Channeled: Entanglements of Burden and Transmutation

Received 6-15-2020

I am listening.

Living lives separately and releasing does not mean they are released. This is a false notion in itself entirely and it has to do with entanglement. Once entangled, entanglement does not go away. Breaking entanglement is dangerous. Explosive. I will use the example that Lotus Sky (A fellow channel and musical channel that I follow) used about the transmutation from the black serpent to the golden dragon. That golden dragon is still apart of her through her memories and through her stories. That entanglement of Lotus Sky-black serpent-golden dragon is not meant to be broken in a way to remove the black serpent from her energy, but it is correct to say that it is transmuted from a holding to a letting go.

Too often it is spoken about “breaking ties” or “cutting cords”. This is not correct. To cut these entanglements is incorrect, you cannot do it. It is impossible. This is because the events happened and are in history written. Your mind, body, and soul will always remember. So in reality you can’t “cut” or “hold” anything, this is false. There is no healthy way to truly forget. This is not the goal. The goal is transmutation of the black serpent which still honors the entanglement but releases the hold. Entanglements can be likened and observed in atoms. If you hold an electron, it will want to explode. If you remove an electron, the atom becomes unstable. If you let the electron go, it binds to other energetic stabilizers like proton and neutron charges and creates an atom and a particle of being full of life, movement, and entanglement between them.

Letting one aspect go is the act of creation as it is allowed to bind to others and stabilize. Transmutation. Holding on to or breaking an entanglement’s connection to the self is not the answer. Holding onto the entanglement of the past is also not the way to go. You must let go of the entanglement of the past to create a better, more loving, and full of light transmutation of that entanglement in the now for the future/tomorrow. See?

Yes I see. So that is what I need to do with my connections, all the connections that I have kept as burdens?

Yes, again I will use what Lotus Sky said about anything that feels too heavy is not a burden that you need to carry and it needs to be transmuted. These methods of transmutation have been forgotten over time. A lot of it is just talking it out and rationalizing and communication, but with distance being a factor where you can’t talk to people face to face anymore that method has been forgotten in essence with the many different people in your direct sphere. But there are other ceremonies and support of the community that have been used in the past that there is no place for in today. These are were you have to modernize and blaze the way of the new ways of transmutation. Meditation is a wonderful way, mental focus, mindfulness, talk therapy and all of those are wonderful. Singing and creating art is another way. But art that is not scripture, but art that is free is the art I am talking about. Freedom of expression is the way to transmute. But you all have been trained through years and generations to restrict this which is natural in you this freedom from the self. So therefore all these burdens are needing to be transmuted. All the energetic entanglements that make up your experience and existence, which include burdens and non burdens, have happened in your experience from your doing and from not your doing but which are secondary in addition to your doing. Say for example a car accident that was not you “fault”, which in reality you created for some energetic reason, that but again this is another’s entanglement with your creation. Anyway I digress, what I want to get to you is from which you need and have lost the methods and knowledge of freedom of expression is to the degree that you have been trapped by your entanglements that need transmutation. If you work on your entanglements today that need transmutation you will instantly feel lighter. Instantly feel brighter. This is not done in the method of cutting or severing but in the method of transmutation. These can be yours to transmute and they can be on the behalf of another as well.

Ok I understand this.


How do I feel more free?

This is self awareness, benign self awareness always, but see where you feel restricted and it is always restriction in the self, it is always a learned restriction in the self from experience, past lives and ancestral trauma that has been passed down and bestowed to you. It is a combination of that but again I digress. Awareness of where there is a restriction and this can be in voice, in movement, in hand, in dance, in gesture, and in feeing. Thoughts cannot be restricted. You will have the thoughts you have regardless of your attempt to modulate. They may be wrong or not educated thoughts in the grand scheme of the workings of the world connections, but you cannot stop them with restriction. They are a freedom manifestation of who you are. Because of such, mind and thought issues are obvious and are clear demonstrations of where you are thinking and where else your voice and actions are restricted in your thoughts. I noticed you are confused about thoughts and emotions in this sense. Yes chicken or the egg so you say. Sometimes emotion is first and thought comes second, and sometimes thought comes first and emotions comes second, and sometimes they happen at the same time. There is no difference really other than when the expression is in the mind or the body. Regardless, this awareness of where you feel and think freely but are not able to communicate, this is where the freedom is being restricted and there is a need of transmutation here. See?

Yes I see. And what are some ways of transmutation?

Some ways of transmutation are turning something on its head. Literally 180 degree change to the other direction and see what the benign awareness is there. Often this eliminates much of the negative entanglement. You call this compassion and empathy. But really it is a bengin understanding of the other degree, the opposite pole. This is one way. This can be done with thoughts. But notice the emotions that come with those thoughts.

Another way is movement. Movement with energetic mind and movement with physical body. This is movement. If you are antsy this is a tension and restriction therefore sometimes thinking about it in the 180 of calm and relaxed isn’t enough and you need to move that energetic energy. This is wonderful and great and since there is so much burden in your Earth you are left with a physical body that feels this physical nature to assist you in energy transmutation. The feeling of being tired and relaxed after exercise is a simple example. It is crude but it is effective. You can also do this with focused movements such as yoga, tai chi or martial arts. There are other ways too, think of knitting or shooting a bow and arrow. Shooting a gun does not work in this way, because there is not physical energy used in the activity so it doesn’t help. The ability of this transmutation must be physical exertion in some nature that dispels and recycles the tension and restriction into calmness. But effort begets effort. Using machinery to replace the effort of physical action results in less benefits of transmutation. The machine takes on the transmutation and that doesn’t assist you energetically. You think it helps because your effort was eased, but energetically it does not. It is a short cut that goes no where.

You can also do this just with the mind. The mind can move and release energy. This takes teaching and practice and patience and for bigger energy issues you will want. This is done in meditation and takes great concentration and focus but is done even with just intention as well. It is moved released or repaired depending on what is needed by the individual in the transmutation.

A third way is to not transduce. Transduce is you also taking on the vibration of someone else who is not vibrating at your level. You can tranduce upward in vibration in the presence of a lama or priest and you can tranduce down in the presence of a liar or someone who is depressed. But one way to not capitualte and continue this chain entanglement is to not contain their vibration. This again takes time and practice because you need to know what is your own vibration first! And when you are being pulled out of your vibration and your center. Frist you have to even find your center! Phew there are so many steps right?! But don’t worry they come in steps we don’t overwhelm and would not expect one to be encountered or enticed with steps that they are not ready for in the moment. Again we are not braking the chain of entanglement. You are just not continuing the chain of entanglement at that vibration, instead when that chain of interaction comes to you, you are able to transmute it by not transducing it in yourself. Stay inner strong and resolute in your feelings and in your truth and what you want to convey to the betterment of humanity and in those moments you will find strength and assistance to do such.

But commonly one feels that negative vibration from another and then therefore they transduce even LOWER than that other person! It is a chain remember! So someone yells at you, and you take it and go even lower with it. You have experienced this yes?

Yes. All the time.

This is a habit. This is a habit of self hatred that stems from perfection. In that moment you are told you are not perfect and you sink to a place that is even less perfect. Habit.

So how do I not do this?

Simple you need to stand and know what is your center and with benign awareness know that that person is trying to entangle you in their state of vibration in that moment. Once you can know that, then you have the choices that we talked about before. 180, movement (physical and mental) and/or not transducing. So there you could then not transduce that energetic vibration which doesn’t negative the entanglement that was created by the other, it doesn’t cut the entanglement it just doesn’t continue it in that form, you stay in your vibration and stand in your truth.

You make it sound so easy!

Yes I know it all sounds so easy like a puzzle piece and gears sticking together to create movement but they are really simple steps and you will have mistakes and you will be blindsided. These are all ways for you to practice your methods of transmutation of your entanglements. And again entanglements is just a word referring to all of your interaction with everything ever in all space and time.

That is a lot of things!

Yes it is. And they all create who you are! Isn’t that fun. You are a bunch of entanglements all tied up into “human”. It is a beauty and a marvel and once your species can understand that these entanglements can be altered by choice for the better that is going to really liberate you all an your planet from the grips of restriction of freedom! Are there any other questions for today?

No that was beautiful. Will I be voice channeling?

Perhaps, but you have to free your throat from your current negative heavy entanglements : ) (smile/wink).

Yes I can feel that. Thank you as always.

Our pleasure. Be blessed.

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