Channeled: The Personality and Water Flow

Received 7-10-2020

I would like to speak.

Ok go ahead. I am listening.

Forever the freshness flows down the faces of all. Forever carving faces from stones. Forever carving the identity from stones so that you can recognize one another other than blank stone faces. This has taken forever as of to now. It will continue on into the future. What is the purpose of this water flow of life and identify from the blank rock faces you may ask? It is to know the uniqueness and specialness that each and everyone of you brings to the music of the Earth. If we were all one face, we wouldn’t need to have the water flow over it over time. But we are not one face and the truth under the stone face needs to come out as who you each all are.

When you are born, you are there and you are not there. You are carved out of the DNA and at the ancestral and past life level, but you are not carved out at the personality level which the personality level is the vehicle from which your changes and mission are to be carried. Many times you are told to become out of the personality as it is just the personality and not your true essence. This is correct, but in this sphere the beauty is in allowing your true essence to shine WITH your personality. Your personality is a creation from all the water and influence on this Earth sphere at this time creating out of the stone and should not be ignored but should be worked with. With the intention of it being a vehicle from which your true essence can shine through the brightest and only your personality can do what you are to do. That is by design. So, here I say that the water that flows overtime on the stones of your life to carve you out of that child of blank stone, that ultimate potential of your birth, it needs to be weathered in order to be your ultimate self that will show the world who you truly are. Does this make sense?

Yes. What you are saying is that the daily life or “wear and tear” of Earth life on us contributes to our personalities and this should not be discarded as this is what makes us us and is our way of how we are going to fulfill our mission and purpose in this life.


Wow ok. Yes I can understand that.

Your personality is a cocktail specifically mixed up by you and for you to serve your purpose in this life sphere at this time. It must be weathered with wisdom like the water flowing over time on the rock face to create you. You are you for you and for the benefit of the Earth energy sphere.

How am I to use my personality here for my purpose here?

Tenacity and patience. Speculation and intrigue. These are apart of your personality that serve you well for your purpose here this time. These have served you many times and are deeply ingrained. You may gather new ones and drop other ones as your soul evolves and this is normal as well. These are apart of the uniqueness and specialness about you. Your soul will carry the ultimate specialty and unique point of you but these are ways that you express that in the Earth sphere. We all carry our gifts.

Ok thank you. Is there anything else you would like to bring to my attention today?

The tongue needs work.

What about my tongue?!

You have been silent and you are patient in your silence. It is observed. Time to start to determine when silence is needed and when the tongue needs to speak its position. This is a scary movement. Digest this idea and come back to me about it.

Ok I will. Thank you as always.

Thank you dear.

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