Channeled: Hard to See with Eyes

Received 10-2-20 (excerpt)

It is hard to see another plant rock or river as a being because we are ingrained to look at eyes and recognize eyes. This is often why people post pictures of eyes or a face on trees because that to them makes them a person. This is biologically genetically ingrained in us to use as a survival instinct. Eyes to eyes. We have forward facing eyes which are predator eyes focused on one. Animals do this too especially cats or other predator animals with forward facing eyes. They are meant to look directly at their prey or object of interest. Intense focus on the one object to understand the movement and what they are thinking. Herd or herbivore animals in contrast in general instinctively focus on the larger picture around them and are wired to look for movement toward them (aka predator approach) instead of intent focus on one thing. So eye to eye contact is not as important to them, as they see the whole surroundings and all beings and plants within the surroundings. Plants don’t have per say traditional eyes so how do people see the spirit inside? How do we look at the soul of the plant if we can’t do it through the eyes? We disconnect from objects that don’t move and have no eyes as not having life or a soul. But this is false. We just need to rearrange our focus, go beyond the biology.

You can retrain where the soul lives and the need to SEE it through SEEING. Experience the soul of a person by closing your eyes and feeling that person’s presence. Close your eyes and feel the presence of your pet. Close your eyes and feel the personality of a rock and where it came from and its infinite wisdom of where it has been and traveled to. Can close your eyes and hear inside. Can close your eyes and see what it looks like to you inside. You might surprise yourself at what it looks like. Maybe it does have two eyes to you. Or maybe it is a shape.

One thing that is for certain is that it is here. The rock, the tree, the animal, and insect are here in this present moment and in this present location with YOU. Sharing this interaction. This interaction is commonality as well. That insect is seeing you as much as you are seeing it. We forget this reverse and often only think that we are the ones consciously seeing. No, they experience you as well being there in that moment in that location. Shared space. Shared space. Shared space. Connected by point time. This is soul reading. You don’t need eyes to do this.

If the only thing that you say today when you are with another being is that we are sharing this sunlight. Then you have turned a corner and are sharing instead of using or investigating. Instead of stealing or taking. Sharing this wind. Sharing this rain. This rain is for US. This wind is for US. Sharing resources is different than taking and using. Sharing soul space is through Being and not through seeing. So relax the eyes and the focus and the need to see eyes in another to understand it, close the eyes and just share.

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