Mistakes and Focus

Excerpt from Received 6-14-2020

If you want someone in the woods to yield to you. You must practice yielding to them. If you want someone to do work for you you must first do work for them.

Why is this concept so hard for me?

Because you are controlling. And have not had to do work for others or yield to others because of your control. Terrible ideals, but this was learned through “successful” experiences. Very hard to break. It is even deeper in your DNA. Even harder to break. But you are on the steps. And that is wonderful and brilliant! You all have the power and the strength to change your reality and your existence. When you start to believe that you truly do have that ability will you see changes. Faith in the self.

What I am missing is when something like that happens what I am doing is going into a double shame? I am shamed by the person that it happened by and then I shame myself because I know that I am the cause of what happened to me. I know that it is just a reflection of what I am putting out. I know that ultimately I am responsible for that interaction.

Yes. Focus is your answer.

It seems when I focus that it takes me so much time and that I feel really delayed and “slow”.

Maybe the moment needed slowing down. That could have something to do with another innate quality you are addressing which is patience. Taking the moment to say to who you are with, I need X minutes to try and deal with this is that ok? If you are constantly stressed out about time then you will not be able to focus.

This is true. Focus focus focus that has been coming up nonstop for me this past week and especially with my weekly Tarot cards today. What is focus?

It is an awareness that is unfiltered. Meaning that extraneous occurrences and extraneous thoughts, emotions, feelings are not falsely affecting the moment. This is not to say that emotions, thoughts and feelings are not apart of the moment, but they must not be distractors to the moment. That is focus.

Hmmm interesting concept. I still feel at a loss when something like that happened to me at work. It is terrifying and upsetting and I don’t want to be pushed back to the state I was in before.

So you won’t try? So you retreat more?

Well, what if I am not meant to learn that lesson in this life?

Trust me you are meant to learn that lesson in this life. Clarity and focus could have greatly assisted you in that encounter.

Yes. I know that. Yes.

So understand, benign awareness, and make a statement. “In that moment and in that interaction in my efforts to do what I thought was good and right I lacked some degree of clarity and focus. In the next moment I will remember this and create a more clear and focused interaction next time.”

Yes there is some degree of me that wants a resolution. That does make me feel better. What about the interaction with XXX?

This is a great example with your coworkers and your boss, integrity, values, personal boundaries and personal needs. Be gracious and thank her for her help and her suggestions. She is trying to help and make you better. Even if it is not in the highest way or a way that is sensitive to you as an individual.  She is offering assistance. Benign awareness of this situation. See all of that. Recognize and reciprocate the sunshine.

The use of my voice is another theme coming up. Can you explain more?

Here you have a disconnect. Known and documented. There is no secret here. But to reconnect this is going to be work. And it is going to be practice. This is a dedication and if you want to dedicate to the purpose then you can. It relates to focus.

I also felt called to sign up for the mindfulness meditation course that is free. I feel that there is more that I need to learn on this topic.


I still feel in a funk with confusion about my profession and path. There are two pulls within me, the spiritual and the occupational. Why are these two waring so much? Why is there so much conflict?

You are resisting. HEAVILY resisting. Discomfort yes and more resisting. You are not seeing what is actually there. What you are doing all along. In all the years you have been studying the metaphysical, have you taken a mindfulness meditation course?


Great so there is still more to learn!

Ok so there is more to learn, but what does that have to do with my insides tearing themselves apart?

You are resisting the time frame and the waiting. It isn’t ready for you. You are not ready for you. There is still much self work to do. Which you will do but there is still much work to do. You want to be at mile 100 in the marathon race, because you know you can get there, which we have no doubt that you would get there bruised, broken and battered, but would you get there as a joyful compassionate being with benign awareness? No. That only comes with time, practice, dedication to yourself and to being the being you wish to see in the world. Remember if you want them to yield, you must be just as ready to yield to them without resistance and resentment. Flip the perspective.

What does this have to do with this job?

You will struggle much here but you will come out healed. Know this. Have faith in this.

What about my other degree where does that come in?

We don’t write your story, only you write your story and it can come in any way that you want or envision.

These channeled messages from Earth gate it good. It is a young tribe which you are still in and the angic and the messages are the same as which you are receiving and understand. They are universal messages this is the truth. And it takes repeating.

Will I be doing this?

Again we don’t write your story. That is for you to create. Remember the flow of water. Follow the gravity to where your interests are taking you. If you feel like you are being swept away, put your feet down, you will fins shallow ground and be able to get back. That is assured.

Health is apparent and revered. Yes?


Maintain perspective here.

Ok thank you guides and higher self. This has been such a wonderful and enlightening conversation.

Conversations are wonderful and start the seed to sprout. Listening is conderful and starts the seep to sprout but through practice, benign awareness, dedication and understanding is the work through the natural phenomenon of sunshine and rain. That is where the magic is. Be blessed.

Thank you.

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