Channeled: Love and Gravity

Received 8-19-20

Please help me better understand gravity and why gravity is coming up so much in my mind.

Gravity is a design it is a force that allows all to stand upright. To stand tall and proud but against a force that you don’t feel as a force any longer. You can see it and all your designs are permeated for gravity but you don’t feel it. What else don’t you feel but you can see?


Love is a force that allows one to stand upright. You can’t always feel it but you can see it in others. It is a force that permeated all just like gravity is a nature of this planet. Love is a nature of humans plants animals. Love permeated design and standing up. Both keep you here and present. Gravity is an aspect of Earth Love is an aspect of human and cosmos. What gravity is to Earth, Love is to cosmos. It is easy. Just like feeling gravity is easy as it is natural to you you can hardly feel it. This isn’t hard. Love is just as easy and just as innate. You don’t have to do anything to feel love. Just bathing in gravity and love and the essence of presence and belonging will bring you there. A moment of every single moment of love is love of the present. Whatever it is you love. See it in that moment. It is different for all and it is not complicated as you humans tend to make it. Look at a picture of a beautiful scene. Look at your child. Look at your mother. Look at a friend or loved one. Look at a pet. See the outdoors. LOOK AT THE STARS THE SKY AND THE MOON. There is not a human on this planet that cannot feel gravity and love doing this. It is easy you just have to feel and remember how easy it is. There is so much clouding in your bodies and minds of today that block you from feeling these things that are natural to you. It is fake. Gravity is always present because Earth is always present and is doing her own thing. Love is always present because the Cosmos are always present doing its thing. Both exist regardless of your decisions, regardless of your mistakes, regardless of your hopes and dreams. They happen and that is all you need. Just those two to make all of your hopes and dreams and ease. Just Gravity with Earth and Love with the Cosmos. Feel the here and how gravity allows you to stand, allows the trees to stand, allows shape on this planet. And feel how the love permeates the remainder of form. Gravity works with form as Love works with the formless. Love works with the ideas and thoughts. Gravity works with matter. Neither is right or wrong. Both are needed here. Both are effortless. Least you forget that about love. If you are feeling gravity you are feeling love. Open your idea that love is for you. That love is around you. That you are love just as much as you are matter. This is your birthright. Refrain from ideas blocking this as they are incorrect.

Why do those fears come up for people? Why do they spread those difficulties?

There have been tough times in everyone’s lives from the first human to the last. These tend to be the stories and memories that are passed down so there is a lineage story of difficulty. But this is just remembering the wrong thing out of love. Fear of loosing a loved one. Fear of failure. Fear of death. These are just fears of love that get passed down as stories of difficulty. But it takes one to see beyond the difficulty on the surface to feel the love that was already there the whole time. Just like gravity was there the whole time and had nothing to do with your choices or your mistakes. Love doesn’t change either. It is always there. You don’t even have to tune into it. That still is trying. Just accepting that it is apart of the force of the cosmos and your make up just as you accept gravity as part of a force of your make up.

Is this the same as a God?

It is a similar idea but not. Yes permeation of all in a higher order of love from the cosmos. But it is not judging or punishing. Ever. It is total acceptance and flows regardless of your feelings or actions.

This is a large leap for me to accept.

Yes that is understandable. We bring in the idea of gravity because of its physics and known qualities. Someday these things will be known about love. Its healing and connecting powers in the formless will be brought to light and accepted just as the physics of gravity of form are accepted. Gravity is innate to matter as love is innate to cosmos and spirit. You are governed more by matter and gravity but that does not mean there is no access to love from the cosmos.

How does one go about accepting this love from the cosmos?

By believing it is as simple as reaching out and touching it with a thought. The faith that it is right there for you at all times. The support and constancy of love force is always there just as the support and constancy of gravity force. You can rely on it love properties. As you can rely on gravity properties. Cupping it in your hands and integrating it, taking it as a medicine, as a fact, inhaling it, eating it, digesting it, inside and out. It governs all cells. It powers all motives. It powers the mind and emotions. It is not so complicated as raising your vibration or thinking good thoughts or forcing the change. It is an allowing the truth to permeate you again. It is easy. It really is. Refusing the difficult lineage ideas of others, wafting them away from your energetic form to allow love back in (not that it was not there) but you will be able to recognize it as nature to you. Recognize love in your heart and spirit design as gravity is in your matter design.

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