Channeled: Why Now and The All Source

Received 7-17-22

I am listening.

Greetings, we are pleased you have focused and listened in on this. We are urging these to become more regular as you are downloading this information for others. Where you download them to is not as important as the fact that they are downloaded and shared. Those who feel the calling will find them and it will grow from there but yes we have much to share just as well have much to share with others such as yourself. Many who have been asked in the shows you are watching ask “Why now? Why are channelers becoming more common?” And we wish to address this with you.

Why now is because there is a curiosity that is brewing and we are showing up now in response to this curiosity. There is a curiosity to know about purpose and desires and direction and paths. Where as, the paths and directions for thousands of years related to occupation, millers became Millers and their sons of sons of sons were all Millers working in the mill. But now there is more a less influence of occupation on direction and that leaves the doors open for other opportunities and expressions within the generations and ancestry. And because of these doors and intentions being left open, now there begins the questions. Questions are good in the sense that they demonstrate a willingness to open to new perspectives and to hear another and this is the stage that you all for the most part are in. And then comes the stage where you have heard the perspectives and you understand and respect and can encompass all of them, but proceed with your own path and truth. Not many are at this stage yet and this is ok. It is the progression that is occurring.

And yes, we are coming forward now more to help answer the questions and guide those who are asking. You have asked a lot, so we have arrived. Others ask a lot or don’t really know what to ask so they rely on another to ask for them. Just because another asks for them does not mean they do not resonate with the question and cannot agree or resonate with the question and answer. But some are not ready to ask the question, but they are ready to be with others who will ask. This is why groups are helpful. This is why group announcements and group demonstrations are helpful. It may not need to be direct to them, but they can have a new perspective by proxy. Sometimes that is the start. Not direct, but indirect. Many mothers and fathers get this by proxy of their children who have different exposures and experiences, and they learn from them. Regardless, we are coming forward more now because more people are asking questions and we are happy to help answer in higher ways that people are searching for.

Now at the end of the words and expressions of one is not the answer and truth for the other and at the end of the process one will come to the conclusion that only their perspective and truth and beliefs matter, but it is a process to remove the self from the gunk of generational conditioning. And questions are a start.

Why do some people have these massive awakenings, and some don’t?

This is a wonderful question and a good observation of many perspectives of others. For this we commend those who have compiled this information and observed it and still asked a question at the end of it. For there is not one answer. For there is not one outcome for all. But we will say that some want the experience of suddenness to this, and some don’t. Some have had one experience before and wanted a different one this time. Each has its trials and tribulations as well as awe. Neither is better or worse.

See when one hears of the story of someone who had what you call a kundalini awakening you are not aware of their state before the awakening. They may have been down vibrationally significantly more so what where you are currently at right now. So, their change in vibration will be much more drastic an awakening then say yours or others who are already at a certain vibration looking to go just a little higher. Your small moments of raising can exponentially be the same as their massive moment because there is exponentiality in this process, multiplicity, one and one is two and two and two is four and on and on. It is not one add one add one add one. There are spherical exponential enlargements. But they cannot be judged or compared because the state of currency is different from one to another. Just because one had a massive experience does not mean they moved from 100 to 1000. They may have moved from 1 to 5, but for them that move from 1 to 5 felt a massive whole worlds movement different where suddenly they snapped online into the alignment. One who is more closely aligned at the start may move from 100 to 101 and have the same experience, or not.

But we do not wish to get caught up in numbers and movement because there is always a choice and your choice could be to move lower as well. It is a choice there is always a choice. There is no not choice where you are at and not a soul in the universe does not have a choice of experience. But where the fun part comes in is that other souls have choice as well. Ah hah. Then the puzzle pieces and confusions arise!

We wish to bring to your attention now that your experience here on this Earth is to experience separation into duality and polarity. Other experiences out there are not in twos but in threes or in ones. But for here it is two at this time. And this separation as we have described to you before is a function of the structure of the universe which is to perpetuate energy in a closed system. The whole structure is designed with energy perpetuation in mind and the idea is fluidity and motion. There is always fluidity and motion.

Now many ask well why are we here. You are here in a borrowed body from the Earth. There was an agreement with the soul entity of the Earth, can say a contract, that her body and blood the components and water, will be used to form dual entities for the soul expressions to inhabit. When the soul’s expression has ended, the borrowed body is returned back to the Earth.

It is a borrowed system. And why do soul’s come here, again it is to experience duality. Think of it like a playground of an experience.

But why would anyone want to experience this? Is this not torture?

It is not torture but it is difficult to not be connected to source yes. It is lonely and scary to not feel connected to source. Fear permeates and dictates many motivations. This is not wrong, this is a product of the duality that was designed to be experienced.

Now once one has accepted this as their truth, then much of the shame and guilt is removed. It is not one’s fault of anything. It is not the fault of divine intervention or divine planning. It is just the cumulation of experiences of spirit soul expressions in material from Earth. You can call her mother earth if you wish but know that she is her own entity who can be communicated with. Such is the same as your Sun who again agreed to this contract to have its energy used to create this life function on Earth. These were all conscious decisions and agreements.

Now these are strange ideas for the masses are they not? How should they feel that they are borrowed like used clothes from the Earth fed by the fire energy power of emanated light from the Sun, we say it doesn’t matter how the masses feel about it. These are truths and they can accept them or not, the times will still turn.

Ok so that has been shared and we get many questions and resistances that come up with that information. But your blood ancestors from centuries ago knew this information as it was communicated to them through dreamers and it continues to be communicated as well through those who seek the information.

How is it best for me to share this information?

It is best for you to practice as of now. It will grow in time and impulses will grow. You at any time have the ability to say no and stop. This you know yes?


Good. Because it is important for you to feel sovereign in this transmission and in this process you are not a victim of us and we do not wish for you to feel this way as this will create a parent relationship and this is not who we are to you. We did not give birth to you, we are not from your lineage, we are not from your Earth, and we are not your compass.

But some people have guides that were here on earth?

Yes of course there are many different energies out there that are accessible and we shall say that all of them are accessible to you and to anyone with intention and focus but there must be alignment and cohesion also. It is like a friend that you resonate with and don’t know why. You just are similar. It is like that and more. We are not here to manipulate. We are here to share with you the strings of intention the bridge and the connection to the all source. We are a string that comes from your intentional thought out to the further reaches and then back again. It is like a microphone but your microphone calls to us and ours has a much wider access to call out for the information and then we fine tune it back to you in an answer. It is like ping pong games back and forth. Out and in. Out and back a boomerang is another way. And this is required since you yourself are not able to encompass awareness or understanding of the all source as you are. You need a translator. We are that translator.

Can I experience the all source?

You are in the all source all the time. You experience it all the time. But awareness of the totality, in your current state, no.

Can anyone on Earth?

Yes to much larger degrees yes yes of course but even they need assistance while in their human bodies. When you leave your human body, the access to the all source is more ready but even that access varies from entity to entity. And this is the law of the bell curve.

Law of the bell curve?

Yes there is not one state but there is a continuum with outliers, always. This is how a bell curve shifts as well towards one energetic direction to another but in order for the perpetuation of energy the is always a bell curve. It cannot be unified and static in expression. This is why there are those tiny exceptions to each rule! That one universe in the black expanse! Nothing shoud be there! But one is there! How is this?! Because of the law of the bell curve.

So are you saying that one should be in the largest portion of the bell curve?

Oh no heavens no there is no should to being anywhere on the bell curve. The bell curve just is. And there are variations to everything and outliers. This is law.

Ok then will I eventually speak this information?

Yes but it will be slower and we are not entirely sure that your messages will be best received in that way and not in writing. We can play with it all but again the messages and transmissions are the main point of this

Yes I understand that and I agree with the motive.

Thank you.

How does mediumship help me with this?

It helps you up close and one on one and distinquishing sensations. We are not up close and we are not one on one. We are a group and we may express ourselves as one with one voice but that voice is really your translation of our transmissions. You only know how to express in sensations and words so that is what is expressed as a voice and as sensations of us. But we are more of a collective consciousness that represents a certain fraction of the all source which is no different than your expression of the all source. We are just not in a borrowed body at this time. We have not been in a borrowed body and therefore have had access to the all source for eons and eternity so therefore the other side of the string on the cans is for us to find and transmit to you in a way that is compact and understandable since there are always many many layers to situations and information.

We have spoken to you and communicated to you your whole life but not so large as we are now. There is a larger number now and we speak to you.

Are you my intuition?

There is a part of your intuition that is linked with us and to the all source, but no we as The Quorum are not your intuition. We are the link between your mind inquires and the all source access return.

What about the akashic records?

What about them?

Do you have access to this?

Yes and we will access with you if you wish, but we are not specialized in that fraction.

What is your specialty?

We represent the fraction that describes and hones the relationships that humans have with energy. The realization of what it is, how it is, where it is, and what to do with it in a comprehensive way. We are here to release the fear of energy. We are here to help those understand that energy is a function of everything and governs everything and is not to be feared. It is a law of life and a law of the universe. Our expressions assist in these transmissions and downloads of this information.

Ok wonderful. But why me? I am not an engineer . . . I don’t really understand what energy is and I even pretty much failed physics.

Ah yes we love this statement. Yes well that is the unidimensional expression of energy. But what you know is that energy, although it is numbers and concepts, it is also love, and totality, and communication. Those who work with imaginary numbers and gravity are not looking at energy as communication.

Well they sort of do with 0 and 1. They use it to communicate code.

Yes, but do they know that love has 0 and 1s and lots of other number combinations on paper, but in the soul, they are energies of experience and expression?

I don’t know.

Some do yes. But most don’t. It starts with a feeling. Emotions and feelings are all of energies. And we wish to assist in the understanding of this on Earth. It is time. We wish to reduce the fear here. It is time.

And you believe that I can help you?

We know you can help us! And we wish for you to know this too.

I have seen other channelers and sometimes they are really strange or that they seem like their energy is being used or drained. I would prefer a different experience.

Your experience will be as you perceive it.

That’s a vague metaphysical response.

Maybe so but it is meant from truth.

Ok I have asked for you, or my other guides, to have more communication with me throughout the day and I do feel like I am looking at that more. I  appreciate and am grateful for that communication and connection. I trust it.

We are pleased your welcome. It is practice.

Many of the other channels say that you just show up in their lives to help others. But you are saying here that I am helping you?

You are helping us to help you and the Earth humans.

When you say “Earth humans”, Are there other humans on other planets?

Humans? No, not at this time. Are there other beings? Yes. Are they duality beings? Yes, some of them. But there are other paradigms of beings and their experiences as well such as what I mentioned prior of triads and singulars and multitudes.

What makes humans so special?

Nothing really makes humans so special other than that everything is of the all source which your collective finds very special. But it is not unique. All in the universe is of this source. But we shall say this. What does make you special is you are on the 3rd rock from your Sun on your glorious and generous planet of Earth. Not all planets offer this experience. Not all planets offer their blood and bones for an experience. In fact, limited planets do. But here it is offered and received. Your experiences are a factor of duality, nothing more.

Even War? Famine? Hate? Judgement?

Yes all a factor of duality. No judgement, shame or guilt from us to you or from the all source.

What is the all source?

We will not speak of it today, but yes we shall address at another time.

Are some of the those channelers fake?

No none of them are fake and they are all discussing and sharing their experience of another being and that is all that channeling is. Some will share their whole experience, some will filter, and some will have lower or higher beings. None are wrong and all are accepted.

We have much to write about right and wrong or shall we say right or wrong. This is a large topic that we will address in multiple sessions. Moving from the OR to the AND. Much fear comes from this. And we are here to reduce the fear on Earth. With this we shall go. God bless and we love you dearly. We support you in your quest and our own adventure. Bless.

Thank you.

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