Channeled: Personality vs Soul Light

Received 2-26-2022

Are we inequal?

Of course not.

How do I respond when someone presents me with inequality?

With resentment. You SHOULD do this, you SHOULD say that, you SHOULD act this way. Dictating to them how they should be.

You should do this and that, so that therefore, I can feel this and that way. So, “I can feel good about myself.”

Relying on others to dictate how you feel about yourself.

Its just so hard because I can FEEL those thoughts, feelings, and actions from them. The truth of their personality persona. That is the hardest part the hardest truth to overcome because as I feel it, I believe it as truth. It may be their truth. But is it my truth? And is it their soul truth?

You can only resonate with how another is being if you also resonate with their vibration, AKA, you can only believe in their dislike of you if you align with their belief that there is something about you to actually dislike. And maybe they are right, that there is something in you that is pretentious and condescending and something to dislike on the personality level.

But then deeper than that is the soul light and we are all equal love there. Seeing that below the personality level. When we are waring with another with temperaments and words and actions and feelings coming off with anger and resentment and disagreement, hate, ect, those are reeling and bouncing off of the personality level of a person. And this is ok! Why is this ok? Because it is the personality that is speaking. The women showing up as a name and as a look and as a reputation, but under that is not that person. Under that is a soul of light.  

When you are feeling resistance, or not meshing, or distress or disturbance, remember this is only personality against personality that is in confrontation. These are learned and acquired and developed overtime of what we think we are and what we are trying to be out in space and time. These resistances are real, as you can readily feel their realness in yourself. It cannot be denied that on the personality level there is discourse and confrontation. At some point there must be a simple acceptance of this and tolerance of it. A feeling of yes, I am detecting this undertone. But then ask yourself, am I resonating with that undertone? Am I creating this undertone? Am I perpetuating this undertone?

To not discard it because this is valuable information about the personality that you hold and the personality that another holds and these aspects are just as apart of them, here, as they are apart of their light soul in this incarnation in this time and space.

There is an AND. This And is the most important lesson that you will ever learn in your existence here and beyond, is that you are not only your waring personalities, although that is what it feels like it, but that you are in addition and always, a more, deeper, the depth of the ocean and the height of the sky, of awareness and consciousness and love and compassion and connection. There is more to you all and when living in that more there is nothing else that needs to war. But as a being in a human sphere, you have to come into contact with physicality and the personality and there must be a radical acceptance, understanding, awareness and compassion for this side of humanity. Compassion for the personality.

It is ok that she doesn’t like you. It doesn’t in truth harm your soul light. It feels abrasive and threatening to your personality yes, but in truth it cannot change or distort your soul light. Resting in this knowing is difficult because the personality, through historical conditioning, lives through the personality productions. And as such the duality of existence is understood. You are good and bad. You are wrong and right. But which tips the pendulum to one side for you? Living in truth of the personality? Or living in truth of the soul light? Awareness and consciousness are yours alone to come to terms with and embody.

Understand in all truth that those abrasions, digs, lowering, resistances, stopping and pulling are all apart of the personality. The soul light never does those things. So when you feel these things, know that it is a personality that is responsible. Another’s and yours as well. Finding in you the place where the soul light lives and living there more often. Seeing from that place more often. Speaking out, talking out, acting out from that place more often. Wonders and joy and liberation of freedom come from that place. Walk the path of eternal light, be the path of eternal light, despite the abrasions and resistance of others. Despite the directness of hatred and dislike from others. Despite your own feelings of fear and resistance of your own path. Keep choosing to walk the path of eternal light.

Here we speak about awareness and judgement as there is a similar story from the two of them, but it seems that we will have to continue this conversation another time. There is confusion as to what is awareness and what is judgement. This will need to be addressed. Thank you.

Thank you.

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