Sunshine and Rain – Light and Dark

Excerpt from Received 6-14-2020

I am listening.

We will go back to the sunshine and rain. Each has their purpose one could consider the rain to be darkness and sunshine to be light. But the rain cannot exist without the sunshine creating heat and vapors. And the sunshine would be present all the time if there was no rain. 100% sunshine is not conductive to life and 100% rain is not conductive to life. There needs to be even in the most extremes, some sun in the rain, and some rain in the sun. Said another way this is, some light in the dark and some dark in the light. This is nature and the reality of this sphere. This is the Way and that is what you struggle with. The struggle is you are taught to remove all the dark. But without the dark you would not be able to grow into more sunshine. The goal is not to be 100% one or the other that is impossible and futile and you will never feel that you have won and you will always feel that there is something wrong or inappropriate or bad about you because that is a false identity a false idol. False ideal image that has been brought down from 1000s of years of teachings. These teachings were dramatic as they needed to be for the times, but they do not need that kind of drama now. Drama is the last thing that you all need now. You need grounding and Earthing and sunbathing and forest bathing. This is a reminder of the true nature of things and the true nature of the function of things. The leaves fall and then they come back newer fresher and rejuvenated after a time of rest and reflection to prepare the organism for growth. THIS is the truth. THIS is the truth. Not growth growth growth growth. That is not truth. That is death and burnout. Contraction and lack of growth is illness. Failure to thrive.

Remember the sunshine and rain. Both are nourishing. Both are required for growth but one causes you to stay indoors and rest. While the other offers opportunities to venture out and engage. All situations have sun and rain. Meaning that even if it looks regressive it may just be a rain moment. No there is a balance between these two and one needs utilization of both of these realities of light in dark and dark in light, sun in the rain and rain in the sun which creates life through growth and rest/reflection.  It is not drama that you need, it is grounding and earthing and sun bathing.


You have brought this up before. Is there a reason you keep bringing up this analogy? Am I not understanding it?

Reminders, repetition. And no you have not progressed to seeing each situation as rain or sunshine. This will really help you embrace the sunshine JOY and realize that the rain is not depressing, but it is a moment to reflect for growth for nourishing growth. Life requires both. Ascension requires both. Expansion requires both. Rebirth requires both.

How come I still cannot seem to shake that heavy sadness feeling when I make a mistake?

Perfection is false. This is similar to 100% sunshine or 100% rain. Perfection is 100% sunshine and that is not conductive to life. This is a false ideal that needs to be replaced in your psyche. Only time will be able to create a different reflexive response. You did fine the other day. You recognized where your emotions were. We must start there.

. . .

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