Dream Message: Stillness

Excerpt from 6-27-2020

I would like to talk about my dreams last night. (Dream: I was standing at the edge of a marsh/pond. It was hot, humid and sunny. There were two alligators in the water. One was white and one was normal colored. To me it looked like the white one was chasing the normal colored one and they were swimming furiously in the water. They were always the same distance and looked identical except for their color. A red tailed hawk then flew above me and landed at the marsh edge hunting. It was running around in the shallows. It was all rusty red colored and its feathers looked a bit ruffled. The activity of the hawk caught the attention of the crocodiles which swam over to eat it, always in the formation of the white one trailing the normal colored one. The hawk in an effort to get away lost its buoyancy of its feathers in the water. The male I was with, started wrestling/tickling the crocodiles who were distracted and rearing up out of the water. They tried to snap at him but they couldn’t get him. After some time, the hawk got away and he stopped the tickling. The crocodiles went back to swimming furiously in formation at the other end of the pond in the water.)

Ok. Running away. Notice the distance between the two crocodiles. Was the distance ever different?

No it was always the same.

And how was it that when one crocodile was being tickled the other crocodile was mimicking what was happening to the first like a mirror. One action that they both were responding to?

Because they were the same being?

Yes. They looked separate but they expereinced the same thing just as one being would. Like a toe rope the white crocodile was being pulled along? Or was it chasing? Or was the normal green crocoldile running away form the white one?

To me it looked like the white one was chasing the normal looking crocodile frantically and the normal one was running away.

What would make them meet together?

Well the green one could slow down or the white one could go faster?

Or are they already together?

Well I think in essence and experience they are together but to me they were perceived as separate.

Ok so again I ask what would have you perceive them to be in order for them to be together as one crocodile?

Stillness. (This was a message that was sent to me through a feeling from my guides) I don’t know how to be still.

We know. You feel sadness with stillness. So you run away. You can not run from your spirituality, from your white crocodile. It will always be with you. Because it is you. Because it is already in you. Stillness will join them.

Stillness as in meditation?

Yes that is a way. But more in the way of calm flow. Gentle breeze. Rerouting. Grace. Stillness is not fervent activity as they were doing on the water trying to catch up or escape from one another. The chaotic movement. Crocodiles by nature do not rush. They use minimal energy until necessary to kill. No, stillness is the crocodile that would have been waiting on the bank and seen the hawk and slowly got into the water to hunt. A crocodile has to eat too you know and even the hawks actions were rushed and chaotic and caused him to lose feather buoyancy and start to drown. He too could have been more careful and resourceful. Chaotic and rushed actions of forward movement only isn’t helpful where stillness is really the key will never result in union or buoyancy.

Is this like patience?

This feeling is related but different than patience.

It feels like so many of those things in my dream were warnings. What are they warning me about?

They are a warning about the need for stillness. True stillness. To catch up for everything that is in you. For the aspects of your to be and act together. It is a warning about your company. They are strong drivers of rush, brash and negativity. Remember the name of YOU and your bigger picture. You are always the bigger picture and the smaller one. The aim is to find the center to express all of those layers freely.

Is this a message about not exercising?

No, do what feels good, but remember there still is stillness in exercise. Stillness and embodiment of stillness this is a form of grace. Grace is an expression of stillness. Wisdom is an expression of grace. Running isn’t always escaping.

What is the warning?

If you do not still yourself you may not come together. Stillness of mind is passivity, receptivity, calm, surrender and letting go. All the energetic firings are coherent and calm with a singular tranquil message. The rushing is also going to ruffle and drown your perspectives. This must be remembered too. The hawk are higher perspectives and with the feathers not being slick and bright and buoyant they cannot see clear perspectives. Drowning by water with feathers which are not holding air. Remember even the Hawk was rushing. The Hawk is your mind, the green crocodile the body, and the white crocodile your spirit. Playing games with another but all are rushing and disjointed. Practice stillness for the singular tranquil message of self harmony.

What is my singular tranquil message?

That is not for us to discuss today. Stillness may or may not show that to you.

Ok thank you as always. That was really helpful. I’m glad we talked about my dream it was very fascinating and stillness was NOT a message I was thinking about with this dream, but it makes perfect sense.

Yes be blessed.

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