Channeled: The Power of Imagination and the Dark Night of the Soul

Received 10-2-20 (Excerpt)

Channeled: Because humans can do and make conscious effort to change, they are very powerful in the waves of energy. They do and don’t know this. They do in the effect that they know that they can end lives and change lives and create lives. They know this is the effect that they feel powerful emotions such as love and grief. But it is the idea that they can create CHANGE in their surroundings is what makes them a bit different in their approach.

Yes, animals and plants and the Earth create change. Animals in their dens and in their family dynamics and in their patterns, but the idea that changing the environment for their benefit is not particularly expressed. I do think of the beaver and how it will make a dam for its own needs and may destroy an entire area to get it done knowingly or unknowingly. But, because humans feel empowered enough to act for change, this makes them powerful.

Their imaginations of change are immense and diverse. Their imaginative creations are wildly infinite. This imagination is also what makes them powerful. The ability to visualize and create. Manifest their visions. Yes animals do this too but not to the variety and diverse way that humans are capable of doing. This is because this imagination is a bridge to the space beyond. And this ability to the space beyond is what is going to be needed to bridge to the next stage. This is what is going to create the next stage and is what is needed in the ascension of the planet. Imagination and the connection of the imagination and the mind to reality is what is going to take us there.

The power of this is only just starting to be realized and even measured.  We can see what the imaginal mind can do when in the negative spiral, you are living it. But imagine what the opposite could create with a positive and whole imaginal mind of ‘enough’ can create in the world. The pendulum is swinging and some can feel the potential. Many are still fearful, but that will change as this fear brings them to look at other options to look at other ideas.

When they are in the dark night of the soul they will come out looking at it differently but each needs to come out of the dark night to see it too. That is just the way of things. The dark night breaks down the attachments, because in that moment there are no more attachments except only to the attachment of desiring love and self love. That is the only thing that is left and from that sole attachment comes the potential of a new perspective. Being practically forced to see outside of their old box. To look at things anew for help and for that love. This is what we are reminding you of today. That there are many things in common yes, and these help you see one another and the others who share your point space BUT there is more that you can do. That more is the imagination, that more is the manifestation of the love after the dark night of the soul for the empowerment of change.

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