Channeled: Imagination and Freedom

Received 10-2-2020

I am wondering why the imagination is coming up so much in this discussion?

IT is because your imagination has been tainted/stifled/affected just like others. You have been wounded in your imagination or so you think. You are afraid of your imagination and its power. Yes it needs to be respected as an incredible tool and force innate to you for creating and it should be understood and revered as to how it works. The imagination leads to creation.

What you are told is often what you believe. That goes for most. But your imagination is more powerful than what you are told. Remember that. Your imagination and your inner creations are more real than what you are told or what someone else believes is true. What you imagine and create inside is truth. So what you have found is that if you imagine your life one way you can get that life, but what did you miss in that imagination? How you would feel? It was an empty imagine. It was an image of someone else that you adopted as your own because that is all that was presented and thought out by you. Self limited the outcome. Yes?


But the feeling of you was missing. That is what you realized in your mini dark nights. You as YOU were missing from your imagination of what you created. Some of it you went along with as it happened, but when you succeeded in creating that image YOU weren’t it it. It was a picture and creation of someone else. Then what happened?

Well the real me started to seep through.

Yes. You started mediumship and connecting to spirit which was not brought with you into that image but was something that was apart of you. So that part of you came back without your doing. Because it is apart of authentic YOU. Horses came back because that is apart of authentic YOU. Another way people are referring to this today is the authentic I AM. Wildlife and nature came back to you because that is authentic YOU. So you are now reconnecting to authentic YOU. Beautiful. I can provide that. I support that. What else are you connecting to your authentic YOU?

Teaching and sharing?


Seasons and nature?

Well we kind of already said that but yes of course.


Yes. Your authentic freedom. This you are still imagining, and discovering the why you shy from imagining it. Many lives have reinforced this shyness not only for you but for all.

Don’t focus on the end image with prey eyes. Focus on the feeling of freedom. Imagine what total freedom would feel like for you. This is scary yes because it may be nothing that you have now. Again imbue the feelings into your imagination. Imagine the feelings. Don’t imagine the outcome or where you are in the world or where you are going. Image the feelings that those places will provide you. You may ask how to see a feeling? Yes that is the human conundrum of today. To follow the seeing or following the feeling? To follow the big house and big car which are “see-things” or to following the satisfaction of the inner self, this is a “feel-thing”. Feeling actually creates. This is the reality that has been distorted. Doing is not the main creator. That you haven’t been able to imagine yet because you haven’t really allowed yourself to feel those feelings.

Fear of freedom. Does it look like failure? Does it look like not your current career? Does it look like no husband and in a monastery?! Haha we hear all of these imaginings and fears with them. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that there is the focus on the feeling of freedom. Imagine freedom. Image freedom. Symbol freedom. Feel freedom.

Image teaching and sharing with others your passions. How good it feels to have an audience really understand and feel your passion and excitement. Feel the in-between not the starting and the outcome. You have experienced what imagining the starting and outcome feels like no? It feels flat. Draining. Slave work. Demeaning. Destructive. De-imaginal. You feel in a pit. Hard to imagine yourself getting out of a pit right? If it feels flat then you haven’t put your feelings of passion into it either because it isn’t true to you and there isn’t any, or you are afraid of actually putting the passion and imagination of possibilities into it. Afraid of putting YOU into it.

Imaginal freedom lets do it now. Imagine you are free right now? What does that feel like.

Expansive. Relief. Peaceful. Calm. Slow. I am free to say No.

Are you currently free to say no?




Why have you made those commitments?

For my advancement.

Why are you advanceing with commitments?

Because that has been my only previous known way to gaining experience and knowledge. That is what I am told and trained to believe is the way to advancement, greater connection, wisdom and happiness.

Yes that is a common misconception and manipulation in this time. It is time for experience and putting YOUR OWN pieces together. Not the pieces of others. Or the paths of others. No more courses.

But I am already in these two.

Of course, we know, but no more after this. It has become a crutch of busying the mind so there leaves no room to self create YOU. You are going to want to take a writing course and a book course and an official mediumship course. But again we urge that you take the time to imagine and image you from YOU of what YOU are NOT from what one another tells is their way. Their way can never be your way.

But I am only 33, don’t I need more experience to be respected?

Again an idea that has been trained into you. No not at all. Your wisdom is all inside you at all times. You just need to imagine the freedom to express it and imagine living it. Again we ask what does freedom feel like, not what your ancestors or your parents or your partner or your Ego of what it SHOULD look like. What does it imagine of it to you?

Freedom is being able to freely express my ideas and thoughts with others. Freedom is being able to say no. Freedom is not being restricted in movement within this plane and within planes. Freedom is not being afraid of my potential. Freedom is not being afraid that I am not being my potential. Freedom is not being afraid to not look like someone else. Freedom is not feeling restricted.

Ah yes restriction is a trigger for you. Restriction in body pain, restriction in time, restriction in place and in being. Can’t be many as you are one or as you age. What does that word restriction bring up in you?

Repression. Silence. Pain. Toil until you can’t. Forced.

Hmmmm yes. Has that happened to you?

Yes. Many times many lives.

Can you imagine a life where none of that happens?

(significant pause before responding) I am not sure. It feels like that is just the way it is and has been. It feels really deep where that idea and image comes from . . .

It is the way that you have been told and programed to think it is because of long standing trauma in generations. Can you imagine another way?

Yes I can imagine another way of Being.

Show me. (I went into meditation and started gathering images in my mind) No those are images of others. Show me YOU without those “givens”. (I again went into meditation and started images that have not been yet. They were not cut out images from a magazine or success stories of others).

Beautiful. We will come back to this. As this imagination from this method and this perspective will carry you though.

How interesting. Ok. Thank you!

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