Channeled: What to do with layers? PART 1 Balance Mudra, Aligned Compassion

Received 4-1-2022

(Me): I am listening.

I am in this blackness, void, its almost velvety purple of unending lines and horizons all around me. Bending into the horizons. They tell me this is the blueprint of interacting hopes and dreams and how they all interreact in this space of chaos and out of chaos form arises. Similar to how the Greeks thought of it. But there is an unanimous space for this where this occurs. They the beings of light showed up here.

The Quorum: We speak to you today as there is great change and great need. There is immense shedding and it is going to take dedication and courage and willpower. You must not forget the magic of your will. The magic of this singular will has powered your life relatively unknown up until the last few years where this will was consciously encountered which resulted in some confusion. Understandable as you recognized the power consciously of creation. Then there was passive regression. Passive regression was NOT how you formed what you have formed so far. You felt and went for it. Feeling the click and feeling the alignment. Where was also a feeling of detachment of sadness for what patterns were left behind we understand this as well and as you do.

We ask much of you and your kind. We ask much. We know this. And we don’t ask lightly. We ask because you asked. Because you felt the early times and the latter times and know in your heart what is the trajectory of heart and hearth.

But I can’t seem to shake this shell of me. I can’t seem to remove these ties to complaining, judgement, and resentment. It’s everywhere around me. Everywhere. What I watch, what I read, what I encounter, what I feel, what I grew up with, and what I fear I will pass on.

They are showing me a mudra or action with my hands. Fingers pinched at my heart and then seeing the golden glow of my heart energy and then the golden bright white light spreading out on a tether up and below. Release and then from the E/W new pinch and bringing it into the center heart release the pinch.

They are saying that this is a balancing movement. Balancing the spinning. Balancing the torsions and twisting that may be experienced in those moments. Balancing to re-knowing who you are, why you are here, and what your mission truly is. You know your mission. We don’t speak of it lightly. We don’t speak of it easily. We don’t speak of it as inconsequential. It is of much consequence. We understand that it carries difficulty, and the shedding is removing yourself from the surroundings that you are told are truth and existence. But you know that that is not truth. Allowing the power of the moment and the IAM to enter into that moment.

You awoke to Ravens did you not?

Yes I did twice calling out. One as a single one and the other as a pair . . . sorry my husband is in the kitchen right now. Making noise and disrupting me. This whole working form home thing is not really working for me. I am angry and resentful that he is here disrupting me now.

Why, we are not going anywhere?

But I was in such a nice feeling and now I don’t really feel it, even though I can still hear you.

Do you feel the same way when others thrust you out of alignment?


And then get angry and resentful at them for their behavior and their ignorance and disrespect of your space.


Interesting. Why is that? Why is it that you remove your power from you onto others? We haven’t left. We have never left? Or is it the feeling of meditations and oneness that you crave and latch onto as your savior?

Well I like being in that state of mind.

Yes, it is nice but who says that you are out of that state of mind by another’s actions? Only you say this. They know not what they do. So here there is a choice you feel of being in resentment or being forced into forgiveness. But there must be care because when you forgive someone there are thoughts and feeling of wrongness present. You feel the need to forgive their mistake or your own perceived mistake. Forgive their insolence. Forgive their wrongness in your eyes. Is that real forgiveness?

In your current world understanding, yes, you are taught that there are many things to be forgiven for and this I because you have already had the idea or thought that there was something WRONG or WRONG DOING that needed forgiveness and prayers. But we shall ask you this, what if the dichotomy of resentment or forgiveness goes even deeper? What if we should say that the duality of right and wrong is not real? It isn’t real and there is no thing to even be forgiven for. Forgiveness is a crutch of being higher than another, when the belief is that there is something low that is present.

Forgiveness as a process, CAN be used when you have automatically already thought of something as wrong out of culture and habit and traditions and history, but the NEW history is that there was nothing wrong to begin with in the first place. If there is nothing wrong to begin with, then there is nothing to resent and nothing to forgive. Do you see the higher perspective of this?


The deeper knowing of next level is of no wrongness, is of no rightness. Therefore, nothing need be forgiven. A better feeling for this would be compassion, but here again there is ill-used compassion and aligned compassion. Ill-aligned compassion is “I feel sorry for that man for he did not know his wrongs.” Or “I feel sorry for that man for his injuries must feel terrible.” Aligned compassion is, “You are God.” or “You are love and are loved.” This is empowering the self of another not feeling sorry for another. Aligned compassion is looking up at another, not looking down at another. Uplifting another, not diminishing the other.

Continued in PART 2 . . .

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