Remedy to Greed: Recycle (not the trash kind)- Part 2

Received 6-10-2020

I am listening.

What goes up must go down. Is this true? It seems so on your planet but is this true? It is relative.  I wanted to finish our talk yesterday about greed and talk about recycling. Not recycling in the sense of plastics and trash that you throw away but in the sense that the more more more needs to be given back in a system. This is seen in all of your ecosystems and explains the mechanism of the balance that these organisms which compete for sunlight, space and nutrients can continue on and not kill one another out. The balance to that is recycling. The balance to that is the giving back. Where the balance is lost in that system is then the taker of more doesn’t give back. Now, it can be given back in a different energetic format but it still must be given back. Contrary to your physics nothing is lost in an exchange it is just transmuted energy into another form. This has to happen in order to have a functioning system.

Now, this is where humans have deviated. Where is the giving back? This is the difference between Mother Teresa and the rest. The unfathomable faith of giving back in any energetic way that your make-up allows for you to. It is different for each human. Each human has a make-up that facilitates their giving back in a selfless way to the best of the cycle. The best of the recycling of the more. Each one can give more back selflessly. We have forgotten this or traded it or forgot what the ways are that one can do this. Raising children is a giving back. Planting a garden is a giving back. Creating is a giving back. And words and actions are a giving back of the more and eventually your body will give back. These are natural and normal and are a design of the cycle, but I consider these factors of recycling. I consider it this way because for you to think of it any other way you loose the true meaning of what you are doing which is returning your more that you took for survival and transferring the survival into the creation of another and for the movement of that energy into a new form. Fabulous! This is growth! This is true growth! Increasing population size and increasing your girth size is not true growth! What the design is for, is to be able to transmute the more into selfless more. Does this make sense?

Yes I can grasp it, but not entirely intellectually. You are more sending me a feeling of this essential action.

Yes, there is a feel to it. It is doing, knowing that the doing is giving back, it is a returning, returning the more to source.

But how does one use this as justification for wanting more? Saying its ok to want more just because you are going to give it back, doesn’t that tell people it is ok to cut down trees and build new parking lots?

Those are fine things if you give back equally. That is the recycle part. There is a deeper perspective that you don’t have in your culture for your actions. You are on the surface of more more more but there is a deeper understanding, that yes more is ok only and if you recycle the more. Your intention has to be to recycle and to give it back into the ethers. That is true selflessness. In that mode you gain.

Ok thank you as usual! This is interesting two part session! Thank you for the guidance.

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