Greed and Scarcity – Part 1

Received 6-8-2020

This one started a little differently and wasn’t initially a question and answer but it was a summary story about greed and consumption and the evolution of everything on Earth being driven by this motivation. It then turned into more Q and A format.

More. More. More. It is this greed and that which all organisms were created on Earth even from the first microscopic bacteria. Even the first bacteria consumed energy to create more. More of them. More size. More diversity. This pattern of more for survival has permeated up through the evolutionary lines of all organisms on Earth today. Humans are the epitome of consumption of energy. Everything we create and make and eat is energy all of it. It is all because of greed. And its all because we haven’t realized that we are already enough. That enough is just that, enough. That from the start we were enough. But we can’t recognize that so we consume for survival. We think we need to consume for survival, but it is just this consumption part that we have wrong. This is the addiction. This is the addiction of all addictions. And a disconnection that we are already the energy. This is a paradigm and is what your world is created on. Questions?

I feel this to my core bones. It feels like it is in my genetic make up and I don’t know how to shed it.

Correct, you learn to get more knowledge. You work for more money. You eat to get more energy. You consume to have more things. You have animals for more love. It is all for more. Even when you get rid of something from your life it is in order to have MORE room. MORE space.

What does one do about this sensation?

First you must accept that it is part of the design and apart of the bigger picture. Surrender to this need. To fight it creates more resistance, guilt, shame, and hatred for the self and for others. Others are going to cheat beg and steal for more in your world that is the design. Don’t fault them or yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to it but to hate and resist and run away and refuse to “see”, is not correct. Remember there is always a reason for a design. Every artist has a reason for a color, shape, and texture of what they create.

Secondly you must see you own expressions of greed. Just see them. Don’t judge and you don’t need to change them at this time but see them, recognize them. Know when you are striving for more, whatever the more is. Again know that it is part of the design and you are only seeing it with awareness. This can be a list of mores (wants/needs/desires) and this list can change over time because external and internal circumstances are in constant motion and change.

Thirdly when you in a moment of MORE, stop. Say to yourself what do I have that this more is replacing? Am I needing this more? Or wanting this more? Does it matter either way? Sink it down into the belly. Let the belly decide and trust what it decides. Remember everything is already everything. The more is an illusion to falsely satisfy greed which is what this planet was based off of. I can’t think of a more greedy way than to kill and consume other life forms for the self. And yet this is what every single lifeform on your planet does. Even plants will overtake another plant to compete for sunshine.

How do we stop it? How do I stop this self obsession? How do we stop this greed?

It is an addiction that was put in place to create blindness to your true nature. Addictions are blinders. Under this addiction is the true self. Under the addiction of more, is enough. Surrendering to the feeling of more. Resting in that feeling of more. Sink that feeling of more into the belly. Let the belly decide and trust what it decides. Your greed leads you to impatience and intolerance and anger and hatred. Greed is first the others are secondary.

How do I release greed?

I already mentioned how, but it is a nature of your planet. And acceptance of this nature is first and foremost. It is everywhere and permeates everything.

Well isn’t that the circle of life? Darwinism? Only the strongest survive?

That is what your planet has designed this greed of nature. Greed of industrialism is a monster manifestation of this underlying greed. Think of everything that has happened in human existence. What is one thing that was not invented or created or dominated over that was not for greed?

I can’t.


But what about selfless acts like Mother Theresa?!

Correct that is a self-less act.

Should we all be doing selfless acts?

When you can do the selfless act truly without greed, yes of course. But 99.9% of the world cannot do it yet without a sense of greed. And that is ok and just apart of the process. And even Mother Theresa had to go through her early life battling those ideals and recognizing them before being able to be selfless. And when she realized that she could be totally selfless, she received more and more. That is surrendering to the greed and sinking it down and trusting in letting go of needing and asking for more. When you release the need for more then you can receive more.

But she did it for a higher cause. She had a reason.

Of course she had a reason. What is yours?

A reason like mother Thereas!? I don’t have a reason like that!

You do. Every person does. What is blocking your reason?


Fear is a form of greed and greed is a form of fear. The fear that there is not enough, of scarcity, is the driver of greed. The pendulum swings from not enough to therefore we need more. But where is enough? Where does enough lie on the pendulum? In the center? When movement stops? Well then how does movement keep going when it is in the center with no movement of the pendulum? And that is the conundrum of Earth. Because Earth is always on the pendulum and therefore enough is a concept that will always have to be grappled with and understood. Law: there is always movement and change and at the same time there is no movement because you are everything and everything is you. This is the conundrum of Earth. This is the push and pull you and everything feels.

How do we experience the pendulum moving and at the same time in the center with stillness?

In moments, with practice and awareness. But to be frank, in your Earth place it is impossible and this was the design. You can’t fight it. You can only surrender to it. Awareness of it. Perfect awareness.

And this is suffering?

This is suffering.

But why? Why is this the design?

Balance. It balances out other things in the everything/Universe. Balance in the continuum balance in the layers in the fields and dimensions.

Ok lets bring it back. Phew we are getting a little too out there.

Bottom line is you are enough. Right here right now. You are enough. Period. But the additions have blinded you to that feeling, the addictions of more because of the fear of not enough. But you are enough. You can boil down each motive into greed from fear of scarcity. When you can identify the motive you can bring it down, sink it, into the belly and say I am enough. I am me. I am enough. I am perfect as me. And other mantras that bring you back to your essence. I am perfect in my essence. I feel my essence. I am my essence.

Ok I understand that.

This is not a shell that you will release tomorrow, far from that, this is a thoughtform that permeates everything in your entire existence on Earth. You cannot fight it. you cannot resist it. it is as it is. Use these moments as reminders of who you really are. Thank those moments, with gratitude, when you feel you need more and scarcity for reminding you that you are enough. You always have been enough and you always will be enough. Let that essence be expressed to yourself and to everyone around you.

Ok thank you I understand that. That was a hard one to talk about!

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