Channeled: Natural Laws and Technology

Received 7-14-2020

My guides said that my body has moved. What do you mean my body has moved?

Your body has moved to a new place dimensionally in embodiment and that was the place you needed to be to make the commitment, to let it out in surrender for then to have it come back.

I didn’t feel like I was doing anything different?

Yes exactly that is the misconception that you have to do something different. Or even do anything to change something. Sometimes the changes come when you take a view of ease. When ease truly happens then you are not forcing with the will and things can really happen. This is an important lesson. Mankind, doing and trying are all forces that block. But when you use gravity, and the natural laws things will happen for you.

What are the natural laws?

What is thought is reality.


More brings more (Law of Attraction)

Pain is deviation from alignment with truth and Source.

Harmony is your birthright. And harmony is found in “positive” and “negative”. This is fact.

Abundance is truth, Scarcity is a myth.

The idea that the human race is preparing to leave this planet. You haven’t even fully learned how to live on THIS planet appropriately. You need to learn how to be here in mind, body, and soul first.

But what about the aboriginal and native peoples, didn’t they embody this?

Yes, but not with technology.

What does technology have to do with anything?

Technology is addiction to ease. It was created a long time ago even with the first tool for hunting. That is technology and it has festered for thousands of years without the learning of accepting technology and intelligence in the grand scheme of the Life and existence on Earth. Yes primitive people were primitive but their own desires and drives brought us to where we are today.

The need is to learn that the ideas and values of Earth connection are still there WITH technology and not due to or because of technology. Technology is not to help us with scarcity. It is not to solve scarcity. Technology is to help you see what is really there. It is a tool to understand the truth. But you humans will have to find your way to that ultimate truth one way or another. Technology is not for scarcity or ease. It is for assisting the whole in elevating truth.

And what truth is that?

That you are all one and of the same Source.

Ah I understand. Yes. Ok.

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