Channeled: The Green Line and The Gold Line, Heart and Unity Consciousness

Received 9/7/22

(Me) Hello I am listening

(The Quorum) Hello I am Amun of the Quorum of the A’ctum. We are here as guides for this one. We are here as support of the channel as a team of energy for her understanding and expression into this Earth level at this time. Now we say Earth level because there are many levels that are present in your timeline but there is need of expression into the Earth level. Some call this the 2D and 3D but that is a simplification as we have explained that there is always a bell curve to everything so something that is not always full 2 or full 3 or full 4 but there is emergence from one into the other continuously. Things are not so black and white as some of your symbols blatantly suggest, but there is also a subtle knowing that they merge into one another. Nothing is as finite. In fact, nothing is finite. Everything is a continuation of another and there is no end to one energy.

So we are here with her. We have met her years ago, but the understanding of us and our mission has not been understood until recently. This is fine. Much had to be cleared and released. And still much needs to be cleared and released from the Earth level programming.

Where did this Earth level programming come from one may ask and it comes from a purposeful forgetting and separation of consciousness from the All consciousness. With this separation your minds have been left alone and, in their loneliness, there has been much self-speech and self-doubt and this self-doubt has spiraled into fear and destruction. It is the fear of separation that has created this, and this was the design. But now you are more truly coming back into remembrance and feeling that you are truly connected to this consciousness and that is has never left you, but you were made to think it did. So, then you were open to listening and being influenced by base needs, base desires, which attempt to fill the hole of All consciousness, or the Unity consciousness.

This is being slowly corrected as is the way. There are no mistakes here. There are no mishaps or accidents. This we assure you. There are realizations, experiences, learnings and remembrances.

These again are slowly being recalled, but in a new way, not in the way of worship, but in the way that all are equal. Yes, even 3D is equal to 9D. Equal in the sense that we all have a mission and purpose of exposing love, and this is all that matters.

Returning to the one to the all and the all to the one is the greatest gift any can receive.

We are here as support beings. We are here as her questions become more and more complicated and the desire to learn more and more. We are here to provide understanding and expressing that understanding and guidance on merging the integration/access points.

Can you talk about that a little more? What do they mean about the green and gold lines that were mentioned to me today?

Yes this was beautifully described. Humans are from two lines. The green lines and the gold lines. The green lines gave birth to your bodies they are of the Earth. They are only of the Earth in the sense that they will return to the Earth when they are done here. They cannot come with you to the other realms. Your bodies and their challenges are of the green line. They are a lesson in mind over matter. Meaning that disease and pain are affected by the mind and beliefs. The mechanics of the mind are actually of the green line, but it is designed to allow the gold line to come in, in the form of consciousness. The gold line is in everything. Every single thing has gold line in it as consciousness Unity consciousness. Stars, rocks, planets, black holes, humans, non-humans, water, ect. Everything also is of the gold line. But the green line is unique to the Earth. It mildly shows up in other places, but the green line is here and stays here.

So what the human challenge is, is to merge these two lines to form a whole new Heart and Unity consciousness being that which sources from both of these lines equally. It is the ying and yang, but not black and white, but gold and green.

Does it make a new color when merged?

Yes and no, there can be other colors that are accessed by one to merge more into them, but these are the main two driving forces. One is not one without the other. You cannot escape either of these energetic light influences. One is of DNA and the other is of Consciousness.

Now being a channel and acting as both is the ultimate mission. This is what humans are fumbling together with now. And this is as it is. Green had dominated in the past and then gold came in more with technology, but there is a unique merging that will occur for both to live in harmony in the human on Earth. Yes, animals and plants have both of these as well, but they are not necessarily meant to have equal balance of the two. They are more green line than gold. This could change in the timeline though and there is fluidity here as there are influences that are probabilities at this time but could arise in the timeline that would alter this. (They show me the meteor for the dinosaurs, as being an event of probabilities that influenced an outcome, and there are others as well).

How does one walk and talk and express as green and gold? You are grounded in your green roots and loving of your gold ones. Listening to the green and the gold in you. Grounded and loving. Grounded and knowing. Grounded and seeing.

Am I to show this to others?

Maybe, but there is not right expression of this as of yet. There is still much to embody and solidify in your experience. You have only just learned of the gold and green today and you have only just understood us as of this month.

It is said and taught here that green light is the light of healing?

Yes it is a healing light, your earth has EVERYTHING you need to heal yourselves. There are plants here that reduce your fevers. Was this on accident? No, this is because the Earth provides ALL that you need. Everything that is of need is here. Know this. There is no mistake in her designing of herself for growth. It is also the light of heart. But gold heals the mind. It expands the paradigms, clears the thinking, loops, patterns, beliefs, and thoughts that no longer serve one. There can be poison in the mind or healing in the mind as well the power is with the individual of what generation of thoughts are perpetuated.

So when we leave earth we leave the green line behind?

To a degree yes, but the imprint and the essence of the green stays with and this is what we learn from more. So, there is a merging and a learning from both sides to become even more Unity consciousness and even more Heart consciousness through love and learning about the beliefs of fear and separation.

Continue your explorations, know you are supported and watched, you will be taken care of and things will happen that are needed to happen for the greater good and for your greater good.

And for this and today the channeling is complete. Thank you.

Thank you.

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