Channeled: Compassion in Reality

Received 1.22.23

(Me) Why do I seem to get so emotional in movies or reading books but seem so a-emotional in handling real life?

(Guide) Feeling deeply for things that are not real is what you are doing. What about feeling deeply for what is real? This is the hard part, but it is easier when the thing has no prior connection . . .

The point is that there is still an emotional wall that you are maintaining for the living. The living are not allowed to see this emotional wall because what is behind that wall is immense. Immensely connected to the roots of the earth, the roots of the sky and the roots of the beating hearts of all the living. This wall has been created for your own deemed safety and there are moments when this wall is breached and the emotions flow. But right now they are being breached by non reality. Those are stories. They are not reality.

So what is it about reality that you can’t feel?

There is anger there. Resentment for all the built-up energy waves that have been washing through humanity for thousands of years. For all the peaceful moments and for all the hate and fear and sadness. They are all here.

But what am I supposed to feel for them, or what am I supposed to do with those feelings?

Use them for deep understanding. They are your gateway for greater understanding, greater understanding comes from compassion. And compassion is greater if not the greatest understanding. They are one and the same concept at the end. You cannot fully understand without full compassion.

Is compassion always sad?

No, compassion is not driven by a particular emotion, but is driven by what is. What is underlying the emotion? Fear and love. Yin and Yang. Black and white. The polarities of potentiality. These are what is underling the emotions and when full compassion is embraced and embodied then full understanding is equally present. They are one and the same. But you cannot embody understanding without the feeling of compassion for what is present whether that be anger, sadness, fear or love.

How does one go about greater compassion?

Wider views, higher views, loving what is, being open, not trying to change or make something fit your comfort.

That is interesting. Not trying to make something fit my comfort . . . hmmm

Yes this is one of your great manipulations you see. And there is greyness here. Because there is a learning about boundaries which is going through the collective right now of humanity. Trying out new boundaries of what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable right now. And in your effort of exploring this, you can create situations that are magically comfortable for you.

But isn’t that just manifestation?

It is a form of manifestation yes, but the question is, are you making something fit your comfort because it feels good or because you want it that way and you have sloth and fear? Those are different origins.

So we go back to the disconnect between real life and the theaters. Why can you cry for the fake whales and not for the real ones in the same way?

I think I would get swept away in the emotions of it all in the real moment. If I really thought or felt for or connected to the story of all the suffering in the world I don’t know, I think I would find my bed and never get out of it. Its too much. Its too much. How does one feel and not get swept away by it? How does one come out on the other sides of being in that kind of emotion and feeling? How do I not get swept away in that tornado or tsunami?

Compassion is not feeling for feelings sake. That is empathy. Compassion is feeling/understanding for what is and loving/understanding it anyway. It isn’t a taking away or washing away of the self in these moments, you are not being replaced by the ultimate compassion, because compassionate understanding leaves you standing taller and braver. It leaves you knowing. It leaves you loving. It leaves you brighter than when you went into the moment. And it leaves the other person brighter than when they entered the moment too.

There is not something you LOOSE when you are compassionate. It is not a withering away or blowing away or becoming overwhelmed or overtaken by their sorrow that is taking on their sorrow! There is no help in the long term for that. That would be empathic synergy and yes some people believe that this is the way to help another and they do this freely and then wonder why they have no boundaries and that they are tired and sad and depressed. This is not the long-term way to heal. The long-term way to heal is compassionate understanding of all that is in this moment. In this way you can stand there and be bright for what is here. Be bright for another in what is here. Now.

Compassion does not mean you say you are sorry. Although you can and it may be warranted. It is not WHY you are compassionate and saying SORRY does not mean you ARE being compassionate. It doesn’t give you a free pass from the moment. It doesn’t just smooth it over and cover it up. Understanding the whole moment for the moment as the moment and then compassionately understanding the moment does create healing. Not fighting. Not wishing. Not hoping. Not blaming. Not changing. Learning yes as learning is a part of mastery because mastery is not given. It is not a gift given. Mastery comes with experience and learning and putting yourself into the creation, not allowing the moments to carry you into their own creation. Many people allow this to happen and they lose themselves.

Thank you for your guidance today!

Be Blessed.

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