Channeled: Natural Action and Stagnation

Received 6/7/22

ME: Why am I being pushed towards this new path? Where does this apply to my life and where does this apply to bringing me great joy?

The Quorum (Spirit Guides): Because you are beginning on this path. Because it may not be perfected in this life, but it may be getting paved for the next expression. You will struggle and question in this way for now because you are building the skills.

Desires are the ways that push you forward through your barriers and beyond.

Desires show you where you are going or the task and learning that is ahead of you.

I love being here, I love the smells, the sounds, the feelings, the immersion in this entirety the animals and the sensations. What I don’t like and what causes me the most pain are my ignorant patterns. These patterns are so strong. These patterns of needing to continue to grow and excel beyond what I am already doing. Is this the normal progression or is this a component of incompetence? I am asking for guidance.

We are glad you are here too, and we are glad that you are coming to us. It has been awhile and we know that there right now for you requires particular places and settings and mind space to allow you to really hear and comprehend us. We know you hear us in your thoughts but they are not integrated in a grounding way that these thoughts are when you are sitting and typing as you are now. Regardless there is guidance that is required and asked of yes.

You are experiencing an outward trend, and this comes for a multitude of reasons. It comes at the high tide of summer which is a natural time for expansion and expression and creation and formation. So, it is natural for your tendencies to grow and expand during this time. It is also a part of your current cycle there has been plenty and ample time to shed the sadness. So that now there is less sadness and hate. There may be more under the next layer, but for now that has been healed. But what and where you are stuck is this pattern that pervades. Like a cancer it grows. This may be metaphorical or literal. For many it is literal. It is the pattern that you are born with and grow and grow and grow until you cannot repent and cannot replace or redirect so that around the ages of 50-60, it beings to manifest as that which you cannot correct. The pattern stops. The pattern creates a ball of stagnant and caustic chaotic energy inside and cannot flow naturally. These are the reasons why in older age there is that manifestation of the disease accumulation and pain. The flow has officially stopped.

There is something to say about being concerned about what the world is reflecting back to you because that is telling you where you are still needing growth. At some point there is a turnaround where people start to not care what others are reflecting back to them.

There is truth to this and there is also one sidedness. If you are not caring what others are reflecting back to you, then you are not caring about them and you are not caring about yourself and essentially have given up on the self-development and betterment of the inner flow of energy for vitality and peace. Many at this stage give up.

And you can to. We feel a bit of this developing and following into that pattern. Succumbing to the ease of the protective barrier of this pattern. Yes, there is harshness to you and you know this and there is part of you that cares and there is a part that doesn’t care. And in this process we caution that stagnation breeds stagnation. If you give up, the stagnation cannot move, but yet by a sudden force. You don’t need a sudden force. No one needs a sudden force. But often that is all that is left to you in your stopping your quests. Often these sudden forces are the only resources that humans leave themselves to restart the energy flowing. It is not required in this way.

Observation stops, consideration and concern for the other stops and it becomes all about you in a way that is different from the teenager. The teenager is learning where it stands and how it stands in a way of growth, outwardly it can seem to be rebelling the flow and stagnant in development. The stagnation of the adult is not in the way of growth. It is in the way of non growth. Not wanting to move beyond what it currently identifies with. There is great danger here without adaptation and adjustability.

We ask you to ask yourself is your world getting smaller or larger?

There is a natural spiral of a life. This we know. It spirals out and expands and then spirals inwards. A 90 year old’s domain is similar in size to a 1 year old’s. It’s the home it lives in and its immediate contacts inside that home. And as you begin to feel the outwards spiraling in, you must ask yourself is this natural or is this because you are accepting the stagnation, accepting the pause and the stillness? Because we say to you that are you are not truly still yet and there is still the pattern of redemption that permeates.

This brings me to a question if I may ask?

Of course.

Why am I so afraid of starting something for myself? I have all these ideas and I just cant seem to get them down and execute them.

We challenge you here because at this point in your awareness and development you know when things feel and flow right and when they don’t. You know when it is time to say yes and click into the flow. We were slowly mentioning this before about natural action. Is this natural action or are you pushing yourself?  And if you are finding that you are pushing yourself, are you doing this because you know that is what you need to do for yourself or because you are told that pushing yourself gets you to the other side?

You can cross dangerous and difficult rivers in a raft and paddle, or you can cross the bridge that was made for you and by you.

Ok I understand that sentiment but what is the bridge that was made for me?

You reject you. You reject it. As you have rejected it almost every time in your dreams. The acrylic bridge (from the dentist dream), the concrete bridge, the path that people have used before, all rejected. All contemplated in the dream and then all rejected. You don’t believe that that is the way of redemption for you. You don’t believe that the easy way is reality. You look for the natural battle and natural struggle. But what about the natural action? The ease and knowing of water traveling with gravity. Does it worry? What if you believed that what has been created is the natural way?

I don’t know.

Is it not hard enough to be of value to you?

Well I guess it goes along the lines of natural action. My profession and this kind of work and expression is natural action for me. I hardly have to effort.

But you still had to make it yours.

Yes I did still have to make it mine. And I own that and I own my success and how much it has challenged my patterns. Greatly challenged my patterns. I ask myself am I holding onto this natural action for too long?

No because your next natural action is growing and has been growing all along. Your other natural action is energy feeling and reading. There isn’t much of a state for this yet but it is going to be increasingly and increasingly more needed in your world. As I just stated also that there is development maybe not for now, but for another later expression of the soul. You may not be supposed to perfect and master this as another would who is getting paid and are making beautiful connections.

There must be a better acceptance of where you are at. You must take yourself less seriously. We want to present to you Rudy (my Pegasus flying horse spirit guide) and keep him with you. They are serious topics that you play with, life and death. Isn’t it interesting that that is what your job entails and what mediumship is. The joiner of life and death. These are not easy concepts and you are well grounded in compassion and understanding and the reality. This is not as common as you would think. The expansion you have experienced was necessary. It has been what your curious mind was seeking and it sought it on your own. It will continue to seek out what you need. Trust that it will. Trust that what stage you are at is where you are at and are not pushing ahead where you do no belong.

I ask for ways for me to know and trust this better.

Ask yourself for a three time rule. Meaning, if I think about it three different times and each time there is joy and curiosity then it may be something that is true to you. This is similar to when you palpate an animal leg you check it once, twice, three times to repeat and confirm the current reality and truth to the perspectives and perceptions. This is similar to when you get information about a location or from spirit they often will give you information not once but twice or even more times to confirm the submission of information. Trust that this works for you too.

Ask yourself and the universe for feedback. AKA you got the invitation from XXX. Feedback. There is need and desire here for someone like you.

You ask yourself, Can I do this? You can with faith, trust, openness, and lack of self seriousness. One place that has become a bit hardened for you right now and well for your entire life is the self seriousness. This comes from a home that didn’t play. This comes from a home that presented itself as serious. Life was presented as perfect, clean and difficult. One cannot be serious with mud on their shoes or mud on their clothes. Serious ones were clean and didn’t mess around.

You are messing around. It will be murky and muddy and playful! These spirits in spirit love you! Just as much as they love the sitter. And this is because they are elevated and have greater understanding than what was stagnatedly afforded them in life.

Keep a silly toy near you to remember to not take yourself so seriously.

We wish to readdress this redemption track that we have just introduced you to because we can feel you going back to it. Redemption that you are not in fact bad. Actions, words, feats, decisions are all done under the pretense that “I am in fact bad and everyone is just out there proving that I am bad.” Bad speaker, person, and dumb with my actions.

Is this how you truly feel?


Who is that who speaks like that to you? Who is that voice who is saying that and permeating?

It is my family, ancestry, and it is my superiors.

Yes and they will continue to speak that voice to you until you understand that you are essentially not bad and you are not THEIR voice. Until you don’t color their voices. Until you don’t expect those words from them. Until you accept the entire situation and you as not bad.

Hmmmmm understood. Natural action.

Yes natural action arises from the preparation, pre-thought, and presence in the moment. The P’s. Presence is without preconception and with wise perspectives (meant to type “wide” but “wise” came out). Thus natural action occurs naturally and is not forced or prefabricated to your liking or the thought process of someone else’s liking.

Meditate on natural action. Love your natural actions as they are unique and what make you you and what you are talented and good at. Also recall that you are a workbook and are filling in the pages everyday. The assignments and tasks and exercises change. But all is on the way to create a simpler, lighter, and energetically flowable you. When there is stagnation is when there is halting.

That reminds me I wanted to get more insight onto this pattern that I keep getting scared when going forward with my ideas.

It is because in that moment you remove the joy and fun and lighthearted out of you. You turn it into fear and loathing and twisting it into something that could be dangerous. This is a way of preparation and pre thought that has been twisted and then the patterns and fear set in and you settle for the fear. And turn away from the other side in lieu of stagnation and fear. But what does stagnation and fear not afford you, quieting your desires and therefore your desires come raging back, do they not? They come raging back because they are true. Recall we said the three times idea. If they keep coming raging back that there is some truth to them for you. And there is truth in that there is fear and to get to the bottom of the fear and understanding the fear will help liberate you in moving towards the next step in representing your true expression. And this we leave you. We hope this has been informative as there has been much shared here and much to determine. We leave you three things, joy, lightheartedness, and relaxation. There is no need to worry about the seriousness to yourself as that is the wish of the Ego. The wish of love is never strict and serious. The wish of love is raising higher and higher on a balloon of potential. Amen.

Thank you for your guidance that was greatly helpful and gave me a lot to contemplate and work with.  

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