Channeled: Releasing Judgement – A Practice

Received 8-31-2020

So what should be my reaction when I start to judge?

Understand that judgement is a false action of noticing differences facilitated by Ego. Noticing differences is NOT judgement and judgement is noticing differences and also adding interpretations, aka trying to explain them and add emotions to the difference.

What about empathy? Can’t one feel empathetic about someone who only wants to say mean things to another person?

Are you empathizing or feeling sorry for? These are different.

It is pity I feel.

Then no that is not correct.

So then what am I supposed to feel?

You are not supposed to feel anything.

That seems near impossible!

Yes we understand. Of course it does.

So I am to not feel anything about anything!? Where is excitement and love and life in that!?

No you misunderstand, we ask that you not feel anything about noticing about awareness.

Well what if the awareness makes me emotionally happy?

Awareness can make you happy, but what you are aware about should be emotionless. The emotion should be in the desire to have deep curiosity and awe in differences. Awareness that yes there is a difference here. Curiosity about the mystery of that difference and release it to the Universe. This is the procedure.

Hmmmmm interesting. Not holding on to it. Not holding on to that difference, not mulling over and and over the difference sounds truly liberating. But what if I want someone to stop their behavior at work towards me?

It is not your job for them to stop their behavior. Notice it. Notice it in you. Notice the difference if that is where your thoughts go, contemplate the mystery and be curious about the mystery of the difference and then release it to the Universe. Anything beyond this or in addition to this is adding to the misery. The misery of yourself and the misery of the other. We are dissipating the misery. “The buck stops here” as you say. It doesn’t stop with you if you keep thinking about it or if you keep holding it in you. That just puts more additional layers onto you. You are strong and full and can hold a lot but that is not doing them, the Earth, or you any service. The service is to truly release it. Release the moment into time. It can still be there in time, as it needs to be there in time to keep the matrix there as it is all built onto another for the future, but it does not need to come with you into time. When you can leave it in time, this is true releasing, this is true forgiveness. This is true surrendering. Surrendering to that moment and leaving it there with noticing, awareness and surrender. This is also known as forgiveness.

Can you give me a step by step of when this occurs so I can take the steps to do this without judgement?


Event. Emotion. Awareness of event and emotion. Curiosity of the mystery of differences of the event and emotion. Choice to leave notice of event and emotion in that moment by releasing it to time. Releasing it to the Universe.

Event. Emotion. Curiosity. Choice of Forgiveness.

Remember it is not your job to fix this moment, unless you did wrong doing or made a mistake. That will come in the noticing. When aligned with heart spirit and intuition will guide you on how to address the mistake appropriately for all parties and the self in time. Ego wants to fix things. Ego want to make right. Ego wants to make perfect. The mystery of the Universe needs none of those things because it already is those things without your doing anything. This is the false idleness of humans. This idleness has led to creations that you see today.

Where did this idlenss come from?

From judgement.

I don’t understand.

From separation came judgement. From judgement came wanting to fix things. From judgement came jealousy. From judgment came hatred and anger. From judgement came wanting more. A perception of one not doing anything was perceived as idleness. But in truth that person was acting as One. This interpretation of difference, judgement, broke off into the tailspin of doing more because being One was perceived as not enough.

Where did judgement come from?

Blindness. We blinded you all from your true Oneness.

Oh. Why?

For your development and assistance.

Oh. Is my meekness a front for my judgement?

Yes there is a piece of truth in that. You are starting to figure out what your true motivations are and notice what is true to you and not true to you. Judgement is habitual truth for you which you are waking up to. This is ok. Habits take time to sort out. Especially ones that you are born with and are fostered and exampled in your culture. It is very hard to break free from those. You can but it is hard. They are very deep and quiet and ingrained. To start to see them is immense and wonderful.

Acceptance is the opposite of judgement. When you notice a judgement thought accept this moment in time as a moment in time. Leave it there in that moment accept it and be curious to the mystery of the moment. Forgive the moment and all those involved. Ask for integration of the whole circumstance. Ask to see where you can improve and follow those messages of the heart spirit and intuition.

Ok. Thank you. This will take practice for me.

Of course. It is a habit. But first step is awareness and noticing the event and emotions. Be curious about the event and emotions in that moment and the mystery of the moment. Forgive the moment and release it to that moment as forgiveness. It is not your job to figure out the differences which is judgement. That is Ego speaking. True heart, spirit and intuition are strong and wise enough to surrender and forgive.

Beautiful. Thank you.

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