Channeled: What to do with layers? PART 2 The Mass Veil and The Shifting Society

Received 4-1-2022 PART 2

The Quorum: Now we wish to talk about your complaining problem that you are seeing reflecting around you, that you are feeling and re expressing. We giggle slightly here because you are in the soup of current humanity. As you all are at this time and as you sort out, rather messily, who you are and who another is, you are realizing that there is no other and this is very disorienting. So, you revert back to history to help you feel steady. Over and over again this happens.

We ask you do you love? Do you feel the feeling of love? Love for the self? And love for another, since they are one and the same? If this is yes, then you may continue. If this is not something that you can feel and recognize, which was not something that you felt for a long time, then those who are not in that state of recognition have much work to do to take off the layers of pain and fear. There are much layers and this is normal. This is the process of Earth.

Now because there has been a mass veil over the third eye and over the connections to Earth there has been a loss as to what to do with these layers?! So it has been common practice to give the layers to another to hold. There have been many people on this planet who have taken it upon themselves to learn the lessons of holding and giving the layers of others. It doesn’t feel good. What has been occurring for thousands of years is giving the layers to another person/Being in the form of complaining, abuse, judgement, anger, resentment, fear, hatred, and violence. The young feel it most, but it is not limited to the young. It occurs in younghood and the scars stays with those until passing, unless the layers are given up in these ways mentioned or the other ways which are in learning and observance.

This other way to remove the layers is surrender them to the God force and they disappear in a whisp of smoke. They are removed. You can also give them to the Earth, and she can integrate them as well, but these ways are forgotten. Have been forgotten in the traditions of today. These other ways are being remembered by the ones who are called to remember them.

The layers of others don’t have to be yours.

The layers of others are not yours.

And your layers are not for you and are not for others.

Once shed they are released into the wind and into the ethers for transmutation. But no tether can remain.

Now we ask you, why are you holding onto complaining?

(Me): It is my expression of dissatisfaction with something.

Ok and why are you holding others’ expressions and your own expressions of this?

Because I don’t know what to do with these feelings. 

When have you held these dear before?

When I was a child. Others’ layers were all around me all the time. Hitting me, bombarding me, never were my complaints heard or seen, but I was made to feel my mother’s dissatisfaction daily. I still am made to feel her dissatisfaction. I can’t stop from hearing her though. I can’t stop from feeling her. I can’t stop from hearing and feeling other people’s perceived problems and difficulties either.

This is true to a degree. But, you can change what you hear from them and what you feel from them. Instead of feeling and hearing the negative, hear and feel the positive, hear and feel their cry for love, their cry for help, their cry in fear, and their cry of anger, which is a cry in fear for not feeling love. Feel and hear their love.

But what about their words?

Still a cry for love. Love them.

I am not sure I am able to. Don’t I have to keep listening and sympathize with compassion?

Actually No. But what is happening is your addictions are their addictions and it is drawing more and more of that to you. Will power to stop. Will power, determination, and good will to stop. You have more power than you know. You have the power of genesis. But you have been made to forget this. Remember now. Remember today. Choose to feel something else from them.

Well what if I get too emotional.

Ah fabulous question, and this is a fear of yours, so you block out this love as a fear of showing emotion. Because you equate showing emotion with being hurt and taken advantage of. Courage and bravery will save you here. There is boundless flowers in you. Boundless and voidless and limitless expression. Unlimited potential other than you saying YES or NO.

Lift the moments from understanding the truth that there IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG. If you take this simple realization and keep it forever in your soul and express it as that, there will NEVER be another moment of judgement of another or of yourself. There will never be another moment of regret, or resentment of yourself or another. And the most incredible thing is, is that is the truth!

There is what there is, and in the I AM as now is that that there is. Anything else is an expression of addiction to history. An emotional and physical addition to history. You were born into addition. Not as a drug addict, although those are here as well, but as an addiction to a future and past. Lift from the history to see the now. Compassion of the God center of the other. Love their God center. When feeling bombarded, know you are choosing to feel those things from them instead of feeling their cry for love. Choose to feel the positive. Choose to feel the positive. Choose to feel the love. Choose to feel the heart and the REAL moment.

Choose that today, tomorrow and every day.

Bless and we are done for today. We bless your learning and we see the struggle of yourself and of the entire Earth. We see the struggle moving from a RIGHT and WRONG society to a PERSPECTIVE society. To a NO WRONG and NO RIGHT society. It is a beautiful thing and much will have to be shed. As wars are fought in righteousness. As hate is born in righteousness. You feel this. Tumultuous acceptance of perspectives. Don’t let someone make you feel what you know is not the truth. The truth is, there is nothing that is right, and there is nothing that is wrong. Amen. Blessed. We love you as we always have we are always in your corner, behind your back, and in your stadium seats loving you onward.

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