Following Dreams vs. Intuition

Received 6-23-2020

I am listening.

Swish goes the wind. Swoosh goes the tree. Hippity hoppoty goes the bunny and the bird flutters on the wind. What do these words invoke in you?

Im not sure what you mean?

How do they make you feel?

Expansive. Thankful. Connected. Loved.

Beautiful. And that is the day of everyday. Of awareness of seeing. There is no other option but that. Where you look you see. Where you hear you hear. What you do you are involved with. This is just how it is. There are so many layers of energies and emotions and thoughts that are permeating your energetic boundaries and even through your energy boundaries. Think of the radio waves! That is just one example. But there are many others that you contact with in space and time that you can’t recognize consciously but a part of you does. A part of you knows the feeling of health and wellness and that same part knows when there is pain and discourse and upset. Just because you can’t see or feel it does not mean it can’t affect you. You just aren’t aware of it and its affect, and at the same time only the things you allow in are real to you.

Perspective is a shift. Perspective can be learned. It can be learned abruptly and it can be learned slowly. It may start with a thought, emotion, or a feeling. But it will always be triggered by one of those. Getting to understand and assess intimately your own thoughts, emotions, and feelings is the first step to changing perspectives. Because you will be able to recognize, “Hey that was different!” You have felt this, but there is still more to shift.

I worry that I am becoming too “out there” and maybe not connecting to my significant other in a way that they can connect to me. Are we drifting?

You drift when the love has changed. Has the love changed?


Then what you are experiencing is growth. Healthy relationships allow growth. But yes there are times when growth is not restricted or embraced or seen as growth. Sometimes it is seen as drifting away or pulling away. An understanding and loving individual can see the truth of this.

I am having difficulty my decision to start the program of becoming a Forest Therapy Guide. I feel its truth to my bones. And I fully embody this truth and have always wanted to share the magic of place with others. The small details of place really get me. But I worry that this program is too rigid. Too dogma. Will I be able to create something that truly is from me?

What is really there?

What is really there is the fear that I am wrong again. I thought I knew what my dream was. I thought I knew what I wanted to do. And to hear all these people say follow your dreams follow your dreams. I did follow my dream and I nearly killed me for it. How is that ok?

There is a difference between follow your dream and follow your intuition. You can grab ahold of a dream, a person, a life, a title and grip it till it is gone or you loose sense of it. That is not allowing growth that is not intuition that is not listening to your insides. That is contracting all time and space possibilities into one outcome of expectation. You set yourself up to fail. But you didn’t know that at the time. There is no mistake you made. What was missing was intuition. Intuition was trying to find you through your thoughts and feelings, but you weren’t having it until crisis point. The dream grip was stifling. And you did it. You did your dream and that is remarkable. But how do you let go of a dream? Yes that is an interesting concept. You don’t have to let it go in the sense that it is a cutting off, we spoke of this before of entanglements, you just need to loosen the grip and let it be free to transmute. You need to allow the dream to expand on its own in a natural not forcing way. It expands through intuition.

Well I don’t know what my intuition says about Forest Therapy. There have been so many things that I have been trying out the pat few years to see what fits. I don’t know what is right for me. I am exhausted. When is it going to stop?

When you let it find you. When you open up that treasure chest in your heart with confidence and assurance that whatever is in there is for you. That whatever is in there is true to you.

Why do I keep searching?

Because you can’t believe that it is already in you. You haven’t been able to feel, emote, or think that truth. You haven’t embodied it yet. And that is ok. You have not been able to experience the full embodiment of experiencing that truth.

When will I embody it?

When you let go and let it find you.

I mean it jut seems like this thing is speaking my language and my values. All my values. The Magic of Place.

Your heart is a green bonnet. To show people the love of this world is a miraculous thing.

I am scared of leading people.

Yes you are. But you lead all the time. Leading is natural for you. But you also are comfortable leaning back if it be in the best interest of the group this is good.

I am terrified of what people think of me.

Yes you are. There are many wounds here that still need healing. When you can sit in the woods and not worry that someone is coming that is progress.


The woods offer much. This you know.

But I don’t see wood fairies or nymphs or the Green Man or any of those things in trees or plants or around them that many people who are forest leaders or forest intuitive see.

There are more than one aspect of magic of place. They are apart of it yes, and that may come in time but just knowing the magic of place and feeling truth to that and experiencing the truth to that power and place is what is important. The fairy is just one part of that magic. The fairy is not it itself the magic of place, they are apart of it.

My brain can’t stop thinking about it. It can’t stop thinking about all the things and places I can show people. All the metaphors. I mean you speak to me in so much nature metaphors.

It is the language that you speak. It is the language that we all speak, but many have forgotten it because they are so removed. But it is the language that you speak and feel. This is why I speak to you this way. It by basses thought and goes right to embodiment of truth and absorption. This is the effect that we want. This is the effect of the forest. This is what you value. This is the magic you feel inside you.

But what about the website and all that fancy stuff?

Oh please stop that. You know very well that that is not what this is about and that you will find a way. You have done a fine job with the websites that you have.

Sit with it. Dream about it. there is something very honest and true here and you can feel that. There are also some wounds and blocks that may not be occurring because this is the WRONG direction/path, but they may be occurring because they are showing you that they are still here even when something is the RIGHT direction/path. That is something you need to sit with. Addressing those blocks to why you can’t feel joy and happiness without feeling like an instant failure and instant fear of humility and failure. The web on the glass is broken. Its time to fix it.

I see you looking at the Tiger Lilies. What are your thoughts?

I just realized that they only bloom for one day and then another flower on the stalk booms the following day or two.

Yes they are designed that way, so that each one gets its day in the sun. Each one gets to shine brightly and attract the bee. And then gracefully pass it on.

Is that fair?

It is their design. They designed it that way. No one designed it for them. They created their way as such. It was agreed upon and created. And life continues for them and on. Have they not multiplied and grown happier in your yard?


Remember all happens to themselves or to the self for a reason. All is in the design for beauty, discovery, and joy. That is the pleasure of Earth. The intricacies and amazing wonder of how it all honestly and truly does fit together. And you are apart of that fitting. You do have a place and it will find you, if you let it.

Thank you as always. Thank you so much.

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