Channeled: Releasing Worries, Simplicity, The Gap, The Divine Child

Received 3-12-2022

(Me): I am listening.

(My Spirit Guides, The Quorum): Our dear precious one of the Earth we are with you and we hear you and bring delicious love for your soul and heart. Follow your own medicine.

Pour forth your worries and concerns. Release them on a moment to moment basis they are not yours to have and to hold. To whence they came is rom the ethers and the history and the consciousness and that is to where you are to release them back to. To not give life and form to them by holding them. Holding them in stagnation allows them to rest within and this resting within creates disease as we have explained these concepts to you before so consciously work on releasing these worries and concerns. Every time you release one fill it with a new light. You are already doing this and we have seen in your morning coffee talk this is excellent as this is filling you with newness and words and vibrations that have not been met in that way.

Sometimes we feel that there is too much, and we want to really just make it simple for you and simple for others. Where there is a lack of simplicity is when you forget that you are not everyone else. You are not the sister or brother that sits beside you at the same time that you are of the same essence but here in this time and space you are not the same expression and in this expression there are different requirements to be the best purist and clearest expression of the self in this time and space. So what one meditation is fabulous for one may do nothing for another. It does not mean that you should not explore and feel into what needs to be explored and experienced but there comes a time when it comes from within and the listening and feeling is from what sits in the key of the self. The self knows its true expression.

So the simplicity here is you know the One and the start and beginning and the end and the middle. This is the simplicity.

But what am I to do?

Again, it is not a DOING. We have discussed this in another session, and we shall discuss it again here as it is a sincere block of many. The simplicity is in the neutral state of tolerance, allowance, and presence, in the now time and space. I am here. I am you. The DOING if you must think of DOING something is remembering this alignment. That is it. That is the task. The only task we may add.

Now there is a major concept that we have dropped into your consciousness recently that we would like to elaborate on. The Gap.

We have given this to you in many ways. In your experience of life. If your dreams. And now in your mind. This Gap is the longing you experience. This gap is the crossing the river, Ghats, and ocean crossings that you dream about monthly for years. This Gap is your perceived distance from others. You feel you must work, or travel, or leap, or create some complicated amazing feat, rescue, float, and you refuse to see the alternative . . . the bridge is already there. The bridge that has been walked across before is already there. The path of ease and simplicity has arisen and is always present. But you reject this concept. Wanting to figure out a way across the divide, conquer the divide, work hard to make it, and these are ideas that are within your chemistry and ancestry. These are not the truth. How you mock the truth in these times. How you resent the truth. How you rebel against the truth. “Well, if others have already done this then where is my trophy? Where is my reward? Where is my trail blazing?” the reward is your footprint in the sand. Your footpaths across the bridge. And again, you rebel. “That is too easy. Where is the struggle? The victimhood? The muscle gained from that path?”

What is gained is that all those beliefs fall away. The weight of them is gone. That is what is gained.

How come I can’t shake this idea of struggle and battle to get what my goal is?

Because you still believe it. Open yourself to the idea and the potential of ease. Allowing the universe to bubble up from you and propel you itself. It made those alternative paths.

It feels like a trick.

There is no trick. No hidden message. Simplicity within deep complexity. 1 –> 2–> 3 –> 5 –> 8 –> 13 –> 21. This is how the universe is built with one and another put together to make a new but that new is still a part of the one and another. And that the 21 will always be made up of the 1 and the 2. This is not hidden. This is in plain sight. You have this in your fractals and holograms. Everything builds on everything within alignment.

We would really like to talk about the expectation of this gap and clarify some mistruths that are carried with you.

The gap is not personal.

The gap begins with you.

The gap is perceived and is experienced as real on certain levels but at other levels it is non extant.

True unity experiences no perceived limitation to the gap. Those in unity will know the gap but it is not a limitation to anything they do see, believe in, act on, perceive or prescribe to. Unity is the great understanding of experience and expression.

Unity is achievable when you fall into the gap.

The space between is where the magic and real connection occurs.

Within this space there is no outcome, no expectation, no denigration. But courage, belief, faith, knowing, and bravery are required to fall into the gap.

The distance to another is perceived only by your own limitations that you have put onto yourself, the other, and the situation.

How does one enter the gap?

Just as you do by aligning to a new potential. Raising your vibration and entering a neutral state. From there, as baby steps, the gaps begin to close. You become the other, the animal, the plant, the universe, the plan, the non-plan, the death, the birth, the love, the courage, the right action, the wholeness, and the holding of unlimited potential.

I hear that word a lot “potential”. What do you mean by the potential?

(They show me the sensations of the void. The void where all emerges from. This is the great potential. They are showing me this like black mass of clouds and electrons and atoms that are swirling around. It is actually a little scary to look at. It is like the mirror of Eris in Harry Potter or these monsters of eating everything in their wake. It is nothingness. But the power of this nothingness is terrifying.)

Is this a black hole?

No. but it is similar to what you imagine to be a black hole. And this appears like the great rearranger and this is terrifying to those who’s paradigm is to control the expected outcomes because there is no control in the undiviated Great Potential.

How do we get from The Undiviated Great Potential to life and creation?


And where am I in emergence?

Pure emergence lies in holding a neutral state. And what is deemed to be potentiated will emerge.

Well, who decides that?

There is no deciding there are just webs of connection and through these webs there is emergence of a potential. And this is where falling into the Gap where the connections can be made. Where the webs are created in that space of the Gap.

Ok I am starting to feel the understanding of that now.

When you notice a battle desire, conflict desire, winning desire, defending desire, none of these are in the state of neutrality and crossing the water will always be confusing, difficult, fearful, and scary and never feel right. Forgive the self in this state and time. Notice. Breathe. Be Still.

I ask myself should I just keep my mouth shut right now as I am fumbling through this process of interacting with others? I feel so strange with others that I can’t communicate and connect with them well. What is this?

There are many historical wounds with people and humanity and others. There are many wounds that you yourself have carried in your history that pertain to others of the human form and this clouds your interactions substantially. Jealously is one that has not been addressed yet. Revenge. We have worked through guilt and shame and inner power. Those powers are starting to dissipate but under that were the triggers for the resultant guilt and shame and power loss. “I said something mean and hateful, and now I am guilty and shameful for it. I did something wrong.” Now that there is a bit of a reprieve on the wrongness of you and what you have DONE, we go to the what you ARE. And there is immense jealousy found here. What you have and what you don’t have you see in others, and this is interesting because there is a recognition now of what you desire, and admire, and this is good. But your troubles are you want to be the best. You want to be perfect. You want lots of things. Expectations –> Perceived Outcome/Reality. You are creating it.

We don’t ask you to not have a vision. But true vision comes from neutrality. A new mantra is “I am neutral. I am neutral. I am neutral. I am here. I am here. I am here. I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth.” There is no doubt here.

We promise joy arises from neutrality. Love arises from neutrality. Compassion arises from neutrality. Kindness arises from neutrality. And your authentic self arises from neutrality.

What is my authentic self is bad?

This is not true and that is the voice behind the voice that says you must be good in order to be loved and to be loveable.

Do I need to heal all those issues that have built up that block my ability to be neutral?

There are multiple ways to go about this and yes healing them one by one is a way. Healing them all at once is another. Having an experience that wipes them away is another. At the same time your belief in them is what keeps them there. This belief is what holds the energy stagnant as we discussed in the beginning. So, if you don’t believe in their veracity or truth any longer, then they are no longer held powered over you. Then you have to just train your body memory that it is safe again with alternative narratives of truth such as, “You are safe in this neutral gap.” In a sense, your mind can lead the charge, which is what you are used to, or your body can lead the charge. Some do better when the body leads, and some do better when the mind leads. That is entirely up to your nature and your free choice.

I feel all of that what you are referring to arises from neutrality. I really do. I believe in that. But then my impulse words and actions take over!

Yes, knowing that you are not in a neutral state is wonderful. Say, “Yes this is not a feeling of neutrality. I have felt this before. This is not my Dive true self, not my authentic self-expression. This is the small self, ego, personality expression. And choosing to stand with the Divine Self in that moment instead of choosing to stand with humanity history. Breathe. Be Still. I Am You. There are no attachments here in this state. There can’t be. There is only healing and warmth, love, compassion, kindness, and authenticity. Those are the only things that stand with the Divine Self.

Those mistakes are not YOU, they are your ego and personality learning. Those slips of the tongue are not YOU, they are your ego and personality exploring and learning. They are moments of your true Divine Child as it trips and falls in its heart. And as a child is learning mastery of its body ability, you are mastering the heart centered connection of neutrality with the Divine. You will slip and tumble and get back up. Because you can see the example in others, you can see the independence, freedom, joy, and giving potential when in that state. Just as the small child watches its elders walk around freely. You know it is available for you which is why you continue on this path. We know it is available for you as well and for as long as you will have us, we will continue to assist you in this endeavor of becoming. Magic and wonder abounds. You have nothing to worry about and as we have said before leave the worries to the Earth. She is your mother and can hold your tears and tensions. She can hold you for eternity in her unwavering strength, support, and love. She is the embodiment of neutral. She fluctuates over the millennia, and still she is abundant. She allows her creations to be as they are to be in their crudeness as she herself stands as she is. Stable in herself as an evolving rotating and spiraling planet. Envision her strength of neutrality. The codes are provided by her and to her and she received them in a neutral way. Even the color beige or neutral is used to describe the earth. Use her to assist you in absorbing the neutral love.

Thank you.

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