Self Responsibility for Work Needs

Excerpt from Received 5-31-2019

I can feel other’s resistance as it pulls on my energy at work.

Ok that does happen but remember those are little tests. Little reflections. Are you pushing your resistances’ onto them to avoid them yourself?


Ok lets think back to yesterday at work. You got there and were later than you wanted to be but technically not late.


Already you are not “good enough” because you couldn’t get yourself there on your time.


There was a client in the room where you usually prep yourself before inviting them in. Why was this hard?

Because their energy was already there and I didn’t really get a chance to energetically prep myself.

Ok could you still have prepped yourself with them there?

Technically yes but it was not ideal and it is harder.

Hmmmmm I wonder if that was a test for you to develop preparation for yourself when others are there that are possibly already interfering with your self prep, physically and spiritually/energetically.

Wow that is an interesting way to put it.

So instead of seeing if you could still do it that way, you projected your irritation and anger onto those around you. How well did those first two appointments go?

Not well.


I know it was because my energy was off. I felt that. And I felt the poor response and putting out the anger and all of that. I hated it all that I was doing. I didn’t know how to bring it back to me and recenter.

Could you have prepped in the bathroom? Could you have asked them to leave for 5 to 10 minutes? Could you have tried and taken a serious moment for yourself and gone inward and acknowledged those feelings and what was causing them?

Yes those were all things I could have done.

But you didn’t?


Taking more responsibility for your needs and your emotions/feelings/output is important. If not THE most important thing you as a human being can do. You felt everything which is a start and you partially identified in the moment what was going on, but it was a runaway train at that point affecting everyone around you. Next time still recognize what is going on inside and think, how and I purify this? How can I unify this? How can this be more joyful? Also don’t be afraid to ask what do I need right now to allow those questions to be answered in the highest way? Do I need to take 5 away from this energy?

Ok I will. Those are all really important points that are made.

Also don’t be shy to take the time that evening, or the day after, and to go over it like this. In a moment as you are learning yourself you may not be able to get to that moment you want. That is ok. Find it later. But the desire to shorten the time frame to instant is the point. That is the intention. You will get there. It is a wonderful thing to see someone who wants to improve their being.

I do. I want to feel/be good. I want to feel/be joy. I want to be love. I want to help. I want to make better.

Nature is a strong unifier for you. Embrace that. Your intellect is a strong purifier for you but it cannot take you all the way, you need others, you need nature and your need your inner emotions/feelings. THEY are your guides. Your intellect, your Ego, and will is NOT your guide these are assets. Feel and recognize your emotions, feelings and intentions.

Ok. I don’t know who I talked with today but thank you for your time and for helping me understand more. I am deeply appreciative.

I/We are always here. We are here for you. It is our sole purpose. Brighten the light.

Thank you.

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