Channeled: New Eyes

Received 7-25-22

(Me) I am listening.

(The Quorum) Greetings dear one we love and see you. We understand that you feel not seen a lot and that is partly true and mostly you. The part that you are not showing cannot be seen yes? And you ask those to see this side, but you do not show this side. They are not able to see below the layers you have placed on yourself like you are able to see below the layers of another. That is perception, that is widening the waves of what is present. That is maneuvering through the projections to see and feel what is always underneath. Most don’t have this perception or skill to do that. Nor do they even know that that is an option for them and or they don’t have the desire to see there.

But you my dear, have seen here before and you would like to live and exist in this plane as such. It is possible, but it must be done without resentment. See when one brings resentment and “me and only me out here in this lonely vast wasteland” that is another form of victim and martyr.

You must know that you are NOT alone in this and that everyone is able to do this sort of seeing, which you know, they just don’t know that option yet. And that is why your energy is so important here because you know that potential. You know that alternative and you know that others can know it too. Hold onto this truth as it is beautiful and real. But don’t feel that you are alone, their souls are always true seeing just as your soul is always true seeing. But it is the mind and the personality that cover it. It is just their mind and personality speaking back to you. That will be their fear speaking back to you. Know this and you will never feel alone again because you are being watched and talked to on all levels all the time. You ARE being seen.

We are taught to be seen by the personality and mind and that is what we externally seek. But that is not really what you all want to be seen by. My heavens no. You all want to be seen by God, be seen by the heart, and be seen by the soul. And you are. You cannot not be seen on these levels. It is just moving our eyes from viewing through the personality and mind lenses to seeing from our God, heart, and soul lenses. This is your gift and this is what you have to teach. This is all we shall say on this today, but walk today knowing that you have as much support and love as you could possibly conjure up. And that love is for you and comes from you. Settle, smile, and laugh. Your task is not as dire as you feel it to be. That is your mind and personality speaking of the direness! Hah! And with this be blessed. You are loved.

Thank you.

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