Channeled: Meekness and Judgement

Received 8-31-2020

Meekness and my perception and others perception of meekness. Is my meekness a false front man for my judgement? It seems I am unable to stop my judgement of others. My resentment and disapproval of what others do, how they act, how they treat and perceive me and what they say. What is the gift in this?

Meekness is not weakness. It is standing up for God and to God. It is standing up for and being one with the flow of righteousness. But aha here is a word that evokes judgement and disapproval does it not? Righteousness? What does that mean what does that stand for in todays culture world? It stands for right way. Well what is the right way? What is the right action? The truth is there are no right or wrong actions. What is right and what is wrong is in truth either going against intuition and the heart or going with your intuition and with your heart. In a moment your intuition, heart and spirit may say to do this but tomorrow in the same situation, or seemingly the same situation, you may be prompted entirely differently by your intuition, heart and spirit to do the opposite. Is one more righteous than the other? No. That is a perception from the past being carried into the future. In the perception of the present, one action is not more right than another each is right in the moment as long as with spirit, intuition and heart. Each moment is different and unique and honored as such. This is righteous. Righteous to the heart and soul and your intuition which is the inner god of you. All of that together is the inner god in you. When that is being fed and nurtured then nothing else matters because the action will always be righteous. Others may not see it that way but again that does not matter. It will never matter when your heart and soul and intuition are aligned as the God within. When that which is moved through the space and time thoughts that you are swimming in and goes beyond the current time thoughts, this is righteous. Righteous is the God self coming through. This is not prescribed and has no formula for any or for one moment. There is no how to. There is no manual for this. It is really just sitting in the heart spirit and intuition. Sitting in where that feels aligned. Where does that feel good. Sometimes even the most challenging and difficult thing feels good and right. Right isn’t always easy. Sometimes it is.

Often there is a falling into the predetermined word thoughts of “right” similar to the ideas of the word “perfect”. You may need to find another word for right for the time being until you can settle into the feeling of righteousness. Just as perfect is perfect but the word association for you isn’t correct you needed another term to bypass that association to then again get to the essence of the meaning through another word visual. This could be brainstorming and does not have to be done now.

Judgement what does judgement gain you? It gains the Ego power. Im right your wrong, im better your worse, im free your not. The Ego feels it needs power for control. Judgement gains this control. You sus out the differences and thus can fill in the differences with Ego thoughts to explain the mystery of differences. You are excellent at seeing differences but habitually you at the same time judge these differences. These thoughts when applied to differences are called judgement. Your Ego thinks it can fill in those differences with thoughts or meaning. This is false. Thoughts of and thoughts about in this manner are Ego speaking to connect those dots of unknown. Ego hates to be in the unknown. But they truly are not for you to connect. They are for the other to connect. They are not for you to diagnose, oppose, hate, judge, anger, pity, feel sorry for, help, guide or any other human ego activity that has tried in the past to fill in those differences in one another with ideas actions and words searching for meaning in the differences. Why are there differences has led to science which has led to technology. Filling in the gaps of differences with knowledge has been the pursuit of humanity for thousands of years.  

Differences are differences and that is what makes the world and Universe whole. Ladybugs have different spot patterns and we judge that the ones with the more spots are luckier than the ones without. We have filled in the difference with meaning. Foolish Ego. You will never know why one lady bug has more or less spots than another. That has nothing to do with your decisions on earth and your alignment and actions on this earth. Those spots are a direct expression of the Great Spirit and the great spirits purpose. Foolish to think you can know the reason. You can contemplate the mystery of this but at the end of the contemplation it must be surrendered into the unknown.

Same with your coworkers. Foolish to think you can know what goes on in their mind or what their thoughts are. There are a million and one reasons why things are said and done in any single moment. There is always a reason and it doesn’t make it righteous or not righteous. Each path is their path. It is not your job to point out one’s path as the Ego thinks it can. You can notice a path. But once feelings of figuring out or emotions about ones path are experienced then you are too far. The reverence should be in the mystery. Reverence in the unknown of it all. The EXCITEMENT of the unknown of it all! Fascination of variety. Give thanks that you are not all one of the same and that there is variety. Or lessons and growth of the spiral would never occur otherwise.

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