Sacrifice and Desire

Received 6-7-2020

Why am I hearing an Agust D* song in my Hara**?

Well for one you admire him. You admire him deeply.

Yes, but why do I?

Because through the fog and sacrifice he swam through the muck with his inner desires. He knows that there were sacrifices and at the same time stayed true to himself and what his inner self was for/needed/longed for. He also knows that there are consequences for getting what you desire, and you have to integrate that as well. With strong desires comes the result and you must be ready for that as well.

Without strong desire does nothing happen to you?

No. without strong desires you are taken away by others desires.

Do you need strong desires?

This varies with each life. But the stronger they are, the more attachment and more assessing you have to do.

Hmmmm that is interesting I can take that for my occupation. I had a VERY strong desire and I didn’t really think things through. It was like I never even thought to think things through, it was just this blind desire. Even if I sat and took time, I am not sure I would have changed my decisions. But now because of my strong desire for manifestation I have created what I wanted and I have to think about that. Creating what I want. Did I create what I needed? Did I create what my soul needed? What my personality needed? Both?

You created what you needed to start the healing process of your wounds.

Oh, interesting, that was not where I was going with that.

No, you were going mental and again this is more personality and inner work. You created the circumstances you needed to crack open the wounds of the inner self to work through them in this lifetime. Agust D is doing the same thing. You are all doing the same thing. Is there something else you would life to talk about today?

No I think that is enough today. Thank you so much for your guidance.

*Agust D is the solo artist name for Suga, a member of the Kop band BTS a Kpop, who I am shamelessly obsessed with and listen to them all the time.

**Hara is the intention dimension of our energetic make up and is a term used by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. It is talked about in depth in her three healing books:

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