Channeled: Time Packets and Consumption Earth

Received 6/13/22

(For some reason my computer “auto recovered” this entry yesterday. Maybe something in this transmission was meant to be reread and shared.)

Me: Hello, I am listening.

Spirit Guide Group, The Quorum: Well dear one, today we would like to talk about the Richter scale and its elevation of vibration and frequency. There is a portion of thought of the world that the higher the energy and the more frequent the energy the more devastation. This had pervaded through many things that you interact with and control on a daily basis. For example the electricity has to be a control or else the concentration of it can kill you and this is because you too are made of energy which can be interfered with and stopped. The heart produces energy and electricity and so do your muscles and all the mechanical and biological activities in your body are the result of energy.

Now where does that energy come from? It comes from the cosmos. The cosmic rays of the sun come down and they impart their energy onto your world. Your world has had many opportunities for where and what pattern this energy bombardment can create and there is endless more ways that this energy can create in the future but you and your systems are what has been created at this time.

Why we are bringing this up today is because there is amplitude and frequency. They work together to form a degree of energy potency and this is even seen in your x-rays. Lower energy result sin different images taken and seen. Higher energy looks like something else. This is also the case with other forms of energy.

We want to describe to you what energy is. It is a time packet. Some of these energies are looonnnnnng time packets and some a very short time packets. Now what does time have to do with it, well you have given the name to the length of it time. And that is because you have separated your existence into time. And that is why you experience energy with a time component. But time is not required to understand energy and its potency nor its message or meaning. This is because energy can come all at once in a download or the download may be coming but at a different pace. It all depends on the energy information. This information always has the opportunity and ability to cross time and space. But you are not always receptive to this because it is not how the mind and belief systems, up to this point, are designed and trained to be receive in this way. But the potential is there. Just like a color blind man may not be able to know other’s view of red and green, he can tell green from red when trained. It is crude and elementary, but he can do it and he does learn in the way that others see a difference. But does he drastically change in perspective when he can actually integrate the colors in his mind when they are not black and white? When they are the rainbow? It is a miracle and breath taking when you are able to see the world from black and white to color! Currently you all are black and white students of the mind. Yes and no! But when there is an opportunity and advancement to experience all the colors of the mind, all the potentials, all the possibilities, all the connections, that are already there! How rich! Moving from black and white to color to technicolor. This is the progression of the mind.

It progresses in this way once it understands the reception of energy not on a time scale.

So this is easy for me to intellectually understand but I can’t feel life off of a time scale. How does one overcome this perspective?

First, you must know that in the face of black and white, there are in fact colors. And then you need to know that in the face of colors, there are in fact technicolors. This is the first step. Knowing and imagining these realities. Because this is a mind derived world of creation. You have to start things in your mind first to therefore procure its reality in your hands and experience.

So we start there with the knowing and imagining. Then you focus on the What If? Focus on the If Only! Imagine the result and potential! Feel the miracles!

But what will this afford us?

It will afford you less resistance, less war, less fighting, less conflict. Because it won’t be about the black and white anymore. There will be so much more seen in between. There will be a loss of what is right and wrong and an acceptance of choices, acceptance of what is, acceptance of rightness for rightness’s sake in itself.

What does this have to do with frequency and the Richter scale?

Well you see the scale correct?


As the height of energy goes up, the time goes down. Energy doesn’t need time to still be energy. Creation doesn’t need time to be effective. Creation does need time to create this is a false perspective of time. When time is removed from requirements then energy can be potent too.

Ok so what is all of this in relation to me?

Believe and imagine the technicolor. The highlights of shadows and light are more than the delineation of black and white. There is so much more in between that deserve observation.

Now I have a question that has been nagging at me for a long time, why is our world one of consumption for survival?

Ah yes we know that this has troubled you as we know that it flavors and colors and imprints on everything and all the problems and great successes of your world. Sadness and anger come from this idea for yourself and for others of the planet. This is where the sadness comes when a bunny gets eaten by a fox or when a lion attacks and kills a zebra. You know that it is the cycle of life here on this earth. It relates into being a business owner and you take someone money for your product or service. The exchange is really one of creation in cyclicity. Nothing lost and nothing gained means that there has to be something given back. Something taken must be given and something given can then be taken. This is a concept of wholeness and all the little webs and connections within the wholeness are give and take. If there is too much give then there is burn out. If there is too much take there is engorgement. What this means in relationship to the earth and how it functions is that there is always enough. There is always enough light energy from the cosmos. And that is really what fuels your world. But for technicolor and diversity there must be a sharing of this resource or there is no diversity. So consumption is a sacrifice of diversity. There is no other way on your planet. There are finite resources in the physical plane. What you create with them and how you create with them there is freedom with. But loss and scarcity are the main drivers of Earth functions despite knowing that this is impossible. Both are utterly impossible.

Thank you for your guidance and teachings today.

Bless and Be One.

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