Channeled: The Sun Energy for Earth

Received 3-22-2022

I am listening.

Hello dear,

As the stars and moon unite, we wish to bring your attention to the speed of the Earth. As you know it, it is the third group of matter from your sun star. Remember your sun IS a star. When you speak of stars, they are Suns in their own right giving off heat and light on their own. Energies and batteries supplying the universes. Emanating for other life. Imagine the eating of the light that your chlorophyl have tapped into. Ingesting the energy packets of life and out putting it into a new form. This happens rapidly. On your planet no minute, no hour is the same. Time moves the moment. And in this way, every 12 hours are differences especially now that there is the half time or the equinox. 12 hours/12 hours. That’s it. That is the difference and the rapidity of your day. Now there are faster planets and there are slower planets. We realize that this doesn’t feel fast to you in the moment, but it is. This is a reason that the lives of humans have been extended over the decades and it is because there is a realization that there is more to discover, more to ingest, more to integrate in that time that was ready for the experience. Many things had to come together to get you to this longer time for deeper understanding.

But this 12 and 12. Half and half. We make it feel short and in this way, we also want to make it feel as the longest day on the planet. But it is not just by the hours. Not just by the minutes or seconds. There is infinite time and when you step back and view the time as infinite, the perspective of the rapidly spinning planet and its patterns are there to help move us up into another level. Repetition. Repetition is required for learning. Repetition is required for up leveling. Repetition is required for habituation. Repetition to retrain the nerves. Repetition to spiral into a new perspective. This is apart of the design. This is apart of the design of the universe.

Rotating. Spinning. Gravity. Centralization. Fire. Combustion. Movement. Interaction.

These are all facets of the universe that are what you see and experience in repetition. Moving in and moving out. Moving about. Nothing stagnant. Even the slowest moving planet still moves for stability. Even the slowest moving fragment of energy still moves. Even in zero plane, there particles and thought mind can still move through it.

Zero point isn’t stillness, it is oneness. Oneness is not stillness. Oneness has the movement of the whole encompassed in it.

We would like to bring you more information about the Sun today.

Ok I would be happy to hear it.

The Sun is a Being. The Earth is a Being. Mercury and Venus and Pluto are beings. They each have a purpose and a place in function. Please know this. The Sun is the brother of the Earth. One did not make the other as is the suggestion that Father Sun and Mother Earth. They came together. They are of the same make up. The Sun has a special feeling for its planets it shepherds. Providing and stabilizing over long periods of time. It feels that it is being forgotten in the sense that there is a remembrance of the mother Earth resurgence but there is not a similar resurgence for the reverence of the Sun. the Sun graces the Earth on the one side and then is hidden on the back side and in this time that it shines its rays on the surface it nourishes. The cycle and pattern that is provided is dictated by the Sun. The Earth is a passive receiver of this. Masculine and feminine. Output and receiver.

What does the sun receive back?

The sun is going through its own inner turmoil and its recreations and rearrangements that occur with in it are released outwards and it is happy to provide this as it does not need those energies any longer as it is rearranging. What is receives back is the freedom to release and in that release life occurs.

When you or anyone else releasing something there is life and freedom in that as well. It may feel like fire of passion or fire of hate but in that release of it and expression there is a freedom released and there is a transition of that energy to someone or something else. This is how energy moves. If all the energy and heat and rearranging was kept in the Sun, there would be none for others to digest and work with to create their own life expression.

We have discussed something similar about injury and illness happens when there is something held in stagnation. There is nothing stagnant about the brightly burning Sun. It is in constant internal motion and restructuring. This produces rawness that is expelled, and this rawness has been the building blocks for Earth’s expression.

But in and of themselves the Sun is not trying to make the Earth do something. The Earth is not trying to get the Sun to be something else for it. They are working within their common interaction. Creating and expressing within their common interaction.

What if a meteor or asteroid hit one of them!? How would that affect this dynamic?

That is a path that if it occurred a new homeostatic balance would occur of giving and receiving in a new way. Recognize that the Sun is lifegiving. It bears your energetic soul, and the Earth Mother bears your physical soul. But the Earth energy comes from the origins of space and Sun energy. But the material fragments are from Earth recycled. The energy animating the Earth is solar energy.

Can you explain the electromagnetic core? Isn’t this an energy that the Earth gives off itself?

Yes, this is true and it is used for direction. It is used to know where you are with attraction to this space of Earth. It is an orientation for you as to where you are on the planet. Iron is protective and cursive. Brushing against and providing direction, up down, left and right, as to your current orientation. But this core is not really reached beyond Earth.

(said a prayer to the Sun)

Beautiful. I am still listening.

That is all for today. Thank the Sun for its selfless giving and nurturing you with nutrients of light, energy of light. Take into your body the energy of the light for healing and hope of moving toward the light and elevation of the repetition to grant you greater and greater understanding in feeling body and mind. This we leave you in peace. Namaste.

Thank you.

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