no, you are resisting and problems will arise as you see them. Breathe. Ok. Let your legs go from the rock. Find your balance on your back with breath and relax. It is ok. You are ok. It will be ok. Why? Because you are in the river of freedom to form and form to freedom. See it manifest all around you, within you. The miracles of both. The choice to say yes or no (freedom) and the form to act out something differently and create. When you are stuck on the form, focus on the freedom. When you are stuck on the freedom, focus on the form.

Now to talk about depression. This is sadness. Deep loss of the self. It is a memory. Think of it like PTSD when there is a sound or image that sends you into the feeling moment of depression. Interestingly enough this is mostly feel to it, but can you feel that it is moving? That this feeling is moving in you?

Yes I can feel that it has moved.

That is a wonderful thing.

Doesn’t it mean that I am just moving it around and ignoring what I really need to do with it?

Movement is better than stagnation. Avoidance through movement is ignoring it but being aware of the movement is good. Now what to do with this scene. Now what to do with this pattern. It is getting deeper by the day. But still at the bottom of the grand canyon there is still a river. No matter how deep it grooves into your psyche and neurons there is still a river there that is being resisted. So what is it that you are resisting?

Pain. Shut down.

Ok. More?

Thinking I am right and the rest of my family was crazy. Or didn’t see things the way I did.

Ok. More?

Isolation bubble. Creation of knowing with out feeling.

Ok great. You must get out of that isolation bubble on that river.

That is terrifying.

Yes I can imagine that it feels that way to you. To certain death by your mother. To certain death by your family, friends, acquaintances, bosses, and authority. There is nothing done in this world that is done alone. Nothing. That is not what this river is about. The most powerful number of your world is 2. You and another, opposites, paradoxes, this and that, black and white, yin and yang, male and female, light and dark. You see it everywhere.

Then why do I keep dreaming about 3?

Because that is the divine balance which is not reflected in your form world. But that is the key to the freedom. 2 moving to 3. That is the challenge, well one of the challenges that is in your world.

Hmmmmm What can I do for myself today?

Accept that it could have gone a different way. Accept that it could have had a different outcome instead of fighting that which you felt was the only option possible with the circumstances presented to you and what you presented. That is victim thinking. Yes. It could have been different. That’s it. You can’t go back and MAKE it different or wish it was different or feel shame that it should have been different. You are already past that boulder in the river. If you went back you would have to go back to that idea of making the boat and then paddle up against the river flow back to that rock, plop yourself in at that point and redo the rock experience. I wonder how much energy is lost in that process?! How much time and expenditure was given to that endeavor?

A lot.

Yes. A lot. You would feel exponentially drained and still the first experience would not be erased. You would just have added another one to it. You don’t need to build anything to rescue you. You don’t need to build an education, a home, a family, financial freedom, none of that is needed to rescue you. The thought that needs to change is the one that you even need rescuing in the first place!

Hmmmmm. Interesting.

But for this concept/paradigm to integrate you can’t just know it. You have to feel it. Once you feel it, then it has moved into freedom. Thinking it is form. Feeling is freedom.

You are learning much here and for that I put strength in you.

Is my “strength” being used as a catalyst to uproot things around me?

Very interesting thought. Your presence sends ripples out and yes those ripples can disrupt the harmony or disharmony of what has been established. Everyone to a degree does this to the form and freedom river. Some just make a bigger splash when they enter. Which is not always a good thing as imagine the energy send out in that splash. Some are graceful and some are not. This is a great time to look at your inner core and understand that you DO believe in change and making better. Your core desires change and righteousness and justice. Therefore circumstances will be attracted to this. I am not sorry to say that this is your core vibration and is already in form.

Can I change that? Would that be going against the river?

3:33 A better way to think and feel about this is “oh silly me I exposed something else in me and in this here form. I wonder where to find the freedom in this.”

Thank you so much Marlon. This was amazing and extremely helpful. I keep wanting to call you Teacher.

That you can. But we are your quorum.

Yes wonderful.

Breathe into the new as the river goes on the scenery will change, the pace will change, the obstacles will change, but the savior is not in building yourself a boat with your man-mind, it is in laying back, taking a breath to balance your body while floating, and looking up at the sky. We are always here. And we love you and cherish your work and your experience in this river of form to freedom and freedom to form.

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