Soul Purpose/Joy and the Flow of Water

Excerpt from Received 5-13-2019

What is my mission? My soul purpose?

You will know. What is your gravitation? Gravitate there. Follow the flow to that location like water is dependent and doesn’t have a choice but it flows naturally to the location where it needs to be. If there is a rock it flows around, if there is enough it will flow under or flow over the rock. But it will endlessly flow to where it needs to be. To where its story is written. Before it falls from the clouds it knows it is to flow with gravity to the ocean and then back up again. Its journey along the land, and its waiting in the ocean, is all apart of its natural progression, cycle and flow. There is no rushing it. There is rushing water, but that is just location dependent. It won’t be rushing like that the whole time, there are calm spots and there are rushing spots. This is natural. The whole water cycle is natural and so is your discovery of the self and mission.

Are there others on earth who are contemplating this as much as I?

Oh yes my dear of course there are many. You all are starting to ask the right questions.

Follow your heart, follow your joy. What is lighting you up? Just follow it like a moth. Be allowed to be drawn to it. Stop resisting. It is easy when the path is lit up in front of you but you have to be able to see the light and feel the light.

You want to know the secret. We cannot tell you the secret. No one can tell you the secret. Keep exploring. Diving deeper. Unearthing the truths. Light from the sun on the forms.

What if I am too joyful?

Ah yes that has come up in your dream and it has also come up to you in real life with your enthusiasm sometimes. Its ok, some won’t be able to understand and yes your joy will hit them and sometimes really hard and make it uncomfortable for them. But that isn’t the point. The point is that you maintain your joy, and keep it with you. You can share it, my god, yes share it, but don’t throw it at people. That heart where it is so empty would love some of that joy ; ) (wink/smile)

It feels like my heart is going to eplode sometimes when I put joy in there and then I get sad. I cry.

You don’t know how to appropriately express that joy yet, you are very comfortable with sadness and when that emotion comes to you you naturally are putting it into sad because that is all that you know. Keeping the joy and happiness is more foreign to you and your ancestors. Keeping it is something that you will work on. And fully fully feel it. For generations and lives, your family has not allowed themselves to feel joy. Brush it off. Make it difficult. Make it pain. It has been pain. But you, you need to feel the joy. They have all worked so hard for you to be in existence. This is a wonderful moment for them. This is a wonderful life. In a time where they may not have supported you, they are all behind you now. Working in their own ways that they can. Feel the joy. The happiness. Hold it. Feel it.

Ok. I understand that. Thank you for talking with me today, it has been awhile.

Yes. You are welcome. Go forth.

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