Channeled: The DOING and Neutral Paradigms

Received 3-4-2022

Me: Please explain to me what neutrality is?

Spirit Guides who refer to themselves as The Quorum: Hello we heard you before and we have been trying to speak but your intensity of what needs to be expressed and on the page was too strong. There were times when we tried to come in and assist and you continued to lament your difficulty and confusion. This is also a pattern for you of hopelessness getting lost in getting lost and therefore not having to figure it out or at the same time spiraling into the upsetting outcoming of never figuring it out. Telling yourself that it is out of reach and will always be out of reach. Confusion breeds confusion if that is how you want to avoid solidification of what is the truth.

Confusion is fine to recognize that at that moment that is not clear to you but wallowing in confusion and holding confusion is a crutch. This is a default you have kept. When what something doesn’t make sense to you, you say you are confused, or I don’t know. This does not honor your growing knowing. Now people may resort to this when they are just starting to learn of their knowing because they are not sure if it is safe to express this knowing so they then go into the despairs of confusion. The programing is that women don’t know, children don’t know, animals don’t know, plants and the earth don’t know. This is what the ruling men have prescribed as the story. But many many many know that this is not the truth. Mother and fathers have witnessed incredible wisdom and knowing of their children, and this can catapult them into greater spirituality as they are privy to this new concept shattering firsthand by a loved one they trust and know. That may be their trigger for knowing and exploring. But we are getting off topic here, what we would like to address is the concept of neutrality.

You cannot expect a neutral outcome when you enter the fray with an intention. Period.

There is a lot going on currently about manifestation and intention and these are powerful things but they are far from neutral.

Is creation neutral?

No. Creation is not neutral in a sense that the material outcomes are not, but the bigger energetic picture is always neutral.

What is the aim of the universe then? I keep hearing that we are creators, and that we are creators of our experience, but what is the aim then?

Ah wonderful question and yes there is confusion here because there are two levels of this and as the world functions at one level the other level can get lost in translation. Let me explain, there is creating at the material level. And there is creating at the creation level. Creation level is already as is and cannot be created more but at this level you ALL are Creators. This has been misconstrued and forgotten to a degree but is starting to come back. On the material level you are all certainly creators of your reality. But at the same time you are already Created. There is no becoming or forming because it has already been and formed. But at this level of experience you are bringing harmony to Creations by being a more informed Creator.

Now this actually brings us back to neutrality. You are not neutral if you want something. You are not neutral when you desire something. And neutrality does not mean nothing.

Here is where there is a hang up. For thousands and millions of years, humans have thought and acted on the idea that had to DO to survive. The DOING is still present, but the survival game has changed. So now you all sit there and wonder how do I DO? How do I DO spirituality? How do I DO love? Acceptance? Prosperity? Abundance? Etc. Your DOINGness programming cannot compute with neutrality. These two paradigms do not and cannot exist together. You either believe in accomplishing goals through DOING or accomplishing goals through neutrality. Currently your world mass believes in accomplishing goals through DOING and FIXING. These are rough concepts, they are exhausting concepts, they are abrasive, and result in a lot of tension and conflict. They result in the conflict story that you were discussing last night. Because to fix Gotham, Batman feels he needs to DO something to fix it. This is clear.

Along these lines, remember that when you are in manifestation of creation at the material level you actually DO need to DO something. But that is only for the material manifestation.

Now what we want to address is the other paradigm of neutrality. When truly neutral, there is no judgement because you did not go into the encounter with an idea of the outcome, you didn’t go into the encounter with an intention of an outcome.

And we hear your mind screaming, “THEN HOW DOES ANYTHING GET DONE!?! How do the workers work!? How does the product get made?! How do people survive if there is no intention of an outcome?!”

Because what happens is within that neutrality, something else will arise, bubbling up from the depths of who you truly are. All on its own. The babe will be born. In this nonjudgement environment of no push or pull space. In this settled space, a flower can freely grow, a seed can plant in safety, and the sweet bubbling up of love, compassion, and kindness can expand. But if there is not a neutral space none of these can arise. They are delicate things.

From this bubbling up, there is energy (it is a bubble and bubbles expand). This bubble transforms into an outcome that arises on its own. This bubble is the effortless feeling of right action. This is similar to synchronicities, although your traditional understanding of synchronicities are material manifestations, but instead of being material, the synchronicity I am speaking of, is the ease, natural, and perfect match that arises from within, through a state of neutrality.

Ok I am understanding this. But how does one shed these persistent ideas of judgements, shoulds, coulds, and I am not good enough to even get to the point where one can be in neutrality?! Any of my expressions I deathly fear of being judged on as not worthy or stupid. How to I overcome!?

My dear we hear your panic. By understanding your triggers as one task of comprehension, But the fixture of a trigger is not creating a new manifestation to cover up the trigger by having that new manifestation or new thought being stronger through willpower than and over the original trigger. No, the fixture is not to combat with another feeling. The fixture is to become neutral.

Yes I understand that, but HOW DOES ONE BECOME NEUTRAL!? What even is that?! It feels boring. It feels helpless. It feels like a vegetable state.

And that is what you have been trained to feel about it living in the DOING paradigm. But again, from neutrality blossoms safety, being held, being seen, strength of all, and here and now.

Ultimate neutrality is only in the here and now and holding it as it is. Holding and seeing what arises. And only in this neutral state, like I said before, can the delicate truths and brilliant synchronicities of energy arise of love, compassion, trust, faith, understanding, and right action.

My question still stands, how does one become neutral?

You stop with the projections. Stop with the predictions. Stop with the prescriptions. Stop with the hope that you will never be hurt. Stop with the intentions of outcomes that only serve you.

When you enter an engagement with the idea that only you are to be served, which is where you are at, then you will experience loneliness, hatred, judgement, and anger. There will naturally be resentments because you are only there for you to be served.

Ok I feel that. How do I enter into an engagement not in this way?

Through neutrality. (Sending me the feeling of neutrality)

That actually feels very free and whole in that way . . . but my mind fights it, wanting to THINK about something in a way.

Very good, and that is where the hang ups are. The habituated thinking about outcomes and intentions and situations is not neutrality. That is your thinking mind and when you are in the neutral state your mind is going to get scared because there is nothing there for it to think about. This is often called the empty mind of Zen Buddhism or of meditation. That empty state of wholeness. On paper it sounds impossible “empty state of wholeness” How can one be empty and filled with wholeness at the same time? That is the paradox of enlightenment my dear and many have found it. It is not impossible. It is available and has been for eons. But the retraining of the mind to not be afraid when in a neutral state is the task. Because in this state the mind doesn’t have anything to latch onto, so it panics. This is normal. This is training. Notice when your mind wants to start spinning words and thoughts and judgements.

Stop and ask the mind, can love, compassion, kindness, synchronicity, wholeness and true acceptance of others and myself truly arise from this mind I am experiencing at this moment?

The answer your mind and your knowing will understand it at as No. They know this. There is understanding here on both parts.

Now we will say it may be helpful for you to either have a word or saying to snap you out of non-neutral states. We offer you the words of “Love.” “I Am You.” “Be Still.” As starters. You may find others that are useful too. Try meditating on these words and finding that feeling. Like Pavlov then the word will trigger the body reaction of neutrality. And then right action arises.

We speak also of the Wu Ji posture. Meditative posture. Of blankness of the mind. When there is mind chatter there will be DOING and Doubting.

That seems so quiet though!?

And then I wonder how many bird songs you will hear? I wonder how many other things you will observe and see in that quiet way? Understood?

Yes. But what if no one else in my spheres are acting this way? Or following this directive?

We want you to know that they are each all in their own directives. Some are further than your non neutral state can understand, and many are consumed with doing and cannot at this timeline come out of the doing paradigm. There is nothing wrong here. Does it make your work harder? No, it only makes your job easier, as there are quite the more and blatantly obvious opportunities for you on a daily and hourly basis to experience the need to be neutral.

What about passion? Isn’t passion non neutral?

True passion arises from a state of neutrality of love, kindness, compassion. It can’t help itself but bubble up as right action. How you are thinking of passion are people on a megaphone fighting for rights and passionate about those rights. Their passion driving them to create. We ask you does driving to create, create from within? Or is it creating to change without? Is it prescribing how one should think and feel about a topic? I feel this way, so therefore you all should feel this way and DO something about it?  It may be arising originally from them naturally and neutrally, but one must be aware that this love can become overwhelming and can lead to other learnings about DOING down the way. But that is not where we are at today. Where we are at today is developing the state of waking neutrality to allow what is to arise. To arise without judgement and prescription. Without having all situations be SERVING the self.

Yes. Ok I understand better now. Thank you for the time to help me get a better understanding of neutrality.

Dear until next time. Peace and love.

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