Channeled: Matter, Consciousness, and Creation

Received 1.25.23

(Me)I just read an article about alternative forms of life being called a new classification of “lyfe” can you speak to this?

(Guide) All of movement of energy is for perpetuation of energy. Your body and your cells are meant and designed to maintain energy in the face of exchanges. Exchanges and movement are the game that the universe is playing. But you are in one level of the game while there is much going on at another level where life as lyfe is existing at other frequencies. Their exchange is light packets. In a sense, energy as energy itself. But there must be creation of energy is some way and that is why there is matter. Matter is part of the creation of energy. So the higher beings do not CREATE the energy but there is use of this energy created and distributed by matter.

This is why matter seems so dense beuase it is the cauldron of creation of energy. This is why matter seems so heavy and explosive in a way. Matter is what distributes the light packets of information that other frequencies in a sense lyve off of. But these other frequencies depend on matter as well. So we depend on you and your earth and your sun and the other planets and the other starts and solar systems they are the cauldrons of energy distribution and exchange that must be tended and cared for. Shepherd in a sense. There are higher entities that are shepherding the Earth, the sun, the stars, the moon and your life on earth. They are caring for it because these are the cauldrons of energy distribution and use. And they need tending, watching and care. But what does this mean for you? This means that matter is unstable, inherently unstable. It is designed to expel, mix, turbulate, exchange, and create polarities for additional energy to perpetuate in its system. Up and down, down and up, out and in, in and out. There are constant exchanges in this way.

But it is the origins. This is again why it seems so dense, and slow, and fire and cold. So basic in a way. It is not that God and the higher designs are designing your plane, in face we are dependent on your plane. Your plane of matter is what supplies our plane with energy packets.

We understand that this has never been displayed to you. This is ok but we understand it may be a shock. But there is a tending and caring for matter that is beyond your understanding and the understanding of those of matter.

But I have a soul inside me that is not of the plane of matter?

Yes a soul is not of the plane of matter, but the plane of matter supplies the soul with animation, energy, and learning beyond.

So the soul doesn’t supply the body with energy?

The soul animates, but matter supplies the energy, through perpetuation of energy exchanges, giving and receiving, holding and withholding, polarities. But we have also told you that there are different polarities and different energy systems out there that are not two poles but are maybe 3 or 4 or 5 poles. It doesn’t really matter how many poles there are because the poles are what is going to perpetuate the energy systems but there is more than just one way for energy to enjoy itself in matter.

So is energy itself our maker?

In a way yes it is. It is what drives and creates and forms.

Does energy have a purpose?

To perpetuate itself.

Well that sounds like life’s idea of reproduction!?

In a way it is the same concept.

Why do humans have higher executive thinking function?

Thinking function is another way of expressing and creating energy. This can be done with birthing a new being, but it is also done by birthing a new idea, new concept or new creation. New is new and energy likes new or in a sense it likes creating another entity. Where there is another entity there is additional energy perpetuation. New expression of energy.

Humans were gatewayed into this higher expression. There is much to worry about it and much to be excited for. There is no known outcome as you previously said there is the Gia hypothesis and the Medea hypothesis. And in these perspectives is both. So ultimately there is again just perpetuation of energy exchanges.

But why are we, why am I, contemplating higher reasoning?

When one is able to believe and reconnect to a higher frequency for the matter level they are on, they are more able to affect energy creation and potential. They are able to combine the two for additional creation. Think in a sense how Jesus was able to tap into the higher creation frequencies and merge them with the matter. This merging was so strong that he created a new timetable on earth! A new calendar! Time zero. AD. That is how strongly he was able to weave in the higher creation frequencies into matter. Created an explosion of new energies that you still experience today.

One who is able to tap into, believe in the access, and believe in their ability to connect that level with the level that they are in matter now have greater potential to create ripples and energy exchanges. But one must believe in it and do with it. One can go to church and live a pious life and maybe affect some and this is wonderful. But that same person who went to church and started a support group or community outreach and put themselves out there in exchange are able to have greater effect of their creations and creations are greater energy engines. Think of all the creations on earth to date and their maybe emotional and energetic ripples.

Ok yes I understand this.

But there is no have to here. It is just a recognition that when one is able to reach into the higher frequencies and bring some of that, weaving it into the matter realm, wonderful new creations and wonderful new perpetuations and exchanges can happen.

Is that what I am supposed to do now?

Again we emphasize there is no supposed to. You do what feels right to you. There are many people who are working on what you are working on right now. Saving the world does not depend on you. The world will be saved in its own time and way.

How about my overwhelm feelings for the earth? Can we talk about that?

Yes hold her empowered. Hold her not victim. Hold the fox empowered. Hold the deer empowered. They are less victims than you realize. Maybe it is you feeling the victim?

But what about the negative intentions of humans that disregard the other beings? Is this just another form of energy exchange?

At its most basic level yes.

But where are they going wrong? Why aren’t we shepherding our own!? Why aren’t we shepherding the other beings here?

Because not all have found the truth of their higher connections. This takes time in a species. And all sorts of energetic things can happen in the meantime. When matter meets higher connections there is energy potential but that potential can be volatile as it realizes its own face.

The pain and suffering that are going on is the waking up of a higher functioning mind that is struggling to find its reality of its higher connection to the greater frequencies of origins of its soul animating the matter. But again the matter is almost more important than the soul in some ways because the energy that is distributed again is distributed and created and made by matter. It is not made by higher frequencies. The higher frequencies hold the template but the matter is what makes the templates come to life. And the soul is what animates the matter to give life.

That is kind of confusing.

Yes we can understand that. But we want you to know that just because you are in matter form, and there is struggle and death and destruction and killing and hate, it does not mean you are less than another form. You are not less than the higher beings who live on light energy exchanges. In fact, they are here to shepherd and care for the matter.

So what am I here for?

To begin to anchor in the higher frequencies to the matter.

How do I do that?

In whatever way brings you peace, joy, harmony, and happiness. Because these are feelings of lightness. These are feelings of higher frequencies and therefore the more of these that are present, the more you are able to anchor them into this reality of matter. And in this anchoring, into these moments of matter, then you are able to connect the two. And in this way elevates the matter.

It is a weaving and in this weaving elevates. But this is not the ultimate goal of enlightenment. No because then all matter would be enlightened and this would not constitute energy perpetuation as there would only be enlightened and not the polarity. So the ultimate goal is not to have 100% of matter to be enlightened. In fact this is impossible for matter. For matter is matter and light is a PARTICLE AND A WAVE. You feed on the particle energy directly and indirectly feed on the wave and we feed on the wave and indirectly feed on the particle, but both are needed for energy to be itself. And in itself, it replicates in an exchange. There is no way to have one or the other. But they are together. Matter and light are together. But when weaving higher frequencies down into matter there is a potential for additional energy replication by creation. And in the same way when matter reaches up to frequencies higher than matter, in the light wave frequencies, there is a small creation within us as the higher frequencies as well.

And it is these creations where more energy is exchanged and created in form AND in light and therefore the universe continues on. So there is this play between the higher frequencies of light waves the dense frequencies of matter particles. In this dance there has been allowed higher consciousness or higher brain functioning of awareness. Because of this self exploration, there is weaving in of itself adding to creation.

Creation for creation is energy exchange and perpetuation and is greatly encouraged. So anytime you are creating you are doing wonderful work. Whether this is creating a child, creating a friendship, creating a book, or creating a class. All of this benefits the light waves and particles.

What about destruction of creation? Say killing or negative intentions?

These are also in a way a creation and they end something. And in these harsh endings there is a braiding weave of energy. Think of the angry and grieving family. There is a lot of energy formed there maybe even a new charity or outreach program formed in the energy of anger or grief.

But it isn’t creation supposed to be from joy, happiness, peace or harmony? So how is this beneficial?

Because it creates more polarity on the heavier side. Matter moves to heaviness or to lightness. If the matter is moving to heaviness then it leaves more polarity moving to lightness. And often these in the end can be potential events in someone’s life that they are triggered to enter the lightness because they have seen and experienced the heavy. But this pathway is not required. You do not have to experience the heavy to then realize the lightness.

It is all dark matter until a light is turned on and awareness is available to weave.

Why is space so large?

Space is so large because if it were smaller then there would be much larger energy interactions and that would create too much chaos. So the stability that has been created with the space allows for a timeline of energy perpetuation at the chosen speed and chosen degree of chaos.

Who has chosen that?

Hahaha who she says!? There is no who but we know that you as a human like identifications and classifications. Light created the universe. Energy created the universe. Energy made of the particle and the wave.

How can I help?

Create. Create with higher consciousness. This is not a doing unto others. The is not a changing the others. This is an offer, a glimpse, of what one has created with higher consciousness. Awareness of the creation. Others who are ready to see this will see this for what it is. Those who are not ready for this will not see it. This goes for all of creation.

Are there limited souls that I have to keep coming back?

No there are unlimited wave light souls out there and there are many different roles that are played by these entities. Again many are shepherds. You have seen these, felt these before in the forest, at locations and for the planet. They are tending and caring for the matter and how the wave flows through he matter and from the matter.

You keep coming back because you love it here. And in this love, there is stronger anchoring in of the higher frequencies to create.

Do not be afraid to fail in a creation because the vision and the idea are half of the creation of the wave light and the connection of anchoring in. Creating and expression is the other half. Do not be afraid of this process. Of being seen. Of being observed. If you are authentic and genuine and not trying to be someone who you are not at this moment in time then others will see you. If you are pretending to be someone in a year from now, or someone who is better next week then that will come off as not you and they will not be able to connect in to you now because you are trying to exist as something in the future that isn’t there yet.

So ensure that you are anchored into the now, the moment, the here, and who and how you are in this moment and be no one else other than her. Anchor in that higher awareness into your creation within NOW. And that is the formula for joy, peace, harmony, balance, love, and happiness.

And with this we shall leave you as much as your questions bring us joy and as much as we know you would sit and talk to us for hours it is time to rest the mind and integrate what we have said.

Peace with you.

Thank you.

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