Channeled: Seeing Similarities

Received 10-20-20

What do all Beings have in common?

Growth/Expansion/Contraction – starts out small and expands, ideas, plants, animals and people start out small and grow or expand and then come back. Clouds and storms even do this.

Learning through experience – we learn through trial and error, plants and animals do the exact same thing

Relations – everything comes from something else, every person animal and plant and rock and water way is from another, origins are from another, you have a precursor

Gravity – the universal force on everything, absolutely everything in the entire universe experiences gravity. Universal force.

Desire – everything desires something whether it is more sunlight, more water, more food, more shelter, love, children, multiplication, protection from the elements, visualization, heat, or pressure there is always striving for something.

Prepare for the seasons – They prepare for the winter just like us retreat inside. Harvest what they can. There are so many things that we do together.

Elements – we all experience the elements on this earth (sunlight, moonlight, thunder, rain/snow, wind, clouds) everything plant, animal, rock, person all experience these things these experiences are what unite us here in a commonality. Can you relate to the tree that is also getting rained on? What are the trees thoughts that are different than yours? Can you be grateful that maybe the tree is grateful for the rain even though you are not?

You belong with all of these more than other beings because your experience is similar to theirs. As a community here right now your experience is shared of the sunlight and the coolness and the wind on your skin and the wind and in the leaves. They drink that air in just like you do. They exhale that air just like you do. See them as breathing in and out. Leaves up and down. Stoma mouths open and closed. They have many tiny mouths but they still breathe in and out just like you. The leaves also eat the sunlight. They eat the energy of sunlight just like you. They drink the water up from the ground through straws in their trunks. They drink just like you. See the similarities in all, and the differences will fade from your consciousness.

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