Channeled: Connecting Without Pressure

Received 2-23-2022

What am I here for?

Dear one, we see and we love you and your earnest heart. Your earnest heart will take you far, but only if the courage and bravery and risk to fall comes with it.

These are not traditionally “natural” and “normal” things you speak of and encounter on a daily basis, but they are yet not unnatural nor nonnormal. These are the flow lines of energy and interaction which you are delving in and are asking of. The time and space of reality. The love and hate within time and space.

Others are only ready for this when they are ready for it. It can be a lonely road only if you hold yourself high and away from those whom are not ready as not seeing the strands of life and living as the soul and of the soul. It does not mean they cannot hear and see you, but it means they are not ready to feel it and embody it and live it. Does that mean you are alone my dear? Does that mean you are not worthy if you cannot transfer the eyes and knowing to another?

In other times and in other spaces, you have done just this, the transference. But this is not the time nor place for that now. You are finding another way as it is time for others to come to this alter on their own, in their own accord, in their own time and space. No more trigger or initiations or taps on the head for enlightenment and remembering. They will remember in the space and opportunity if it is held open for them to feel safe.

This is a new way for you, we understand, and there is a bit of a confusion as to how this feels as good to you as the other way. But this is the time and space to know it feels good on an energy level and maybe not so obviously seen as a smile on their face or a thank you from the lips in the immediate zone of influence. Have them contemplate your ways by impressing upon them your lack of impressing upon. People are not familiar with this. They are impressed upon on a daily basis by an onslaught from advertisements to friends and family pressuring them to be something, to do something, say something, think something. They are not familiar with space. Some seek their own space in their own time as a way. This is a form of isolation, and is perfect for them to remove the pressing on and find their own space and in that space their calm, peace, and center. Its instinctual. But reintegrating into a culture that is pervasive on the planet is too much for many. This impressing and controlling results in hatred, anger, resentment, sadness, and a lack of worthiness. Sound familiar?

So, what happens when you walk away or divert your energy attention from a horse in a round pen? They turn to look at you and direct their energy towards you in curiosity. Asking questions with their ears and eyes. Putting the safety factor in their court they feel the space to then turn towards you and reach out to connect. This process, you know of is called join up. Humans need the same now. It is similar to the saying if you love something let it go, it will come back to you. This will be once the pressure of impressions is removed.

Connecting as Anne said through the energy of the ground is your birthright. You were born for this ability. The Earth supports you in this endeavor. The animals support you in this endeavor.

But why does it feel so lonely?

Because you are not used to communicating and relating to others in this way. It is similar to learning a new language and you are learning it. But in the beginning if you are dropped into a country where they do not speak English, Spanish, or Korean you would feel lost and lonely. You would learn and pick it up quickly, but for a time it feels confusing and lost. This is the language of energy flows and the flavors of these strands, testing, tasting, feeling, knowing, seeing, and accepting. Where they are, how they are as they are. Are you doing that for yourself? Observe for now. Feel for now. Put the pieces together for now. That is all we ask of you. Begin to formulate who you are, your core mission, your core message, which is for you and only you, and we are all blessed the more for it. We have finished here. Take peace and rest.

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