Channeled: Time, Growth and Remembering

Received 11-21-20 (this is a very technical message)

I am listening.

Fossils are life. Life is memory. Stories are memory. existance is life. Where does this circle end and begin. If the shell story over because tit has died 400 million years ago or does its memory live on now that you have found it 400 million years later? Does it live on because it is imprinted in time in such an overt way? Does its memory live on because it is make into rock and that rock is present here in the now?

What else is present now that is a memory of existence 400 million years ago? You think of place but place moves. You think of here in latitude and longitude in relation to the whole planet that could be yes. How far back can you go? Can you feel the spinning gas that Earth once was?


Yes you can.

What is the difference between recording and not being recorded? Meaning what is the difference between a reality that I can’t access in this life body?

We want to let you know that the possibilities in front, or as they say in the future, are not decided and that only decisions happen when choices are made.

Well there are thoughts that realities happening simultaneously outside of this life line I am living and experiencing now. Can you speak to that?

I will tell you the fossil that you have, it died in that way and its shell is imprinted in that way. It is not imprinted in another way in another reality. But what was to become of that after its death was not written at the time of death. Can you see this? We tell you that stories and realities are individual, but they are not multi potentiated once they are experienced or occur. There is not another you in another timeline that is doing something else. This is a common idea that is put forth but that is not really the idea of possibilities. The idea of possibilities is that the choices of the future are not made. Meaning from this moment and this moment and this moment and this moment there is an unknown moment coming next. But that moment prior to that is known to you and your experience. The lady bug that just landed on you has its own story and experience of that same moment. This is the variation of the moment but not multidimensional times. Time yes time. Linear time this is another place that there is confusion. And realities are confused with time. Realities in themselves are whole. Regardless of time. Time indicates now onward and past ward. In order for growth to occur the idea of growth needs the idea of time. The idea of change needs the idea of time. But if one decided that growth and change were not an ideal of your time and of your development, which also requires time to comprehend, then there would be no need for time. In such, that if you are born perfect as you are, there is no need for development, growth and change and therefore as you are a being of light and a slice of the ALL there really is no need of time. Time comes from a constraint and a paradigm of change, growth and development.

Now lets look at growth, development and change. How did this come about? How did this come about? How did this come about? Is this necessary? Is this the way? How are we to integrate this idea with the idea that we are already perfect? How does that come together? This is the great mystery. This is the great mystery that should be contemplated. One has time and one has no time. Neither are right or wrong. But they do go together. As you experience the solar systems changing. Time and no time. This is the great mystery. I do not have an answer for you as to the joining and ultimate understand and clarity on this fact. But they are two facts that are in this ALL (realm).

In other ALLs is there no time and growth?

This is true to an extent but even there nothing is stagnant. But does non stagnation mean change? Rivers flow in the same way water particles of water particles flowing with gravity and then one evaporates, and then maybe a few bundle up together and create a larger group of momentum and flow more over the rock leading to sounds occasionally. But the flow of one over another keeps happening. They are all partaking in the same activity but there are variations in the outcomes. This is variability. This is change and probability which is a math concept that has to do with time and at the same time doesn’t have to do with time because the same probability can happen exactly in a row! Flip a coin!

Probability is how non stagnation is occurring. It is unpredictable and it is inevitable as much as it is undesignable. Meaning the growth that you are experiencing on earth has been stuffed into the idea of time, which growth needs, when in truth it is the probability of non stagnation.

That makes it sound like there is no plan.

That is correct there is no plan. There is just probability of non stagnation.

So how does that fit into growth and development?

That is the non stagnation part. To you and others it feels like growth and development and change but it is really just acts of non stagnation. Expressions of non stagnation. They can go forward and backward. There is no right way for them to go or direction to go in.

But what about all this talk about global elevation and enlightenment of the Earth?

You are all enlightened. Every thing that there is there is the spark of love and life. You have just forgotten.

So what is the point of forgetting!?

To remember even more.  To know even more. To know even deeeeper.

Oh I see.

Yes. And within this forgetting there have been many ideas to fill the void of forgetting. They are large and small they are harmful and beautiful but they are all in an attempt to fill the void of forgetting.

We were designed this way?

Yes of course. Time was used as an insert for growth because the idea of growth is appealing. But again it isn’t growth. It isn’t development. It is ALL just remembering. That is it. A simple spark of remembering brings you closer to that perfection of what you really are and the piece of the whole that you really are. Again and what is really going on is the probability of non stagnation. That is it. To remember. Probability of non stagnation. It will feel that in the process of remembering you are expanding and understanding and “growing’ in your ideas and body and self but that is just remembering who you really are anyway. It isn’t a growing it is just a sensation that your body is reminded of again and it gets labeled.

Has the Earth forgotten too?

She has volunteered to be a host. It is a cruel task she has volunteered for but no she has not forgotten.

What is the main point that I need to take away from our discussion today?

Respect the past as a process of remembering.

Ok thank you deeply.

Be in peace.

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