Names and “Knowing”

Excerpt Received 6-27-2020

I am listening.

Knowing something is not always the way to experiencing something. Knowing the names of the trees on your property makes then feel closer to you because you now “know” them. This is a weakness/block/fault/misconception that you can only know the name of something to therefore know of it, know it more intimately or to understand. This alone misses the knowing that you get from communing with it regardless. Regardless of knowing your neighbor you can still connect on a soul level without knowing a name of another. They are still a person, you are still a person, they are still a tree, they are still a being and you are a being as well. Knowing the name of something is of least importance. Knowing something from the soul level is the import. This knowing names and facts is a program from your upbringing. It is also something that you are good at and rely on to remember, but it is superficial and at the same time it cues you into the superficial level of understanding that the collection has given to that being by a name.

For example the Stone Fish in the oceans is called the stone fish because it looks like a stone, and that is its connection to you once you know its name. But prior to knowing that you may have had other experiences about its calm and patient nature and cunning hunting skills that has nothing to do with its human given name. He is referenced in many ways to many other creatures under the sea; protector and cleaner and killer are all perspectives that are attributed to this fish to other beings in the sea. But since you knew him by the name of Stone Fish, he is only known as Stone Fish to you and by knowing that name you connect to all the other humans who have thought of him only as Stone Fish. Once you know a connector like that, you are automatically entangled into the connection. In this case the name is superficial. Connecting into the soul level is the essence of this creature which is similar but unique to other fish of his relation. 

Names can categorize and separate one from another. When you know the name you must work harder to think wider. For example White Oak and think wider, Oak, and think wider, tree, think wider, plant, think wider, Being. Does this name sense? Naming is special in itself and gives unique qualities, but you have to be careful when they are all grouped together as one. You must be able to see the individual soul level and at the same time to widest perspective because all of them in between are realities and truths.

Any questions?

What does this have to do with me and the labels I give myself or labels I have allowed my society to give me?

Wonderful question. Yes there are many names you have given yourself and within those names and labels you have forgotten to think wide again, for example, profession, think wider, medical, think wider, healer, think wider, human, think wider, being. Every time it ends at a Being. And you can go wider than Being to a Part of One. That is the ultimate truth. But we can stop at Being for now. Seeing the Being in all. But it applies to yourself as well. Allowing yourself to be that small identity and the widest perspective at the same time it important. Why? Because all of it is truth.

You are a XXX but that doesn’t stop you from being a Being, does it not?

No it doesn’t.

So then why feel like it does?

Because it feels so limiting.

Yes that is because when you label down to narrow ideals they are exactly that, narrow. Box like. Restrictive. So yes you will feel restrictive in that box once named with other. But at the same time you need to remember you are not only in that label, but you are so many wider perspectives outside of that name. Can you see how a name and label limits one?


So when you go out and see things for the first time. Just like you don’t try to see people for their titles and their narrow boxes, don’t see the same for the plants and animals. Knowing the name and identifying is not the idea here. This is not the goal. Knowing the plant and animal’s soul and their inner essence is the goal. Some will feel human like and some won’t. Don’t be afraid either way as they are all truths. But understand that some will feel exactly like you with jokes and ideas and fears. While some will feel like Earth incarnated where they speak in stones and dirts.

Why is that?

Because just like humans have their variety, so do all other Beings.

I was under the impression that all plants and animals are good.

No this is not true, they are a spectrum just like human beings are a spectrum. This is the nature of life on Earth. So it is for all Beings. There are polarities and spectrums. All Beings experience this. There are wise trees and there are trickster trees. There are wise Fox and there are trickster Fox it is the same guiding principle. There are wise humans and there are trickster humans. The other Beings are not exempt from this despite what some books and teachers may have you think or despite what they teach. The idea is to know from the inside and commune from the inside, not from the name. Don’t stop at the name of a Being and think that is enough, that you now “know” them. To know them is to commune and have a relationship with them. Then you will know the Being. Just as it is with your interactions with humans. Does this makes sense?

Yes very much so. Thank you for reminding me that the goal is not JUST identification of the plant, mineral, or animals. Thank you so much for that guidance.

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